SPOTTED: Chuck E. Cheese Pizza

Chuck E Cheese Pepperoni PIzza

Chuck E Cheese Cheese PIzza

Update: We tried the pepperoni one! Click here to read our review.

Remember that time Chuck E. Cheese offered Unicorn Churros at its restaurants/entertainment center? This year, it has a Sour Patch Kids pizza that I hope never makes it to the freezer aisle. (Spotted by Val B at Kroger.)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Chuck E. Cheese Pizza”

  1. A more mild Frank’s sauce? I thought the original was quite mild, and wish it had some heat to it.

  2. Why would someone want this? It’s bad enough that you have to eat the crappy pizza when you go with your kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Who would willingly seek this out?

    1. They lost a lot of money due to the Pandemic, this looks like a cash grab. A few years ago they had Chuck.E Cheese string cheese, at least this makes sense.

    2. Families with children who love Chuck E. Cheese and can’t afford/don’t want to go too frequently. And adults who want a slice of childhood.

  3. I got so excited when I heard about this! Haven’t tried it yet. Probably as with revisiting many nostalgic foods, I’ll probably be disappointed. Still worth a shot though!

  4. Tried it the other day. No reason it should be commanding a $6.99 price tag considering how basic it is. My biggest gripe with it was the chewy crust. It could be improved by adding another cheese or two rather than just having mozzarella. Sauce was okay. Seems like the trend for big brands to have terrible frozen reincarnations of their pizza if they go that route, had the same experience with Rosati’s in Chicago when they introduced a line of grocery frozen pizzas.

  5. I never dared to try the “pizza” at Chucks Cheese so I will hold back my comments aside from saying that these need to come with a slew of tickets.

  6. Unless there is a magic portal in that box that transports you to a Chuck E. Cheese Game Room, I don’t see the point of this. The pizza at Chuck E. Cheese was always an afterthought. Something you scarfed down in between video games and ticket quests. I have never thought “Mmmm… I could really go for some Chuck E. Cheese pizza right about now.” In fact, I doubt that phrase has ever been uttered by anyone not in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial. I could be wrong and this could be the most spectacular pizza I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my oven….but I doubt it and I won’t be shelling out $6.99 to find out.

    1. I dunno, I have very fond memories of the pizza there adding to the exciting treat that was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

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