REVIEW: Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Whole

Between pumpkinundation and trick-or-treating, there’s a lot of sugar to consume at this time of year. So it’s refreshing when companies bring something spooky to savory foods for a change. Burger King gave us Halloween Whoppers in 2015, 2018, 2019, and this year it brought the concept back.

Burger King’s website describes the 2022 version, the Ghost Pepper Whopper, as “1/4 lb. flame-grilled beef patty, melty Ghost Pepper cheese, bacon, crispy jalapeños, and queso sauce all on a toasted orange and black sesame seed bun.” Apparently, spicy things are for Halloween now just because one pepper has “ghost” in its name.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Orange Bun

When I unwrapped my sandwich, it struck me how beautiful the bun was! A perfectly festive orange with black sesame seeds. It’s stunning, and that alone is worth the purchase. Much better than the greenish bun of the 2018 sandwich. Visuals aside, it’s soft and slightly sweet. It’s just a bun, but it gets the job done!

Let’s go through the toppings from top to bottom:

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Jalapeno Chips Queso

The queso sauce has a standard nacho flavor but with a kick. I don’t always love queso, but I like this one.

The crispy jalapeños have the texture of potato chips, and I like them better than fresh or canned jalapeños. They provide a welcome textural contrast, and the crisps bring the heat without the hiccups. BK made a solid choice here.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Bacon

The bacon is as good as any, and it’s neither too chewy nor too crispy.

The ghost pepper cheese is the only element that’s lacking for me. It just tastes like regular American cheese. If it has a pepper flavor, it’s drowned out by the queso and the jalapeños.

The beef patty was everything I hoped from a BK burger: substantive and with the perfect amount of chew.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Bites

Altogether, these elements made for a tasty sandwich. Sometimes I didn’t enjoy having both the cheese and the queso; I might have liked it better without the Ghost Pepper cheese. But that’s just me.

Now, as for the spiciness: I didn’t find the burger that spicy. My nose ran a little, but I ate the whole sandwich without needing to drink anything. People hoping it will be as spicy as an actual ghost pepper will be disappointed. But the mildness means that a larger segment of the population will get to enjoy this fantastically festive burger.

The previous iterations of spooky Whoppers didn’t rise from the dead on subsequent Halloweens. But I wouldn’t mind if this one did.

UPDATE: Thanks to our readers’ helpful comments, I realized that I originally got plain American cheese instead of the ghost pepper cheese it was supposed to be. So I went to a different location on a different day and got the real cheese.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Actual Cheese

It has a discernible kick, and it’s much better than the American cheese. This burger also came with a more generous helping of jalapeño crisps, so overall it was noticeably spicier. I definitely got the hiccups this time. But still, most people should be able to handle it.

Purchased Price: $6.99
Rating: 8 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: 750 calories, 44 grams of fat, 17 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of trans fat, 115 milligrams of cholesterol, 1,510 milligrams of sodium, 51.2 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 9.1 grams of sugar, and 38 grams of protein.

15 thoughts to “REVIEW: Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper”

  1. Judging from the pictures, it looks like they gave you the wrong cheese. An unfortunately common occurrence with these fast food joints. The ghost pepper cheese that should have been included has a deep orange hue. Almost matching the color of the bun.

    1. Just want to confirm that this was definitely the wrong cheese. I tried one yesterday and I was given the correct cheese, but instead of crispy jalapeños I received actual sliced jalapeños on mine.

    2. Came to say this. Had one yesterday and the cheese was very much a deep orange that had a nice kick to it.

    3. I had just ordered this and I also got a slice of American cheese along with the ghost pepper cheese sauce.

  2. Outstanding… I am a Ghost pepper fan, this is a serious whopper… it lives up to its name. Thanks BK. Splendid job!!!!

  3. It has a slight amount of heat to it, still not as much as the Wendy’s burger with the fresh diced jalapenos, but overall a good effort. It was 7.49 here, and I doubt if I’ll order another at that price.

  4. I got this last week and I thought it was a hit. Their specialty Whoppers, especially the Halloween ones with the colored buns seem to be well thought out.

  5. OMG!!! I do alot of traveling and eat Cheesebburgers from all around the country, but nothing can compare to Burger King”s new Ghost Pepper Cheeseburger on a wonderfully flavored bun. Nothing will ever be better! Thank You BurgerKing.

  6. I got this with the Impossible Burger patty and no bacon and it was delish! Will def have again.

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