REVIEW: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Jergens Natural Glow

Here at the Impulsive Buy, I don’t review a lot of women’s products because I either lack the proper equipment, don’t know what shade would look good on me, I’m afraid of the words “cardboard applicator,” or I’m scared that I might find out I’m pregnant.

However, when a reader asked if I could review the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, I felt that this was one women’s product I could try.

What makes this moisturizer different from others is that it’s supposed to create a healthy, summer glow by just moisturizing daily. Now this scared me because I’ve heard the horror stories of sunless tanning lotions turning people orange and I didn’t want to relive the embarrassment of that time I went on a carrot diet for a week.

While doing internet research on the product, I found that the Jergens Natural Glow was a hard product to find, because it’s been so popular. However, when I went to the juggernaut superstore behemoth, they had a lot in stock. So I thought maybe it wasn’t as popular as people on the internets said it was.

Then I stepped outside of the store and realized perhaps the reason why there’s a lot of stock is because I live on a tropical rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that gets sunshine ninety percent of the time.

The Jergens Natural Glow comes in two version, one for fair (ghostly pale) skin tones and one for medium (just pale) skin tones. Being that I sit indoors in front of a computer all day, but occasionally go outside in the sun because I run on solar energy, I picked up the Jergens Natural Glow for medium skin tones.

On the tube it says that after a week of daily use the intensity of color will be reached. So for the past week, I’ve been putting it on in the morning and I’ve also been putting it on at night after I take a shower. I also decided to only put it on one leg because I thought the difference wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Well after a week of use, I’m walking around with one leg that’s darker and better looking than the other. The differences between my two legs are pretty dramatic. Take a look at the picture below. (Click picture for larger view.)

Jergens Natural Glow 2

The leg on the left looks like one I would wanna ask out, while the leg on the right looks like one that got beaten with an ugly stick.

The leg on the left looks like it could become prom queen, while the leg on the right looks like it needs an old-fashioned stoning.

The leg on the left looks like it would be fun to cuddle with, while the leg on the right looks like one I would pick last for dodgeball.

The leg on the left looks like one I would want to take home to meet my parents, while the leg on the right looks like one I would want to keep locked up in the basement.

Finally, the leg on the left looks like moonwalking, jheri curl Michael Jackson, while the leg on the right looks like child-molesting, too much plastic surgery Michael Jackson.

Item: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
Purchase Price: $6.16
Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Tans skin evenly and effectively. Easy to apply. Pleasant smell. No orange color. The leg on the left.
Cons: No sun protection. The leg on the right.

44 thoughts to “REVIEW: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer”

  1. Damn, you’ve got some calves, man!
    Sadly ALL self tanners turn me bright orange. I look like a weird oompa loompa with red hair. 🙁
    Are you going to wear long pants until the tanner fades or make the other leg match the tanned one?
    Or it could be a pretty sweet fashion statement. It’s all good.

  2. KT – I’ll probably keep it the way it is and see if anyone notices the difference. However, I don’t think people look at my legs, unless I force them to look at pictures of my legs on my quasi-product review blog.

  3. I see the hair has grown back in nicely. 😉

    I need a review of this product done by someone even whiter than ghostly pale, though, to know how it would work on ME. I still fear The Orange.

  4. I am a fair skinned freckle faced, red headed swede—and it worked on me! I’ve received many comments that I “look tan.” So—go try it KT! I promise it won’t make you look like Joe Camel. You might want to grab the fair skin one.

    Thanks for being a guinea pig Marvo.

  5. Like Mir, I’m glad the hair has grown back in…

    that’s all I got, unless you need another pale pale person to test this on

  6. This looks really cool. More specifically, it looks like a way my irish ass can fit into my chosen location of Miami without catching skin cancer. Nice leg.

  7. WOW!! I am ghostly pale and have tried tanning in the tanning beds and it just doesn’t work. I am going to try this thanks for the review!!!

