REVIEW: Nabisco Limited Edition Mega Stuf Oreo

Mega Stuf Oreo

Update 1/19/2019: If you’re looking for Oreo The Most Stuff, click here to read our review.

Believe it or not, there was a time when the Double Stuf Oreo was considered the pinnacle of modern mass-produced cookie engineering. Long before the Manning brothers failed to translate their quarterbacking prowess in a misguided career move to make history with the Double Stuf Racing League, and way before Double Stuf Oreos morphed into the template for every flavor filling this side of red velvet cake*, the concept of an Oreo cookie with twice the normal crème filling was something to marvel at.

*Calling it now, within the next five years, we will see an Oreo with this filling.

Those days are long gone, however, as the Double Stuff Oreo has become, in essence, the default Oreo. I mean really. Aside from sentimental old people who meticulously stick to a pre-bedtime routine of dunking exactly three Oreos in milk, does anyone really think they’re getting the full cookies and cream experience by eating the “original” Oreo cookie?

I sure as hell don’t.

What’s more, those who favor the cream element of cookies and cream are feeling shortchanged. You know how I know that? Because there’s a crapload of perfectly sane people out there who’ve resorted to hacking Oreos for the sake of maximizing their Oreo creme to cookie ratio. Heck, I’d probably be one of those people if I didn’t feel so bad about wasting all those chocolate wafer leftovers or incessantly worrying about straining my jaw muscles in an attempt to shove a Duodecuple Stuf Oreo into my mouth.

Mega Stuf Oreo Closeup

I guess Nabisco has finally noticed. Like Kurt Bozwell calling for bigger Mondo Burgers in the 1997 smash-hit Good Burger, the company has responded for our insatiable appetite for more creme filling by introducing the Limited Edition Mega Stuf Oreo.  Considering it’s been about a month since the whole Birthday Cake Oreo thing came out in Golden Oreo form, you might just say Nabisco has killed two birds with one stone by fulfilling their need for a new monthly Limited Edition flavor. Alas, and here I was hoping we’d be getting a triple dark chocolate ganache filling in honor of Valentine’s Day…

Being both the Oreo aficionado and failed investigative journalist I am, I was quite intent to take the Mega Stuf Oreo to task and see if it really would withstand more licks to dissolve the filling than the classic Double Stuf Oreo. Because I have the patience of a pre-snap read Peyton Manning, however, I was completely unable to subject my tongue to the kind of attrition needed to lick through both a Mega Stuf Oreo and Double Stuf Oreo in one sitting. So I just decided to weigh each Oreo to make it easier.

Mega Stuf Oreo vs Double Stuf Oreo

The Mega Stuf Oreo weighed in at the advertised 18 grams per cookie, while the Double Stuf Oreo comes in at 15 grams per cookie (slightly above advertised weight.) After separating the creme fillings from the wafers, I discovered the Mega Stuf filling weighs in at 12 grams, while the Double Stuf filling packs only 7 grams. That’s a 52.6% increase in filling right there, which, if you ask me, is a pretty big deal if you find yourself squarely on the side of the crème side of the cookies vs. crème debate.

Thing is, this is exactly the kind of cookie to push me to the opposite side of the debate, because I just don’t see the point in having a Mega Stuf filling over a Double Stuf filling. I also don’t see the point in spelling “stuff” with only one “F,” but that’s a different story for the next Limited Edition Oreo review.

Mega Stuf Oreo In Package

As for the Oreos themselves, forget for a second that the fillings, and the cookies, taste exactly the same. Never mind for a moment that by biting into a single Mega Stuf Oreo you’re getting as much sugar as a bowl of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. Put aside, if for only a moment, the overly crumbling nature of the cookie wafer, and the fact that it splits apart too easily with that annoying overstuffed sandwich syndrome that renders the chocolate cookie pretty much useless. How about just considering that a single package of Mega Stuf Oreos contains ten fewer cookies than a package of Double Stuf Oreos?

I don’t care where you fall on the crème vs. cookie side of the fence, because as far as I can tell, ten less cookies means bad for all of us Oreo lovers.

