SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Mystery Flavors (2016)

Peeps Mystery Flavors (2016)

Update: We reviewed them! Click here to read our review.

My guesses: cinnamon bun, sriracha, and chicken. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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48 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Mystery Flavors (2016)”

  1. 1. I couldn’t taste much difference between from a regular peep, maybe a heavier vanilla flavor?
    2. Definitely popcorn, I could smell it more than I could taste it, though.
    3.. Lemon or something citrus.

  2. #1 is definitely chocolate. You have to smell as well as taste, because it’s the olfactory nerves in your nose that differentiate specific flavors.
    Haven’t tried the others yet.

  3. Husband said “#1 is Red Velvet Cake – #2 is Buttered Popcorn – #3 is Cherry Limeade”
    I said “#1 is Devil’s Food Cake – #2 is Buttered Popcorn – #3 is Tangerine”
    Neighbor said “#1 is Chocolate Chip Cookies – #2 is Macaroni & Cheese – #3 is Lemon”
    92 year old lady said “#1 is Hot Chocolate – #2 is Popcorn – #3 is Lime Jello”
    10 year old girl said “#1 is Chocolate Cupcake – #2 is Popcorn – #3 is Sour Apple”
    her 10 year old twin brother said “#1 is Fudgecicle – #2 is Pretzels – #3 is Lemon-Lime”

    Peeps Mystery Flavor Survey of Guesses

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