SPOTTED: Pringles Scorchin’ Potato Crisps

Pringles Scorchin Potato Crisps

Along with these two varieties, there’s also a Chili & Lime flavor. But I wonder if the Chili & Lime is just a repackaged version of this. (Spotted by Tommy at Walmart)

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pringles Scorchin’ Potato Crisps”

    1. i bought both the bbq and cheddar and i was looking at the ingrediants at the store and was wondering whats the “scorchin”part of them was,they didnt seem like they were going to be hot at all

  1. I tried the Cheddar. I was VERY disappointed…not scorchin’ at all. Flamin’ Hot Lays Stax are hotter.

  2. Tried the BBQ and Cheddar. Both are paprika hot, not actually chili hot, and very salty. I would say the salt is more uncomfortable than the spice. They’re not hot enough to make people that like spice happy and they’re too hot to make people that hate spice want to eat them.

    I still housed both cans without even trying because Pringles.

  3. It felt like I had a normal Cheddar Pringles chip, waited a few seconds, and then sprayed some fairly mild spice around the edges of my tongue. I have a pretty weak tongue but even I wouldn’t put these much above somewhat spicy, let alone Flamin or Scorchin.

    Maybe the heat catches up to you if you take a single chip from the middle or bottom of the container (or if you eat a bunch at once).

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