COMING SOON: Lucky Charms S’mores Cereal

Those square cereal pieces sure do look like Golden Grahams. Are they Golden Grahams? Is this Lucky Charms S’mores Cereal the Golden Grahams and Chocolate Lucky Charms mashup we could’ve had for years?

Here’s the description I received from General Mills:

Make the start of your day magically delicious with General Mills Lucky Charms S’mores Cereal with Marshmallows. With Lucky’s magical stars, clovers, blue moons, unicorns, rainbows and tasty red balloon marshmallows, this sweetened wheat and corn cereal will bring smiles to breakfast and snack time every day.

Lucky Charms S’mores Cereal will be available nationwide soon with a suggested price of $5.24.

(Image and info via General Mills)

3 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Lucky Charms S’mores Cereal”

  1. That’s actually kind of funny. I’ve been making my own version of this cereal using the Retro Golden Grahams (the with honey in it), mixed with Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty cereal, and a handful of Lucky Charms marshmallows (the limited edition ones you get in that box).

    This sure will make my job easier LOL`

  2. I am waiting for when General Mills switches the Golden Grahams recipe to all-corn, like they’ve done to everything else.

    This cereal would be really good if Chocolate Lucky Charms was still made with oats. As it is now, I am not even going to try it. Every new cereal they’ve introduced for years now has been made with all corn, and they have all been terrible.

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