REVIEW: Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme

Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme

Oh man, I so badly wanted to chuck the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme.

Not because it didn’t taste good, but because it looked like a discus and I wanted to set the Guinness World Record for longest Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme throw.

I also wanted to start a food fight in the middle of Taco Bell with some guy who was looking at me weird as I was practicing my discus throwing form.

Anyway, the Crunchwrap Supreme was around seven inches in diameter and three-fourths of an inch thick, which is roughly the size of a regulation Olympic women’s discus. Inside its soft flour tortilla was seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and a crunchy tostada shell.

Not only are the nacho cheese sauce and sour cream the perfect ammo for messing people’s clothes in a food fight, they also make the Crunchwrap Supreme very tasty and, quite possibly, help me come closer to my goal of having my blood replaced with dairy products.

Perhaps the best thing about the Crunchwrap Supreme is the fact that, despite its size, you can eat it with only one hand and you don’t have to worry about it falling apart like other tacos, unless your hands are small like carny or you’re the notoriously clumsy pirate, Captain Stubsforlimbs.

Of course, being able to eat it with one hand has many advantages.

For example, you can drive and eat it at the same time, flip channels with a remote control and eat at the same time, slip a ten dollar bill under a stripper’s g-string and eat at the same time, and masturbate to a continuous loop of Victoria’s Secret television ads and eat at the same time.

In other words, it’s the perfect food to multitask with.

You don’t need to worry dipping it into something, like those who dated Paris Hilton. Also, you don’t need to worry about things falling out, like Tara Reid does all the time.

Item: Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme
Purchase Price: $2.49
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Tasty. Nice size. Can eat with one hand. The perfect multitasking food. Makes the perfect food to fling in a food fight.
Cons: Hard to add taco sauce, but it really didn’t need it.

51 thoughts to “REVIEW: Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme”

  1. $10 tip wow
    Haven’t seen this item but would love to try it as long as it doesn’t come with beans or rice

  2. I’m always hesitant to try Taco Bell’s new ANYTHING, bastardizing Mexican cuisine the way it does. But that stuff sure is tasty most of the time!

    Maybe I’ll grab one today and see if I can chew gum and eat it at the same time! Thanks for the word up!

  3. Yeah I just had one yesterday and it was pretty good. It cost me $1.99 and it was hard to put the taco sauce on. No it doesn’t need it but… i put that stuff on everything!

  4. That looks so good. I haven’t heard about that yet but i will look for it. It looks and sounds really good. Thanks for the info.

  5. I wanna makeover my crunchwrap. I’m not a huge fan of sour cream, and I don’t like tomatoes. But, once I take those things off, it makes the whole thing seem sort of expensive. So, here’s what I propose:

    The tostada shell, beef, baja sauce instead of nacho cheese sauce (the same baja sauce used on the baja chalupas), lettuce, regular shredded cheese, and maybe some of that fresh salsa stuff (they call it pico de gallo sauce) that they also put on the baja chalupas. Then wrap it up and toast it like usual. Now that’s what I want. I also want a chicken option.

    Man, I should be working R&D for Taco Bell.

  6. “masturbate to a continuous loop of Victoria’s Secret television ads and eat at the same time.”
    please tell me you didn’t do that. 🙂
    interesting.. we finally have multitasking food. i wonder what else can become mulltiasking -compliant ?

  7. I’m almost in agreement with Bottom Feeder…I love the Baja sauce and I think shredded cheese would have been better, but no thanks to the Fiesta Salsa. It isn’t my favorite Taco Bell item, but it wasn’t bad, either.

  8. Eh, I had one yesterday and was unimpressed. There was way too much lettuce and so little meat it was like “where’s the beef?” without the old lady. Basically, it’s a flat double decker without the refried beans, and that might have made it a whole lot better. I’d give it a 2 out of 5, and I’ll probably never buy one again. I’ll just get a double decker…

  9. I love the taste of these things but they destroy my insides… If for once taco bell could make food that wouldnt slightly poison me, I’d be very happy.

  10. I’m with Kent — glad it has no rice or beans in it. I wonder whether I can eat this while wrestling tiny ballet slippers onto my preschooler’s feet.

