REVIEW: Jack in the Box Jack Wraps

How my Jack in the Box Crispy Jack Wraps were made can’t be right, right? From above, they look like ghost burritos with the way the tortillas are folded. There is something inside the tortilla, but less than half of it being used.

I checked YouTube and saw Jack Wraps folded in various ways. One video showed one just like mine, another looked like a burrito, and another was made with the excess tortilla folded over the other half, which allowed the ingredients to pop out of the top.

I picked up both Crispy Jack Wrap varieties — Classic and Spicy. The Classic comes with one chicken strip, shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar, pickles, Good Good Sauce, and buttermilk ranch dressing in a warm, oversized tortilla. The Spicy version has jalapeños instead of pickles and swaps the Good Good Sauce with the spicy version. Either one is also available with grilled chicken, which I unintentionally tried. I’ll explain later.

With the way my Classic Crispy and Spicy Crispy Jack Wraps were made, the first bites would’ve been ALL tortilla, so I rewrapped them into burritos. Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent my jaw from getting a little workout, thanks to the tough tortilla, which felt like it wasn’t warmed up to soften it. But I did some microwave magic to make everything less chewy.

The Classic Crispy Jack Wrap has a lot of flavor, thanks to the Good Good Sauce and ranch. The pickles added a tasty pungent kick. The chicken strip inside was a bit dry and had little crispiness, but the sauces and vegetables mostly compensated for those issues. As for the Spicy one, the jalapeños overwhelmed the whole thing, and after eating a third of it, I took them out. For something so small, there were a lot of jalapeños in it. But even with them out, their flavor lingered a bit too much.

Unsatisfied with my experience, I went to a different Jack in the Box location for another Crispy Jack Wrap. This time, I ended up with one wrapped like a burrito. But, despite my receipt saying I ordered a Crispy version, I had grilled chicken in mine. This time, the tortilla was much easier to chew and had some crispiness, and overall I liked grilled chicken Jack Wrap as much as the Crispy version.

While the Classic Crispy and Grilled Jack Wraps were tasty, I’m not completely impressed. Their price seems a bit high for something with ONE chicken strip in them, even at the advertised price of three dollars, and those tortillas were comically too big. Jack in the Box knows there are smaller tortillas, right?

Purchased Price: $3.29 each*
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Classic Crispy), 5 out of 10 (Spicy Crispy), 6 out of 10 (Classic Grilled)
Nutrition Facts: 380 calories each for the Classic Crispy and Spicy Crispy Jack Wraps. Other nutritional info is not available.

*Because I live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, things are a bit pricier here. You’ll probably pay less than I did.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Jack in the Box Jack Wraps”

  1. I knew these things would be a rip-off when I read the announcement. Seeing it now, it is way worse than I thought holy crap I hope people who order this are entitled to refunds because I’d be upset if I got this. Jack in the Box has certainly joined the downhill train. I’m just glad McDonald’s stopped that train in recent years.

  2. So if sharing with us that your favorite missing manager is Filipino, you’ll need to fill in and also type what you think the races or cultures or ethnic places of origin are for all the others who sold you wraps, as well. Otherwise it’s not relevant to the story and you just singled her out as a Filipino for an unknown reason. “Favorite manager with her slicked back tight bun” would have been fine, no?

  3. I tried this today and thought the tortilla was way too chewy. Taste was okay, but the wraps McDonald’s used to have were much better. Wish they’d bring them back, especially the small size. They were the only reason I ever went to McD’s.

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