  8. Sexy, sexy legs! Here in the middle of the mainland they can’t keep this stuff in stock because it’s so popular, though I have seen more of it at the behemoth that is Wal-Mart lately. I just can’t bring myself to try it though. I had a bad experience with a self-tanner that I didn’t actually apply to myself, but to another person. While that in itself was lots of fun – no tan lines 😉 , I didn’t wash my hands enough and ended up with orange palms for a couple of weeks. So I will trust your review and leave it at that!

  9. Yea, are the palms of your hands tan too? I live in Fl, so I have a pretty good tan, but there are areas covered by my bikini that could definitely go for some color! I’ll have to try this! Would it be totally weird if I put it on my ass? hehe

  10. Wow, 5 out of 5! That’s a rare feat at The Impulsive Buy. Being ghostly pale myself, I may have to give this product a try. Too bad it doesn’t include sunscreen. I suppose I could try using it in addition to my other moisturizer, which does include sunscreen. I’ll be moisturized to the max if I do that.

  11. woohoo!!! Nice legs, er, I mean leg!!!

    My 13-year-old stepdaughter uses this stuff and I can always tell when she uses it by the scent more than the color of her skin. She’s the type that tans from 5 minutes in the sun but “all her friends use it” and at least it’s just self tanner and not pot, so why not? Personally, I don’t like the way it makes your skin smell, even after it’s been absorbed, but then again, my sense of smell is strong. My stepdaughter has messed up and not washed her hands after applying and eneded up wtih streaks on her hands.

    Marvo, if I were single and lived in Hawaii and you showed me those legs…………:)

  12. Marvo you are Mr. Hot. Man, I could use some of that for my legs too. I’m not that pale except where the sun doesn’t hit me. So I get farmer’s tan everywhere…

  13. Wow… the leg on the left is still about 689432 million times more tanned than me. I was thinking of buying some of their moisturizer, and now I definitely will! Way to convince me to spend more money. 😉

  14. Mir – Hopefully the hair on my legs will grow back fully when winter comes around because I can’t stand 60 degree weather.

    Marit – No problem. I enjoy being a pig.

    Ayesha97 – I’m surprised how long it’s taking my hair to fully grow back. It’s been over a month since I Veet-ed them.

    Lucy – Just don’t ask me to review a tampon, because I’ve only got one possible hole to stick that in, and it would be the wrong hole to stick it in. 🙁

    Genny from the Burbs – My hot ass leg thanks you for the compliment.

    Becky – Wow! I didn’t realize I have so many ghostly pale readers. 🙂

    Pel – Just to let you know, the instructions on the Natural Glow tube says that people should wash their hands after using it, and I did. Because I washed my palms they aren’t orange or tanned, but they are hairy.

    Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – No, my hands aren’t tanned because I washed them right after I applied the moisturizer. You know, I thought about trying this stuff on my ass too, since it’s the palest part on my body, but the pictures wouldn’t have been pretty to show.

  15. nat – Don’t you mean nice leg? 🙂 The leg on the left looks like it should be a model in Paris, while the leg on the right looks like it should be in an ugly baby contest.

    Chuck – Yeah, it’s pretty hard to get a 5 out of 5, but I was blown away by this product. It was simple to use and it worked very well. I think the last 5 out of 5 was for those Reese’s Cookies.

    rockymtnhi – If you were single, lived in Hawaii, and I showed you my legs, then I showed you the rest of me, you would probably stick a paper bag over the rest of me and then have your way with my legs. 🙂

    Bryan – Yeah, I have a farmer’s tan too. I wish I has a farm to match it. Preferably a rose farm, so I can do that trail of rose petals thing and the rose petal bath thing. Yeah, the women dig that!

    Lorien – But think of all the times I convinced you to not spend money. I helped you save money so that you can buy the Jergens Natural Glow.

    Damon – Don’t you mean small business destroying, world dominating behemoth?

    Webmiztris – Yeah, that other leg needs to join the circus or something, because it’s such a freak show.

    taikoG – Nope, I’ve been growing it out for the past month or so. It’s just taking its sweet ol’ time to grow back.

    cybele – Just like your candy photos, you sunburn photo looked really good. How can I get my photos to look like yours?

