REVIEW: Dunkin’ Sugarplum Iced Macchiato

Dunkin Sugarplum Macchiato Cup

What is Dunkin’s Sugarplum Iced Macchiato

One of the most flavorful coffee concoctions Dunkin’ has ever released, and certainly its most purple!

How is it?

I love it, but I have to admit, I didn’t know what a sugarplum was, and I still kinda don’t?

Are they even a real thing, or did that dude who wrote “Twas the Night Before Christmas” make them up? Is it just a candied plum? Is “sugarplum” just a cute blanket word for “sweets,” kinda like how the British use “pudding” to describe everything from actual pudding to cake to, like, toothpaste?

Every time I hear the word, I think of a hard-boiled noir detective being a jerk to some poor dame. “Hows about grabbin’ me a cuppa joe, sugarplums?”

Perhaps that bit of poorly aged dialogue somehow inspired this delicious coffee drink?

I decided to skip any and all research in an attempt to figure out what sugarplum actually tastes like, and I settled on “berry bomb.”

Dunkin Sugarplum Macchiato Berry Closeup

I may have been influenced by the whimsical color of the drink itself (seriously, how cool looking is that?). But on any given sip, I tasted just about every “dark fruit” from grape to blueberry to its namesake, plum. I’d describe it as vaguely “Fruity Pebbles After-milk.”

If Nestle Quik released an all-encompassing “Berry Milk” flavor, it would probably taste like the lower level of this drink, and I can’t compliment Dunkin’ enough.

Anything else you need to know?

As you can see from the oil and vinegar-style separation, the top layer is espresso, and it packs a wallop. I was able to take sips of each layer individually just by moving the straw. That’s some of the strongest coffee Dunkin’ has to offer.

After sampling each layer a few times, I mixed it up, and while the milky sugarplum layer lost a lot of its punch, it still made for a really nice iced macchiato. Then again, I’m the type of freak who likes to order blueberry flavor shots in my coffee.


I doubled back to Dunkin’s press release, which described sugarplum as “bright berry flavors of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and plum,” so I was in the ballpark. I love that a fruit like plum gets to shine a bit for once, and I think this was a creative new spin on holiday gimmicks. I can see this becoming a yearly thing, and I fully expect more brands to get on the Sugarplum Express. We all know imitation is the sincerest form of fattery… flattery.

Purchased Price: $4.39
Size: Medium
Rating: 8 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (with whole milk) 280 calories, 6 grams of fat, 0 gram of trans fat, 3.5 grams of saturated fat, 20 mg of cholesterol, 160 milligrams of sodium, 47 grams of total carbohydrates, 44 grams of total sugars, 0 grams of fiber, and 9 grams of protein.

9 thoughts to “REVIEW: Dunkin’ Sugarplum Iced Macchiato”

  1. So is the sugarplum flavor a syrup that is mixed with milk? I don’t like espresso drinks but I generally order iced coffee with cream and a flavoring, but that combination generally does not layer.

  2. Nice! Thanks for this because real sugar plums are not very tasty, certainly not like what you described for this drink. I’m excited to try one!!

  3. I tried this and it was absolutely disgusting. It just tasted of their usual blueberry flavor sunk to the bottom and didn’t mix well with the bitter coffee. I would pass if you are thinking about this.

  4. They should had done a sugarplum donut! A new plum jam filling and that would be a good seasonal offering.

  5. The first time I tried this I don’t think they made it right. There wasn’t enough sugar plum flavoring at the bottom. The first few sips were delicious because it was the flavoring on the bottom but after that it just tasted like burnt coffee. It definitely packs a caffeine punch though. Im used to drinking their large lattes but a medium had me feeling over caffeinated. I gave the drink another shot but this time I tried the hot macchiato version. Definitely tasted better. I think it was just prepared better though.

  6. I tried the hot version yesterday and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Probably be even better iced but I’m not much for drinking cold coffee in the winter.

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