REVIEW: Taco Bell Quesalupa

Taco Bell Quesalupa

This country is always trying to pit us against each other. In politics, it’s a two party system that radicalizes the masses, the haves versus the have-nots. In sports, the blowout celebration is one final matchup that stretches narratives into ideologies and forces us to choose sides, the dabs versus the dab-nots.

Taco Bell tries the opposite, joining things together with varying success. They integrate other products such as Cinnabon and Doritos into their own items and display countless permutations of existing creations, rearranging-Titanic-deck-chairs style.

Taco Bell’s latest attempt is the much-ballyhooed Quesalupa, a combination of the quesadilla and a Chalupa. A quesadilla is kind of like a grilled soft taco with lots of cheese on it and a Chalupa is kind of like a deep fried soft taco. If menu items were human beings, I would examine the family tree pretty meticulously before letting these two get married.

Taco Bell Quesalupa 4

Ostensibly, the Quesalupa is a Chalupa shell with pepper jack cheese inside then filled with sour cream, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and a protein. This, however, is no Chalupa shell. I’m sure they had to make adjustments to accommodate the pocket of melty cheese that spills out of the center, but the near-perfect crispy-chewy Chalupa armor has been depleted to a weak facsimile.

Taco Bell Quesalupa 3

The entire Quesalupa sags in the middle, buckling to the sogginess of the cheese, without a textural counterbalance to save it. There is plenty of cheese to go around, to the point where the warm stew-like blend of ingredients exhibits the comforting consistency of a shepherd’s pie. But without the fluffy-crispy promise that a Chalupa provides, the Quesalupa falls short of expectations.

Taco Bell Quesalupa 2

I tried the beef and chicken options and the beef comes up on top, with the salty, ground meat lending better flavor to the entire item. The chicken is bland and definitely needs outside help of a hot sauce to feel complete. The produce is typical of Taco Bell and serves to fill out the item—space-wise and color-wise—and maybe to place a pebble on top of a food pyramid quota.

Perhaps it’s a testament to the Quesalupa that the cheese blends well together. It’s a gooey affair that absorbs all the qualities of both types of cheeses offered (and the sour cream as well) to make a dairy bomb that flattens out any nuance. The center of a Quesalupa is at the same time satisfying and a bit icky, melding together like a cream of Taco Bell soup. Whether that sounds good to you or not will be the deal breaker here.

For my buck, the best Taco Bell items play with texture in a unique way and dance on the crunchy-soft line: the Crunchwrap Supreme, the Double Decker Taco, and the Chalupa.

Unfortunately for the Quesalupa, while it features the warm qualities of a steaming quesadilla, it does not take the best parts of a Chalupa, which makes it a pretty average Taco Bell item. And maybe that’s the point? People hate Trump. People love Trump. People hate Cam. People love Cam. Quesalupa? “Ehh.” On this, I think, we can all agree.

(Nutrition Facts – Beef – 460 calories, 26 grams of fat, 11 grams of saturated fat, 50 milligrams of cholesterol, 890 milligrams of sodium, 38 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, 19 grams of protein. Chicken – 440 calories, 23 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 60 milligrams of cholesterol, 840 milligrams of sodium, 37 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber, 22 grams of protein.)

Item: Taco Bell Quesalupa
Purchased Price: $2.99 (beef) $3.79 (chicken)
Size: N/A
Purchased at: Taco Bell
Rating: 5 out of 10 (beef)
Rating: 4 out of 10 (chicken)
Pros: Comforting consistency, gooey cheese center.
Cons: Soggy in the middle. Maybe too much cheese. Texturally boring.

48 thoughts to “REVIEW: Taco Bell Quesalupa”

  1. I just had one. If they hadn’t told me there was cheese in the shell I wouldn’t have known. Mostly what I could taste was bland unseasoned chicken and sour cream. Much ado about totally nothing.

  2. I tried one yesterday at the North Augusta, SC location and couldn’t find any cheese in it. It’s nothing like the commercial advertises it to be, nothing but a thick dough shell with standard taco filling. Plain soft taco is much better and a fraction of the price. The commercial should be pulled for false advertising!!

  3. No cheese in any of the one’s I’ve gotten. Not even cold cheese. Just a layered shell with nothing inside of it. Not worth it whatsoever. Very disappointing. Wont buy again until they fix it (might just be at my location, idk.)

  4. This is my favorite TB item right now! I have to limit myself to about once a week. I get steak, and I get it with no lettuce – I wonder if the other kinds aren’t as good.

  5. Quesalupa very disappointing tried it at multiple locations never seen any cheese stretch like the comericals (false advertising) like mentioned before a expensive taco is all it is bring back the volcano burrito

  6. Yeah, this definitely sounded like a better idea than it tasted. The shell i got was overcooked and the cheese inside was as hard as the shell itself. It was gross… I’ll just stick with the Doritos locos tacos that I love.

  7. Um yeah, I was not a fan of the beef quesalupa. I didn’t like the bread (shell) at all… it was too soft & chewy. The quesalupa was bland and I didn’t see or taste the cheese that is supposed to be between the bread. The whole time I was eating it, I kept wishing I had a chalupa instead.

    I really wish Taco Bell would bring back the baja sauce. That was my favorite! The baja beef chalupa and even the black jack taco had the sauce on it… Both items, of course, Taco Bell does not have anymore.

  8. I don’t know what you guys are talking about… the Quesalupa is hella good! It out weighs any item on Taco Bells menu hands down. QUESALUPA ALL DAY!

  9. This thing has to be one of the nastiest, pathedic pieces of crap they have ever released. What’s worse is they got rid of the sliders which were actually good for this abomination. Taco Bell, you deserve to be shot in the face for what you have done. Do with me what you will, internet. You’ve always sucked that way.

  10. Taco Bell es muy bueno esta noche. Tengo un rollo de queso encima y una bebida. No cuesta mucho dinero. Eran realmente rápidos. Este es mi restaurante favorito. Volveré otra vez. ¡ Usted debe probar.


    I got a cheese roll up and a drink.

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