  16. The Reese’s cookies, when I finally found some for sale, were da bomb. So I will definitely have try this stuff out on my pasty white complexion.

  17. Shiny yet hairy…. that’s disgusting. LOL. You must be very, VERY secure with your sexuality to try out womens’ products, dude.

  18. As I am essentially an albino, I do believe I should go and pick up this fine product. I weep for your right leg, marvo, even if the leg on the left is much more attractive.

  19. I had a bad self tanner experiance….

    It wasn’t just orange, it was blotchy orange, like I got beat on the neck with a carrot.

    But this sounds really cool… only I might need to use the ghostly white one to fool anybody >.

  20. Marvo – That is very true, haha. And I did make a trip today to go and pick some up! Can’t wait to not be deathly pale anymore. 🙂

  21. I come from the land of cows and corn, and the only way one tans here is from the accumulated welts of infected bug bites. So, on that note, Marvo, BOTH legs look pretty darn fine to me. Even the untanned one is positively tropical compared to what most folks around here look like with a decent tan.

    I actually tried this product prior to your review, and I have to say that unlike absolutely EVERY other product on the market, it did not turn me orange. I didn’t follow directions. I only used it every third or fourth day, because I rarely have time to stand around naked waiting for my lotion to dry. But, in spite of that, my legs (the only place I tried it) look like they were in the sun for a bit.

    I actually went to the beach in shorts without fear that small children would be blinded and/or run in fear from the light reflecting from my incredibly pale legs.

    I was not careful. I globbed the lotion on with the disregard I pay to most personal care issues, and it didn’t leave weird streaks, blank spots or other unusual artifacts. It seems pretty stupid-proof with good results. I’m guessing it’s a limited-time product that will disappear once we all find and like it. I’m stocking up.

  22. Chuck – Yeah, those were some good cookies. Fortunately, now they’re easier to find.

    Brandon – I don’t know if you read the condom review, but I think that was the ultimate way to show how secure I am with my sexuality.

    Ken – Don’t feel sorry for the leg on the right. Hopefully, seeing how handsome the leg of the left is, it will motivate the leg on the right to become more like the leg on the left.

    ~Moi~ – I’ve been beaten with a carrot before. It was fun. 😉

    Deb – Oh, you’ll be so disappointed when you see the rest of me. 🙁

    Lorien – Good luck with the tanning!!! 🙂

    j – Yeah, I’m still amazed by this product, although I wish they would make a bigger size.

    Damon – That’s what I thought.

    missy – What if they were polka dot?

    rfduck – That was a good one! 😀

  23. Nice legs. The Jergens GLow was close to impossible to get in the beginning of the summer here in sun-challenged Philadelphia. So odf course when i found it I hoarded it. The Jergens company must love me. Anyway, I ha only used it for a couple of days and my husband asked me when I was finding time to be out tanning.

  24. Sarcasmom – I wish the Jergens company would love me because I’m not getting any lovin’ from anyone. 🙁

  25. I just bought this yesterday, and I’ve yet to try it… I look forward to it more now that I know for sure I won’t turn a funky color. Maybe I’ll take some pictures of the results, for a before and after laugh. 🙂

    Your legs look lovely, btw…

  26. Emily – Thanks and I’m sure your legs will look lovely after using it.

    Trilain – My skin is Asian skin, so now you know.

  27. Ghostly pale, that’s me… do you know if it’s safe for the face?

    Marvo, for the record, I’d date either of your legs – but not at the same time – you know how “twins” can be!

  28. Moosigal – I don’t think it was meant for the face. I would look on the bottle, but I gave the rest of the Natural Glow to my sister. Also, threesome?

    Kirkkitsch – Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re a leg kind of guy. If you have rabies, then it would be wrong to bite my leg.

  29. Sar – Don’t worry you’ll be fine. But if you turn orange, you better promise to tell me and show pictures.

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