SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Zag Heroez Miraculous Strawberry Macaron Cereal

Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know what “Zag Heroez Miraculous” was either before seeing this cereal. But now I know of Lady Bug and Cat Noir. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Zag Heroez Miraculous Strawberry Macaron Cereal”

  1. Are there any good media tie-in cereals? It seems like the companies put little to no effort to these types of product.

    1. The Swedish Chef’s Cröonchy Stars was the greatest cereal of all time. I am still hoping they’ll bring it back someday.

      1. Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles are still great, but I was thinking of the modern era of media tie-ins.

  2. I might get this for my kid, since she watches the show. She is very picky about cereal though, so if she decides it’s “bland” I’ll end up having to finish it all myself…it’s a risk.

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