REVIEW: Jack in the Box Spicy Cluck Sandwich and Blazin Cluck Sandwich

Jack in the Box Spicy Cluck Sandwich Full

What are the Jack in the Box Spicy Cluck Sandwich and Blazin Cluck Sandwich?

Let’s have Jack’s website explain what the former is.

Jack’s Spice Squad has rated our new Spicy Cluck Sandwich as certified perfection. It’s a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever perfectly spicy, breaded fillet, topped with Jack’s Good Good Sauce, crunchy pickle chips, on a toasty brioche bun. But it doesn’t take an expert to know it’s the perfect amount of spice. You’ll know.

Jack in the Box Blazin Cluck Sandwich Full

As for the Blazin Cluck Sandwich, instead of Jack’s Good Good Sauce (which seems to be The Condiment Formerly Known As Mystery Sauce), it has Jack’s Spicy Good Good Sauce. Basically, the Spicy one doesn’t have a spicy sauce, just a spicy fillet.

Are we good?



How are they?

Well, I’m not going to believe the “certified perfection” that Jack’s Spice Squad claims its Spicy Cluck Sandwich has achieved because if it’s “perfection,” why is there a second, spicier version of it?

Jack in the Box Spicy Cluck Sandwich Split

As for that “bigger, crispier and better-than-ever perfectly spicy, breaded fillet,” it’s not what I’d consider perfectly spicy. There’s a scant amount of heat, and I think Jack’s regular spicy chicken sandwich was spicier. But the breading on this is crispier, and it seems to be slightly bigger.

The fillet’s lack of heat is really noticeable with the Spicy Cluck Sandwich. The regular Good Good Sauce dampens the breading’s spiciness enough that you might think you’re eating an original Cluck Sandwich.

Jack in the Box Blazin Cluck Sandwich Pickles

However, with the Blazin version, the darker orange Spicy Good Good Sauce turns the heat up several notches while preserving the regular sauce’s tangy and peppery flavors. Granted, if it’s on a 10-point scale, we’re going from a one to a three or four. It’s a mild heat, but it’s not at a level where I felt the need for a cold beverage. Also, it doesn’t help that the pickle’s tanginess cuts through the spiciness.

Jack in the Box Blazin Cluck Sandwich Split

The chicken’s coating could’ve had more heat, but I enjoyed these two as much as the original Cluck Sandwich. Although, with the Spicy one, it’s because it pretty much tastes like the original. While the Blazin one isn’t, you know, blazing, I’m okay with it being that way because it has the perfect amount of spice, thanks to the sauce. It’s spicy, but not so much that it takes away from its flavors.

Anything else you need to know?

Jack in the Box Blazin Cluck Sandwich No Apostrophe

I’m slightly surprised the Blazin version didn’t come with jalapeños or an apostrophe. But I can understand why. The pickled peppers would’ve overwhelmed the sauce’s flavor and heat, while the punctuation mark would’ve hurt Jack’s cred with the cool kids.

There are also Deluxe versions of both menu items that swap the pickles for Swiss-style cheese, onion rings, and bacon.


If you’ve been waiting for a spicy version of Jack’s Cluck Sandwich, your wait is over. But, if you want to feel any heat, go for the Blazin Cluck Sandwich.

Purchased Price: $6.39 each*
Size: N/A
Rating: 7 out of 10 (Spicy), 8 out of 10 (Blazin)
Nutrition Facts: Numbers not available at publication time.

*Because I live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, things are a bit pricier here. You’ll probably pay less than I did.

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  1. It seems like since Popeye’s came out with their sandwich, every fast food chain in the USA feels obligated to make a version of their own. I still like Chick-Fil-A’s version the best, but I don’t know if there are any locations on your island.

    1. You are aware that the chicken sandwich war has been going on for quite some time now, right?

        1. I gotta say, the efforts are being made! I think it is just a case of those items really not catching on and the fast food restaurants ditching them after the lack of interest and sales. And I would garner that a lot of that has to do with the typical fast food consumer and their lifestyle.

          1. Yep, there has been a big difference between then and now, with the introduction of the plant-based meat hamburgers. Just nothing particularly new and exciting vegan/vegetarian-wise (even a new sauce/different type of sandwich, as here). Perhaps that is the key to increasing sales.

  2. Suck an appetizing review, I want to head out right now and pick up a sandwich . . . . Thanks–

  3. Now if only they would all go to war making a chicken parmesan sandwich instead of chicken-pickle-sauce.
    Most fast food chains refuse to consider putting cheese on top of fried chicken and I am tired of Popeyes knockoffs and various salad-on-top-of-chicken sandwiches.

    1. …you know that you could just ask them to put cheese on it for you, or go somewhere like Jack in the Box that already offers cheese on some chicken sandwiches, right? And, yeah! who do these restaurants think they are? Listening to consumer demand and responding to the market in a manner to stay competitive and also profitable?!?!? The gall…

      1. I wasn’t aware that I am not a consumer with demands, thank you for correcting me. Perhaps I shall start telling off vegans and people with allergy issues since they too can also just ask for substitutions and eat elsewhere. After all, every city in the US apparently has a Jack in the Box, so it should be easy for someone to go to one.

  4. Why does every single chain remove the Pickles from their deluxe versions? Just because I want extra toppings doesn’t mean I don’t want the pickle.

    As for these specifically, I like that their deluxe at least is trying something different than the usual “Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese” other places do (and often replacing the “special sauce” with standard mayo, another case of the above “I just want more toppings, not a completely different sandwich) but I really don’t see the need for both sandwiches, if you want spicy, you will just buy the Blazin, why have an in-between sandwich with only the spicy filet but normal sauce?

    1. “Why does every single chain remove the Pickles from their deluxe versions? Just because I want extra toppings doesn’t mean I don’t want the pickle.”


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    1. Wow, you’re mean.

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    3. I’m sure Marvo will gladly reimburse your money.

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      In the end, I think that this is a big to-do over little, and with, my guess, things resuming shortly.

  13. I did a double take seeing how many comments there were for this review- and the comments didn’t disappoint. How bout Marvo could be enjoying the holidays with fam? Our instant content consumption culture broke our damn brains! 🙂 I very much appreciate this page and sometimes you have to unplug!

  14. I tried one of the Blazin kind last night and was pleasantly surprised. The filet wasn’t as thick as Burger King’s Ch’King, but it was still really tasty, especially with the spicy sauce they put on the Blazin variant, and an easy eat. The $5 price is a bit much, though. Hopefully it sticks around so they can start adding it to their app rewards and deals like Burger King has with the Ch’King (which is $6, but is very frequently much less than that on deals and can be gotten for free with BK Rewards).

    I’ll definitely be getting one the next time I stop at Jack-in-the-Box, though.

  15. It sucked …trapped 40 minutes in line 5o get a dried out Nasty inedible burnt sandwich for 7 mother clucking bucks

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