REVIEW: Sonic Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae

I recently ignited a small firestorm of controversy on a personal social media page by declaring, after my first visit to an In-N-Out, that the universally lauded burger was “fine” and “honestly, not quite as good as a cheeseburger from my closest Sonic.”

And while I do occasionally appreciate a good old-fashioned online riling, that’s not what this was. I meant it.

In-N-Out was perfectly fine. The burger was tasty, and the produce — though too plentiful — was fresh. It was very affordable, which was great. If I had an In-N-Out near me, I would probably get it occasionally. All this being said, it was not manna from heaven.

My nearest Sonic, though, is incredible. Everything always comes out flawlessly assembled and picturesque. The meat is always hot and well-seasoned. The produce is always fresh and applied in just the right amount. This Sonic is, I understand, likely an anomaly.

Even still, I think even the worst Sonic location is capable of pulling together a decent dessert, and I submit, for your consideration, the new Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae or Blast.

For the sundae, which is what I had, vanilla soft serve is layered with Oreo cookie pieces, and topped off with a big ol’ scoop of Oreo Cheesecake. (According to the website, the Blast is described as “creamy cheesecake soft serve,” but under the “what’s included” heading, it suggests that it too uses vanilla soft serve but also “Cheesecake Syrup” in addition to the cookie pieces and cheesecake ball. I’m not sure which is correct.)

Sonic’s vanilla soft serve is pretty straightforward — creamy, sweet, and of typical soft serve consistency. The Oreo pieces were layered throughout in perfect execution, as promised, and with a clear purpose — each spoonful contained at least a few bits of chocolate cookie crumble. The real star of this show was the cheesecake orb at the top of the sundae. I don’t know if it comes from a giant bucket of Oreo cheesecake mixture or what, but this golfball-sized sphere of deliciousness was perfectly creamy and cheesecake-y, and I would eat fistfuls of the stuff if someone would let me. My only quibble with this sundae — and it is a nitpicky one — is that I wish the cheesecake could be interspersed throughout. (And if we’re indulging fantasies, perhaps some sort of fudge inclusion wouldn’t be the worst thing.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if I can find a bucket of Oreo cheesecake mix to nosh on while I read the hate-filled death threats I’m sure to get from the In-N-Outarians in the comments section.

Purchased Price: $3.99
Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: 570 calories, 30 grams of fat, 17 grams of saturated fat, 90 milligrams of cholesterol, 420 milligrams of sodium, 65 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 43 grams of sugar, and 8 grams of protein.

8 thoughts to “REVIEW: Sonic Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae”

  1. I believe you about the burgers — where YOU are. It’s true for you. Here, where I’m located, Sonic would, without fail, cause me to create expectation vs reality posts, showing the advertisement vs the sad reality, and that’s true where I am. In and Out is the best of our fast food options. Sonic isn’t, but you’re luckier than me, which is enviable because the menu is so much extensive at Sonic.

    I’ll say this. I really like a good In and Out Burger, but, I’ll say “fight me” to anyone who disagrees that the fries are HORRIFIC. Just terrible. A fresh potato isn’t meant to be cut into strips and immediately fried. All that starch on the cut surface makes it terrible inside and out, without flash frying, perhaps even freezing, or blanching in salt water like other fast food fries. Do anything except fry the fresh starch juice in hot oil. They come out anemic, flavorless, hard and dry. Even getting them well done or lightly done doesn’t improve the fact the fries are just awful.

  2. I don’t have a Sonic anywhere near me, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to compare, but Philadelphia makes these little cheesecake cups that come with a graham cracker crumble. From the looks of it and how you describe it, I’m sure it would be very similar. I don’t know if they make an Oreo flavor, though, you might have to mix those in separately.

  3. While I agree with you on In-N-Out, Sonics are the WORST. Cold food, nothing ever made right, tastes like the lowest quality stuff. I have one right across the street from me, and I never go.

    1. PLUS THEY GET YOUR DANG ORDER TOTALLY WRONG! I asked for a grape slushy once, they gave me a blue raspberry one. I sent it back, OFC.

  4. I recently tried Sonic for the first time ever, and I have to say that I was absolutely surprised by how good it was. I always assumed it would be generic DQ style cheeseburgers, and boy was I wrong. I’ve never had In-N-Out to compare, as there are none in this area, but we do have Steak ‘N Shake and Culver’s, and I like Sonic better than both.

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