REVIEW: Pepsi Mango

Pepsi Mango  2021 Can

Confession: I’m a mango fiend.

I love them in savory or sweet dishes, juiced or whole. When my local grocery store’s supply is paltry, I will happily enjoy artificially flavored products to get my fix. Basically, if a mango is involved, I will likely be nearby, begging for a taste and sneaking leftovers into my Tupperware container for later. My love for the precious tropical stone fruit is why I was drawn to Pepsi Mango like a thirsty fruit bat to an actual mango.

Although Pepsi Mango – Pepsi’s first permanent flavor in five years – was a new discovery for me, the world has seen its likes before. Previously introduced as a limited offering in 2019, it joined lime and berry varieties to give Pepsi Wild Cherry competition as the brand’s most beloved fruit-and-cola mashup.

(Why am I late to the Pepsi Mango party? In 2019, I was likely still distracted by the release of Diet Coke Flavors, a lineup that included a mango version of my favorite caffeine source. Alas, those products, which I found too artificial and astringent-tasting to truly love, left me disappointed.)

Pepsi Mango  2021 Pour

Forgive the gaps in my soda experiences. The important thing is that today is a new day, and I get to experience Pepsi Mango now. The product’s package promises classic Pepsi “with a splash of mango juice and other natural flavors,” and even before my first taste, the juice’s presence made itself known. The soda’s aroma is wonderful and genuinely fruity. If it weren’t for the carbonation tickling my nose, I would have thought my glass was full of fresh juice or smoothie.

Pepsi Mango  2021 Top

In the first sip, mango flavor is at the forefront. Like the Pepsi’s smell, the bright, refreshing taste is strong and unexpectedly accurate. The classic cola taste follows, and while the mango overpowers it by a mere hint, the flavors play together well. I had expected the juice ingredient to give the Pepsi an additional harsh sweetness, but somehow it wasn’t too saccharine. The tropical flavor is a natural pair to Pepsi’s citrus notes, and this combination seems to cut through the syrupy quality that dark colas can have.

Pepsi Mango also has a smoothness and overall drinkability that I would not expect from a cola. Its end result is a delicate aftertaste that almost reminds me of drinking flavored iced tea — without sacrificing the carbonated crispness. This quality, combined with its spot-on fruity flavor, elevates this soda to next-level good.

Pepsi Mango  2021 Box

Mango fans will be pleased with Pepsi’s choice to resurrect this product, which is also available in the Zero Sugar variety. (Look for both kinds in 20-ounce bottles and 12 packs of 12-ounce cans.) Come summer, I will look forward to enjoying this Pepsi again as a refreshing treat on a hot day. The only downside: the three brands of mango-flavored sparkling water stashed in my pantry now seem a lot less enticing by comparison.

Purchased Price: $4.99
Size: 12 pack of 12 oz cans
Purchased at: Target
Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (per 12 oz can) 150 calories, 0 grams of fat, 95 milligrams of sodium, 41 grams of carbohydrates, 41 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.

20 thoughts to “REVIEW: Pepsi Mango”

  1. This stuff slaps hard. I know they had a version of this before, but it was nowhere as good.

    1. Huh… going to want other people’s opinions on this. I remember the original being subpar as my Mango beverages go, but the berry one was actually my favorite. I miss the flavored Diet Cokes.

  2. Pepsi Tropical Punch had a limited release in certain parts of the US in the early 90s. I was lucky enough to be on a road trip and got to try it and it was absolutely amazing. Though the Mango isn’t quite the same level, it is very good and at a much better price than the slim cans were. Buying 8 12-oz cans for $5-6 just didn’t feel right.

  3. I would prefer any fruit before mango. Nothing is worse, give me blueberry, cranberry, pineapple, orange…anything than god awful mango.

  4. I’m a pepsi lover but this mango not for me. I love mangos too but to that wasn’t a hit for me. I truly wasted my money but its ok I’m still a Pepsi lover to the day I die but I had to contact you.

  5. I Swear after drinking a Six pack, Wife and a whole floor of 11 units of neighbor’s, we have all come to the conclusion, it taste more like “Peach” then Mango! Great taste though.

  6. I got a 12 pack to try…Worst mistake…I cannot even give the taste…it has mango yes but the smell before you even drink is so over powering, then you get to the drinking part and after awhile I started to feel rather sick to the stomach. Won’t buy this one again for sure…Truly terrible. Might work as a mix for mixed drinks, but otherwise no go.

    1. The WORST product you have ever put out! We have mango trees & I know what they should taste like, this doesn’t even come close. It is downright disgusting.
      I’m returning the rest of my 12 pack to the store.

  7. I love it so much, and my man is a loyal Pepsi drinker for about 32 years. He had to give it a try, and he said he loves it. His second choice would be cherry pepsi over any coke products. He had me try it, and I can’t stop drinking mango pepsi. You guys got me hooked on it. Keep up the great job passing the flavour on to our next generation of drinkers. I hope this will continue to be popular for other drinkers who love it……… Thanks.

    1. I’m a diehard Coke drinker who was given this Pepsi Mango drink by a friend…And I LOVE it! I’ll be buying a 12-pack of this one the next time I go shopping.

  8. I hope Pepsi puts it in larger bottles as opposed to selling it only in cans. Pepsi, Are you listening?

  9. I love trying new things so I bought a 12-pack of the zero mango Pepsi. Huge mistake. It was truly the worst thing I have ever drank. I struggle through 2 cans and just couldn’t take anymore. I feel like I am traumatized. I can’t even drink a regular Pepsi now. When you drink this obnoxious swill it initially hits the palate like a regular cola and then boom you are assaulted by a nasty artificial mango aftertaste. I took the remaining 10 cans to work and let my coworkers have them just to torture them a bit. Avoid this drink!

  10. This is the worst soft drink EVER. I wasn’t able to finish a 6 pak. It reminds me of a Dr Pepper taste and I don’t like Dr Pepper. I will never buy another can or bottle of this stuff.

  11. I haven’t tried it and never will. But this “product” is taking away valuable shelf space from other items such as Pepsi made with real sugar. Real sugar Pepsi has become a very difficult item to find in my area and I think gimmicks like Mango Pepsi are a part of the problem. There is plenty of Pepsi Mango gathering dust on the shelves of stores where I shop.

  12. I love Pepsi Mango will drink it all year round . i love the different taste tropical , summer relaxing smooth drink Go with grilling foods , nice sandwich , potatoes chips,finish cutting grass …

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