SPOTTED: Nestle Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamilk

Nestle Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamilk

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

If you love Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and don’t want to pour this into a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you might be a robot. (Spotted by Tim at 7-Eleven.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Nestle Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamilk”

  1. The last time I got a strawberry Nesquik (maybe 10 years ago?), it tasted of chemicals and strawberry-ish plastic and nothing like the rich creamy version that existed in my 90’s childhood. I still mourn the Nestle Quick tinned banana flavour powder mix-in.
    I feel like this might disappoint in the same way. But I still really wanna try it in iced coffee.

    1. The last time I checked, the Nestle banana flavor powder mix still could be found, at (edit: I just checked, and it’s still there). 🙂 A belated Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Come on, Marvo. We all know that this is sitting in your cupholder while driving around…shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.

  3. I tried it last week and loved it. It was not artificial tasting or blatantly in your face. It was mild. My kids loved it too.

  4. This is literally less good Horchata. Go support your local mexican restaurant instead of Nestle, one of the worst companies out there for human rights violations.

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