  11. i’m so glad you reviewed this. i was so grossed out by the commercial. this product just makes me want to say “what the fuck?”

    also, i can’t believe taco bell has something called “pico de gallo.” i’m not even really sure what that is, but i’ve heard it on the food network.

    taco bell makes me sick too. not the pooping that a lot of my friends talk about–it just makes me mildly nauseous. i don’t know why.

  12. Kent – Nope. No beans or rice. Oh yeah, and $10 because I can’t get change back and that’s all I had.

    Emily – Just don’t get the combo they try to trick you in buying. It’s so not worth it.

    nat – I think Taco Bell is running out of Mexican names for their food. After chalupa, there was nothing else. I’m surprised they didn’t make up some Mexican name for it.

    Mir – Wow. I actually have influence? Who knew?

    Ayesha97 – Yes, they are. Or as I like to say, they’re tastetacular!

    Lucy – I found a place here that sells them and I look forward to trying them. Thanks.

  13. alex – Dang! $1.99! Oh the things I must deal with for living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by beautiful beaches, 80 percent sunny days, and lots of beautiful woman. I would trade all of those things for a $1.99 Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. 😉

    Becky – No problemo. Hope you enjoy it.

    Bottom Feeder – Do you have a George Foreman grill? Because you could make your own and toast it in the George Foreman grill. Oh, that would be sweet.

    Chana – “Eww” and “gonna try one today” don’t seem like they should belong together.

    SEV – Um…I hear people do that, but not me. Anyway, I’m really hoping that Chicken McNuggets will someday become multitasking compliant.

    celebrate woo-woo – So what is your favorite Taco Bell item?

  14. Thumper – But you can fling it like a frisbee!!! Doesn’t that count for half a point? FRISBEE!!!

    Ms. MO – I beg to differ. Nothing is nastier than beans and my digestive system. P-U.

    P057 – For some strange reason, I’ve been immune to the effects of Taco Bell. I’d like to think that I’ve got an iron stomach from all the crap I’ve tried over the years.

    Mellie Helen – I think you can. You use the Crunchwrap Supreme to distract your preschooler by making her chew on it and while she’s occupied slip on the ballet slippers.

    lightpinksheep – “Pico de gallo?” Doesn’t that mean “belly button the wine” in various languages?

  15. I like TB’s menu, even if it is notoriously unhealthy. Hey, if you threw one of these at me, you’d be chucking it at Chuck. And, if it didn’t taste good, it might cause you to upchuck. If you’re serious about replacing your blood with dairy products, come visit Wisconsin and tour a cheese factory, they’ll have you fixed up in no time.

  16. Marvo, if you’re serious about replacing your blood with dairy products, come visit Wisconsin and take a tour of a cheese factory. I’m sure they’ll have you fixed up in no time.

  17. The Crunchwrap Supreme looks pretty damn tasty. I do masturb… I mean work on the computer a lot, usually when I’m hungry. I’ve been dreaming of an eatable like this for awhile. I am disappointed I hadn’t realized the food fight potential of the Crunchwrap, though.

  18. Chuck – The bean burritos are kind of healthy…lots of fiber. Although, they’re definitely not easy to chuck at a Chuck.

    Damon – Hope you enjoy it. If not, feed it to your dogs.

    Chuck – Oh man, I would be an actual cheesehead. Sweeeet!

    Chuck – Oh man, I would be an actual cheesehead. Sweeeet!

    Ken – Hopefully, someday I will be able to test the food fight potential of the Crunchwrap Supreme. But I have to do it soon because it’s here for only a limited time.

  19. Marvo, I’ll save a bag of cheese curds for ya.

    Marvo, I’ll save a bag of cheese curds for ya.

  20. Well, marvo, I think I would choose the Baja Chalupa or the Griilled Stuft Burrito as my favorite. These are not usually what I order since I am trying to maintain, and possibly increase, a recent weight loss, but they are my choices for yummy indulgences from Taco Bell.

  21. Chuck – Thanks.

    Chuck – Thanks.