With that being said, I still liked the Mega Stuf Oreo a lot, mostly because they taste exactly like Double Stuf Oreos. I just wish I wasn’t getting shortchanged on my cookie count per container, because as any Oreo lover with tell you, bigger only means better if it means a bigger box of cookies.

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cookies – 180 calories, 80 calories from fat, 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat, 4 grams of monounsaturated fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 95 milligrams of sodium, 40 milligrams of potassium, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 1 grams of fiber, 18 grams of sugar, and less than 1 gram of protein.)

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Item: Nabisco Limited Edition Mega Stuf Oreo
Purchased Price: $2.98
Size: 13.2 ounces
Purchased at: Walmart
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Classic Double Stuf Oreo taste is preserved. Crunchy chocolate cookie. More lickable filling than Double Stuf Oreos. Real world math applications. Making history.
Cons: Probably too sweet for some. Cookie has a tendency to shatter quite easily. Still not understanding the difference between ‘cream’ vs. ‘crème.’ Spelling “stuff” with only one “F.” Grumpy old people set in their cookie ways. Ten fewer Oreos per package than Double Stuf Oreos.

51 thoughts to “REVIEW: Nabisco Limited Edition Mega Stuf Oreo”

  1. So, if the Mega has 50%ish more filling than the Double Stuf, which [I assume] has twice as much filling as the standard Oreo, then these would be Tripple Stuf Oreos, right?

    P.S.: Which is more annoying, Oreo’s “Stuf” spelling, or Taco Bell’s “Stuft” (as in Grilled Stuft Burrito)

  2. Loved, loved, loved the Good Burger reference! You made my day with that comment.

    “I’m a dude, she’s a dude, he’s a dude, cause we’re all dudes, hey!”

    I can’t believe they made these, it looks like Nabisco was disappointed the 2012 Mayan prophecy didn’t come to pass, so they are intent on killing us all off themselves. The 2013 Mega Stuf creme prophecy.

  3. ONLY 52% more filling? VERY disappointed. I’m the girl who takes apart two double stufs and combines into a quadruple stuf. And I do NOT waste the cookie parts. Though, in all honesty, when I get my hands on these babies I will create 6x stuf cookies (awww yeah). It has to be done.

  4. Seemingly some weird math going on here.

    Your weight calculations say the cookies themselves (without creme) are a 2g difference. I’m guessing they aren’t in fact different at all.

    And where does the 52.6% number come from?

    1. The 52.6 comes from the difference of 5 grams between fillings (I scooped the fillings out.) BUT you mention an interesting point, since the cookies, as an entire and unseperated unit, were seperated by only 3 grams. I suppose the cookie part of the Double Stuf Oreo must have weighed more than the cookie component of the Mega Stuf Oreo. Weird.

      1. 12 grams – 7 grams = 5 grams
        5 grams / 7 grams = 0.714286

        The 7 grams of filling were increased by 71.4% to reach 12 grams.

        1. Let me clarify that math some more. The question we are asking is this:

          By what percent was the original amount of filling (7 grams) increased to reach the new amount of filling (12 grams)?

          We know that the increase was 5 grams. We just need to translate that into a percentage of 7 grams.

          5 is what percentage of 7?
          translated from word form to equation form:
          5 = __% x 7
          Get the unknown by itself by dividing both sides of the equation by 7, and we arrive at this:
          5 / 7 = __%

          Put it into a calculator; 5 / 7 = 0.714, or 71.4%.

          1. Clearly, this is the last time I google “percent change equation” and go from there. Doh!

            Thanks Kevin. Guess I should have stuck with the “it looks reasonably freaking bigger”!

  5. You guys didn’t waste a damn second reviewing these cookies after the “Spotted on Shelves” segment. Awesome. Anyway, it kind of resembles a graham cracker with marshmallow stuffing. When I think of eating this cookie I don’t think cream, rather the marshmallow-y texture just by looking at the pictures. Interesting.

