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I think I’ve said it before on this website, but I’ll repeat it for those who don’t meticulously consume each of my reviews like the delightfully greasy bacon-double cheeseburgers of words that they are: I love flavored Coke. And by “Coke,” I mean, soda, and by “flavored,” I mean, well, you know… something other than the soda’s normal base.

But I don’t discriminate by soda type. I love the Strawberries and Cream Dr Pepper, as well as the Cream Soda version. I like Sprite when it gets weird with Cherries or Cranberries. Cherry Vanilla Coke is incredible, and I still lament the fact that poor sales (maybe?) killed its Orange Vanilla brethren. And Mango Pepsi is the best Pepsi.

And so it was with great anticipation and arousal that I awaited the appearance of Pepsi Peach at a retailer near me. I was so excited, in fact, that when I finally spotted it at my local QuikTrip, I went ahead and got it EVEN THOUGH they didn’t have the zero sugar version, which, in the case of all the aforementioned sodas, is generally my go-to.

Was it everything I hoped for?

Sadly, it was not.

If you don’t want to read a lengthy explanation, just know this: if you blindfolded me and had me drink this, I’d be extremely hard-pressed to tell you what soda flavor this was. The end.

But I’ll go a little further if you’re into details. The scent you get when opening the bottle is very identifiably peach, which makes the absence of actual peach flavoring all the more puzzling. I took a drink— riding high on hope and scent— and then went, “Wait, what?” But the thing is, this doesn’t taste like straight-up Pepsi, either. It’s Pepsi, but it’s a little sweeter than usual, and there’s a unique aftertaste that sets it apart as well. But at no point in the consumption process did I think, “Mmmm, peachy!” It was just mildly fruity.

And that’s a shame, really, given the way they do a great job capturing mango flavor. I was expecting so much more.

While it’s not bad, per se, it’s also not what it’s supposed to be. If it had been marketed as “General Fruit Pepsi,” it would have made so much more sense. I’d buy it again, I guess, if I was ever in a situation where I couldn’t find Mango Pepsi. Or Strawberries and Cream Dr Pepper. Or Cherry Vanilla Coke. Or… you get the idea.

Purchased Price: $2.50
Size: 20 oz
Purchased at: Quiktrip
Rating: 6 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: 250 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 55 milligrams of sodium, 68 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 68 grams of sugar (including 68 grams of added sugar), and 0 grams of protein.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Pepsi Peach”

  1. Great review! Although I don’t drink soda much anymore, I still sometimes pine for the California Raspberry Coke from a few years back. Your cat is wonderful and should make an appearance in all review photos, in my humble opinion.

  2. I got more peach flavor from it than the reviewer did, but its not like its popping with it. It is more subdued than I was hoping for. Still, I’d give it a 7 out of 10. It’s not bad but I just wanted it to be more. Coke did a peach version a few years ago that was much better, wish they’d bring it back instead of doing those terrible mystery flavors they keep doing.

  3. Looks like I had a very different batch of Pepsi or something. My Pepsi SCREAMED Peach at me like Mario in an intro cutscene. It was very strongly Peach flavored and still had that Pepsi backend that doesn’t make it seem like Peach Fanta (see: Dr. Pepper Coconut which just tastes like a coconut soda and not coconut Dr. Pepper)

    1. I think it’s probably more that everyone has different taste buds/taste sensitivities. That’s why I always take food/drink reviews with a grain of salt because there are some things I love that reviewers hate and vice versa.

  4. 1- kitty!!!
    2 – Do they still make Mango Pepsi?? I moved to a small town and haven’t seen it anywhere. I tried ordering some online but it looked and is priced like it’s discontinued–ridiculous prices for a few cans. It’s my favorite flavor so I hope it’s just a local oversight.

  5. I am in the minority as to me this is the best Pepsi offering ever. The smell…and taste…are peachy. While the mango pepsi uses actual mango juice and this does not, I am still in love with it. It is difficult to find( i can only find it at Dollar General), but I drop in and gather up a supply when I can as this is a limited edition and I will miss it when its gone.

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