COMING SOON: CinnaFuego Toast Crunch Cereal


I know this looks like it could be a very late April Fools joke (or maybe August Fools Day is now a thing), but I assure you, this is real.

According to the press release, it looks the same as the original and is still blasted with Cinnadust, but the sweet cinnamon flavor is combined with the added hot sensation of a spicy pepper to deliver an absolutely absurd experience.

Does spicy Cinnamon Toast Crunch interest you? Well, if so, there’s only one place you can get it — The online-exclusive flavor will available for purchase on Friday, August 12 for a limited time, while supplies last. If that excites your taste buds, burn that date into your calendar.

Thanks to General Mills for the info and image.

7 thoughts to “COMING SOON: CinnaFuego Toast Crunch Cereal”

  1. It doesn’t look like an April Fool’s joke. It looks like another product trying to capitalize on the spicy food trend. Almost everything will have a spicy variant in a few years. Soon we will have flamin’ hot toothpaste.

  2. Maybe a tasting (happily) will prove otherwise, but as a matter of first impression, this sounds gawd-awful, let alone for breakfast . . . .

  3. This looks worthy of a try. As long as they only mix it with chile powders and not garlic and onion powder or something to make it savory, I don’t see why this is so weird. Cinnamon is strong on its own, this might elevate it further in a way that makes sense. But even saying all this, I don’t know if there would be a demand for repeat buys… Hope it’s good!

  4. It sounds like it could be good to me.
    It also sounds like it would be great in a CinnaFuego Toast Crunch Cereal crispy bar.

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