Mtn Dew DEW S A  2021

Mtn Dew DEW S A  1

Apparently, this was going to return last year for the 2020 Olympics, but got pushed back to this year. DEW-S-A debuted in 2017. Back then, Mtn Dew was making it habit to add artificial sweeteners to its limited edition flavors to lower their sugar count, which made many Dew fans upset. According to Michael F, who turned in these photos, this version of DEW-S-A has been reformulated without the artificial sweeteners. So DEW-S-A! DEW-S-A! (Spotted by Michael F at Walmart.)

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    1. Duh, on my part. It wasn’t until I read your comment, that I finally understood how to pronounce this item, and why it is named that. I was originally saying “dewsa” in my head…and was mystified as to why it was called that. lol Thanks for clearing that up, for me. 😉

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