SPOTTED: Key Lime Pie M&M’s

Key Lime Pie M M s

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

This photo is one of two that I received of the Key Lime Pie M&M’s. With both photos the candy was spotted at a Wawa convenience store in Florida. So I guess if you really want to try these NOW, ask your friends in Florida who live near a Wawa to send you some. (Spotted by Jenny A at Wawa.)

11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Key Lime Pie M&M’s”

  1. Nice. I saw the headline and thought “these better be of the white chocolate variety. DEFINATELY keeping my eyes peeled, or should I say zested / , for these.

    1. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you didn’t have a hand in developing these. Almost every single store bought key lime pie I have ever had has had a bad tasting crust. Just eat a few of these along with a bite of a graham cracker. Problem solved.

    1. They are, thankfully. They didn’t choose to ruin them by putting graham crackers in them. I’m sure that the marketing department thought that key lime pie M&M’s would sound better to the general public than key lime M&M’s.

  2. Circle K In South Georgia had some bought a pack now with I had enough to have bought out the store.

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