  6. At this level of gluttony, simple skip the cookie and sell just a tray of “stuf” along with a cyanide capsule. It will save you the years of suffering caused by diabetes and hypertension.
    The worst part about this product: I’ll be at a friend’s house, notice a package of these on their shelf. Then want to run home to beat myself silly with hammer for believing my fiend was once a reasonably prudent and rational human being.

  7. This is a single stuff and a double stuff stuck together can clearly see the double stuff has a line ..the the single stuff on other side…doesn’t it look like that or am I nuts

  8. This is a single stuff and a double stuff stuck together can clearly see the double stuff has a line ..the the single stuff on other side…doesn’t it look like that or am I nuts…I must be crazy

  9. The Golden version of this cookie may be the greatest cookie I’ve ever tasted …. all that “stuff” (i refuse to delete the second “f”) …. is like sweet nectar from above!

    Of course with the good comes the bad …. they have also made the packaging smaller, so there are fewer cookies in a package than before …. But that just means I only ate 30 cookies in one sitting, rather than 39 cookies ….

  10. Total ploy to save Nabisco money. It costs them less overall to add more filling and remove some cookies from the package.

    That being said, the cookie is rather tasty and I want to mega stuf 5 of them at once into my cakehole.

  11. These mega stuffed ores taste waaaaay cremeier than the double stuffs, by far. Its practically too much creme, but such a thing could never be true

  12. I personally loved the Mega Stuffed Oreo’s. they are the best out of all of them. Bring them back for good.

  13. I think this was the best cookie they ever made and Megas will be missed as they have out of the stores so it appears …:( !!!!

    Double stuffed just don’t compare anymore !!!

    Maybe it was too much of a good thing !!

  14. My Husband and I just love the mega stuff oreos we like the cream. It seems to be more fluffy.We both hope that this product will be continued in the future.

    Thank you,

  15. Ten FEWER Oreos per box, not “ten less”.


  16. YYYUUUMMMMMMYYY!!!. I was smart enough to stock up on these bad boys. I noticed the short count right away but, can eat 2-3 Mega stuf and be satisfied. When it normally takes 5 sometimes
    6 double stuff. I eat right and exercise everyday so yes I’m lean and mean and deserve these little devils. It is a shame about the saturated fat though. Anyway GO OREO! MEGA STUF HAS MY VOTE!

  17. I love double stuf Oreos so I purchased the Mega Stuff. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. Something about that version of the cookie tastes different. Off hand, I can’t remember if it was the cream or the cookie but I didn’t like it. If you compare ingredient labels, their is a difference in what is in both cookies. Nabisco should keep making the Mega Stuff but used the same ingredients as the double stuf. Please don’t change your recipe!

    1. I agree that the filling in the Mega Stuff tastes different than the filling in Double Stuff and original Oreos. I don’t like it. The flavor and texture reminds me of sugar laden Crisco.

  18. Nice review. Take the top cookie off, put a dab of peanut butter, replace the top cookie and enjoy. There is now enough stuff to balance with PB. (adjust your PB to taste).

    1. These Mega stuffs are Great!!!! It reminds me of the Oreos I ate was I was young. The Chocolate and the filling taste different than the ones that are on the shelf now. Dunk them in milk and they actually soak it up, todays Oreos don’t soak up as much milk, the chocolate cracker is harder. Keep putting these baby’s on the shelf, there the best.

  19. I want Nabisco to know I LOVE the mega stuff!!!!! Keep making them & don’t pull this cookie. I am one of the few that prefer the extra cream & this is GREAT!! I would buy this all the time. 1000 times better then the double stuff. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY.

  20. I am PISSED! I went to WalMart today and NO MEGA STUFFED! I am heart broken. I am with you Debra. Screw them for taking it back!!

  21. I happened on the Mega Stuf Oreos while I was getting some Easter treats. WooHoo!!!! They were PERFECT!!! EXACTLY the right amount of creme/cream filling. I tried both the golden and the chocolate – actually preferred the golden – but they were both great. I was SO disappointed when I returned to Walmart a couple of weeks ago and they were gone. Sure hope there’s a plan to bring them back.

  22. I absolutely LOVE the Mega Stuf Oreos. The only problem I have with them is that I can not longer find them in the store. Please roll them out permanently (at least in the Midwest)! And, soon!!!

