REVIEW: Dunkin’ Pancake Minis

Dunkin Pancake Minis with Syrup

Pancakes have never quite translated to the fast-food world.

Outside of the “hot cakes” McDonald’s used to slap inside giant Styrofoam cloches, I can’t even think of a traditional pancake I’ve seen on a menu.

French Toast Sticks? Sure. McGriddles are kinda like pancakes, but not quite. What else am I forgetting?

One thing’s for sure, I definitely don’t remember ever eating a pancake from Dunkin’.

Well, lucky for us(?), Dunkin’ figured out how to bring pancakes to the menu with the use of its patented Munchkinizer™ technology. Introducing Pancake Minis!

According to Dunkin’, “Pancake Minis includes six mini pancakes filled with maple-flavored bits, served warm with a side of syrup.”

Dunkin Pancake Minis Plated

A few key words really struck me – “maple-flavored bits.” Yes! That’s how you sell a pancake at Dunkin’, mimic the McDonald’s McGriddle cake. You’re telling me I can eat mini poppable McGriddles and add even more syrup if I want too?!

… Oh you’re not? Oh. That’s disappointing.

Don’t get your hopes up. The pancakes desperately need the syrup. Any sweetness just tastes like a teaspoon of sugar was added to the batter. Without strong “maple-flavored bits,” this entire concept is DOA. Unless you’re planning on dining inside a large Dunkin’ restaurant, these are pointless.

Few foods on Earth get colder faster than a pancake. These pancake Pogs get colder even faster than that! They won’t travel well.

I’m a car eater, but I also despise getting sticky, so opening and dunking into a syrup cup in my car isn’t ideal. You’re playing with fire even if you’re parked. The drip threat isn’t worth the risk.

Dunkin Pancake Minis Dip

“How hard is it to not spill syrup, you buffoon?” Ok, fair enough, but in all honesty, the pancakes don’t even taste that good even if you slather them with the Mrs. Butterworth syrup.

They didn’t even stay hot for 30 seconds, and I watched the employee just pull 6 of em out of a drawer. He shuffled them like poker chips then nuked em for 30 seconds. Ok, he didn’t shuffle em, but something about the whole process was still a bit off-putting. This is a nitpick though as I’m sure plenty of places like this prepare foods similarly.

Dunkin’ is great at “mini.” Munchkins are iconic, and those bagel balls are a really good on-the-go snack, but these are just ill-conceived. Pancakes aren’t a quick snack, and they didn’t even try to get creative.

These are basically the Eggo minis in the freezer section, but at least you can make those at home.

Dunkin Pancake Minis

If you’re dead set on pancakes, just go to your local mom and pop breakfast spot instead. You’ll find the time, most people wolf pancakes down in 5 minutes anyway.

The portion size is good and they have 10 grams of protein, but Pancake Minis aren’t worth it. Something tells me they won’t be “selling like hotcakes.”

On a scale of “dip to skip” these are a skip. Just wait for McDonald’s to make “Liddle McGriddles.” ™ Vin. Hit me up, McDonald’s.

Purchased Price: $2.49
Size: 6 pancakes and 1 oz. syrup
Rating: 4 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (6 pancakes + dipping syrup) 230 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 20 milligrams of cholesterol, 260 milligrams of sodium, 38 grams of total carbohydrates, 22 grams of total sugars, 10 grams of protein.

7 thoughts to “REVIEW: Dunkin’ Pancake Minis”

  1. these look amazing, but i totally feel you on the non-travel-ability of pancakes. the one thing that makes cold pancakes amazing is chocolate chips. but they kinda have to be homemade to get the right melty, then re-solidified chocolate experience.

  2. They could had made it like a donut flavored pancakes minis. Instead of that fake syrup gloop; switch with donut glaze dipping. That way it can match the DD theme. They really took the lazy route.

    1. “They could had made it like a donut flavored pancakes minis. Instead of that fake syrup gloop; switch with donut glaze dipping.”

      Yes…that would have been a GREAT idea (not to mention tasty). I can’t believe they didn’t elect to go in that direction. Even more so, given that their actual name is *Dunkin’ Donuts*! (Okay, yeah, I know they’ve dropped the “Dunkin'” part; you get my point, however.)

  3. Was so excited for these that I bought them the day they came out. I agree with everything Vin says: no hint of maple bits, the syrup isn’t great, they’re not edible while driving (I tried), and they’re cold within seconds. I’m a lunch lady, and the bagged, precooked, maple-bits pancakes we give the kids are actually superior to this–not a claim one can often make about cafeteria food.

    1. Since you’re a lunch lady, I have got to mention the bit on Whose Line Is It Anyway where Wayne Brady sings a song as a singing strip o gram to a lunch lady! Go check it out, it’s on YouTube!

    1. …Wonder how much my collection would go for nowadays…meh, probably depreciated like all of my Beanie Baby collection…

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