SPOTTED: Little Debbie Star Crunch Ice Cream

Little Debbie Star Crunch Ice Cream

The Unicorn Cakes Sparkling Strawberry Ice Cream we covered the other day is sharing the shelf with this flavor. Also, this will probably reflect badly on someone who has been following junk food on this site for almost 18 years, but I had no idea the Little Debbie Star Crunch was a thing until I saw this ice cream. (Spotted by Brian W at Walmart.)

14 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Little Debbie Star Crunch Ice Cream”

  1. Oh Marvo. Poor, innocent Marvo. Don’t you know that Star Crunch is the absolute cream of the crop of Little Debbie proucts??

  2. I always loved Star Crunch and I can’t wait to try the ice cream.

  3. Star Crunch has always been underrated. The reviews for this have been disappointing so far. Although people think it is a fine ice cream, the main complaint is that it doesn’t resemble Star Crunch much at all. I will pass.

    1. Seems consistent with almost all of the Little Debbie ice creams, then. It sounds like it has the right elements, maybe it just needs more of everything.

  4. I’m with you Marvo, never seen them before, and given the description, I definitely would like them.

    Looking at the find my snack locator, they don’t seem to be stocked in major supermarkets , and limited to just one Walmart in the city. Mostly at 99 Cents Only stores around here, but none close.

  5. Where are you finding this little debbie ice cream???
    The walmart by me had it for about a week and then never to be seen again.

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