  23. They’re BACK!! Mega Stuf Oreos went away for a bit, but I found them in 2 stores yesterday….YAY!!!!!!!

  24. We bought a package of Mega Stuf and Double Stuff Oreos last night. They looked like they had the same amount of creme filling. We put them on the scale. The Mega Stuf Oreo weighed 2 grams more. I’m sorry but that’s disappointing.

  25. I have to agree with the majority of posters: the Oreo MEGA Stuf are great! The filling looks like someone filled the cookie with a trowel, and it just invites you to devour it.

    I used to intensely dislike Oreos, as they tasted very artificial. Then, I started eating Lunchables for a quick snakck, and Double Stuf Oreos came with them. They grew on me, and I began thinking “surely they have a triple- or quadruple stuffed Oreo by now, right?” To my pleasant surprise, they did indeed!

    Next, I’ll have to try those birthday cake filled Oreos. I have a feeling they’re either really, really good, or really, REALLY BAD!!!

  26. Hated the mega stuff. Way too sweet. I feel guilty letting my kid eat the double stuff, so letting him eat these feels negligent. I called Nabisco to complain. If you love them and want them to stay, maybe you should call them too–phone number is under the flap of the package. I hope they label the package better though, because we grabbed these without knowing we were getting something different.

  27. Mega stuffed Oreos are the best thing ever thought of!!! Love them, which is saying quite a bit because I am usually not a fan of Oreos or double stuffed Oreos!

  28. Found these cookies for the first time @HarrisTeeter in NC and bought a pack…almost gone now. My husband and I both LOVE THEM!!! Hope that they are here to STAY!!! The post I have read this morning-they have been out someplaces for months KEEP ‘EM COMMING!!!

  29. Golden Oreo Mega Stufs might be the best tasting sandwich cookie of all time. Never got around to the original flavor but I would imagine they would be the best chocolate w/vanilla crème cookie of all time. Nabisco would be fools to get rid of this cookie. Who wants any other kind of Oreo after eating these?

  30. Oreo made a cookie called “Big Stuf” in the late 80’s-early 90’s. They need to bring that back.

  31. Love these cookies! I can’t find them anymore though. PLEASE send more! The regular double stuff Oreo just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  32. 2 mega stuff Oreos, remove one chocolate wafer off each cookie. Place one cream side cookie against the other cream side cookie….Voila! Double Mega Stuff Oreos…..genius!

  33. My heart kept when I saw Mega Stuf Oreos on the shelf at the grocery store. Then I opened the package.
    I remember fondly the original Double Stuf Oreos. Today’s Double Stufs are maybe 3/4 of the volume of creamy yummy as there used to be. And the cream was dense; dense enough that I could take the cookies off 3 or 4 and carefully craft a sextuple or octople stuf without it collapsing. And the cookies were crumbly with more chocolatey flavor.
    Mega Stufs to me seem to have the volume of the older original Double Stufs. But the cream is quite a bit gooeyer so the cookies squash quite easily. You used to scrape the filling off the cookie with your front teeth back in the day. Now it just rolls off the cookie like a sticky wad of pizza dough. Great if you like that. I just don’t. It’s like they said ‘save some $ and dilute the cream mix. They won’t notice!’. I want Authentic Double Stufs and decent cream and flavorful, crumbly cookies back. Mega Stuf just doesn’t cut it for me.

  34. Hi, I want to know about stuffing in oreos and am in the middle of my initial literature review. Could you please comment on the 2 gram discrepancy between the “Mega Stuf” and “Double Stuf” cookies. I interpret your results to mean the Double Stuf wafers weigh 8 grams, while the Mega Stuf wafers weigh only 6 grams. The weight of the wafers is, in my opinion, under-analyzed in all sources despite its experimental importance, as it seems to be easier to weigh the entire cookie first and then subtract off the weight of the wafer. I imagine this is because its hard to deal with the creme after it has been removed. Importantly, the variation in wafer weight could explain inconsistencies reported in other experiments, and then I wouldn’t have to figure this fucking shit out all by myself.

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