    Tara – Very good, but apparently cheaper everywhere else.

    celebrate woo-woo – I like the bean burrito. It’s hefty. It’s cheap. It allows me to light my farts.

  22. man, i saw this on a commercial the other night. and after i came back out of hiding i checked the site. yup. you actually ate one of these things.

    there was some show on the food network a while back about the holding company that owns taco bell — was mostly just dudes in white lab coats with eyedroppers and flasks inventing this stuff. pretty soon they’ll have NastyCrap 1.0 on a supercomputer that’ll just pop out new products for them to torture us with and they can send the lab rats home.

  23. I like taco bell but here’s something I found funny. They decided to pull the chihuahua adds because Mexicans said it reflected a stereo-type of their culture. But I guess run for the border was perfectly acceptable?
    My rants adding rice (cheap filler) to burritos also what are those stupid red and purple crunchy things in the salad? what did taco bell decide their trash cans weren’t being filled enough?
    >>ultradave Taco Bell as well as Pizza Hut, Frito Lay, and KFC are owned by Pepsi.

  24. ultradave – They’ll send the lab rats home and hire me, because they know I’ll try anything.

    rfduck – Definitely good to go. Good to go driving. Good to go fishing. Good to go internet porn surfing.

    Kent – I also believe that Taco Bell pulled the chihuahua ads because there were too many jokes about chihuahua meat in the tacos.

  25. Remember Pizzaz? When did they change the name to Mexican Pizza? The old name was so zesty!

  26. Ultradave/Kent: Pepsico spun off their fast food biz several years ago. First as Triad (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, & KFC) now known as Yum! Brands with the addition of A&W and Long John Silvers.

  27. Marvo, I think that the habanero jerky definitely proved you are the ultimate lab rat.

  28. I thought this was okay, but I got mine sans the tomatoes. It would have been better w/more sour cream. i really enjoy sour cream.

  29. We tried this the other day. I thought it was rather yummy. I like the idea of being able to eat this with one hand since for ME I only have one hand to eat it with. No multitasking here. Looks like I am missing out on some fun multitasking ideas. Maybe I can close my eyes, while eating this and just imagine me multitasking.

  30. Yay! They’re FINALLY here! I had one in Seaside, OR last year and totally loved it. And to my dismay, when we returned home, they were nowhere to be found in Seattle. And didn’t seem to be getting them anytime soon- nobody even knew what I was talking about. Mmmm…I think I’m gonna go get one right now…

  31. Nigel Nerdsworth (if that is your real name) – The problem with that is you got to fast forward to the good parts of the movie and that takes too much time.

    gko – Pizzaz? I don’t remember it. Have you been eating too much Taco Bell?

    themeatdoctor – Ooh, droppin’ the knowledge on us. Thanks.

    celebrate woo-woo – The size of the flame depends on the number of bean burritos I’ve eaten and if I’ve wearing polyester.

    Chuck – No, I think eating habanero jerky made from lab rats would make me the ultimate lab rat.

    Amy in GA – I think the quality of each really depends on who makes it and whether or not the sour cream squirt guns they have are working properly.

    Goldberry – Actually, if you hold the Crunchwrap at a certain angle and use one of its points, you can actually type on your keyboard.

    Carrie – You had one LAST YEAR? Dang! I guess Oregon is the place to be.

  32. Pizzaz was the original name of the Mexican Pizza. There might have been an exclamation point at the end as part of the name, Pizzaz! Like Yahoo! And Diarrhea!

  33. (little late i know – sorry)

    this looks really really yummy! maybe we’ll have it here in, like, a year! lol

    are you going to start a podcast?!?! i’ll subscribe!!!!!

  34. gko – Hmm…Still don’t remember it, but I didn’t eat much Taco Bell until they opened up on campus.

    megan – Better late than never. Anyway, about the podcast, I don’t know if I would start one, because my monotone voice would probably put you to sleep.

    Webmiztris – Too bad Gallagher isn’t still alive. What? Gallagher is alive? I thought he was dead. Well, his career, at least, is dead.

  35. It may be that i’m not very smart – but I, for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how to eat the thing. Instead, I made my hubby order it and watched him try to spork it.

    I have not slept right since.

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