NEWS: Get Ready For More Broken Chips Stuck In The Salsa With New Tostitos Thins

Written by | May 3, 2012

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While Frito-Lay was making thicker Doritos and Ruffles, it appears they were also thinning Tostitos.

The new Tostitos Thins tortilla chips are not only thinner than regular Tostitos, but they also have a lighter texture. According to the press release, the new chips are, “made from corn that is stone-ground for a light and crispy texture and then lightly dusted with special seasonings to create the two flavors.”

What are those two flavors?

Lime & Salt and TexMex.

Okay, since they’re seasoned, people probably won’t dip them in salsa. But if party goers, game watchers, and movie buffs do stick these thinner chips in salsa or a cheese dip, expect the dip to turn into the Davy Jones’ Locker for broken chips.

Tostitos Thins are now available exclusively at Target stores nationwide through mid-July.

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  1. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I saw unflavored Tostitos Thins at Walmart yesterday.

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