Gillette M3Power Nitro

Gillette M3Power Nitro

This Gillette M3Power Nitro razor is a very talented razor. It vibrates, gives a decent shave, and it danced circles around this other razor I have. Don’t believe me? Watch this video. (Quicktime required)

Oh yeah! You got served, beeyatch!

Oh wait! What am I saying? I got served too. The M3Power Nitro razor outdanced me. But then again, that’s really easy to do because of my limited dancing abilities.

Sorry, I don’t have a video of that dance-off, but even if I did, it would be too embarrassing to show. But if you want to use your imagination, just imagine some Asian guy doing the Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch, Running Man, Water Sprinkler, Chicken Dance, and a dance move that involves humping the floor.

Or just watch an old Vanilla Ice music video, because that’s how I learned to dance.

(Note to self: Must buy Darrin’s Dance Grooves video.)

Not only does the M3Power Nitro have dancing skills, it can also dance for a very long time. I’ve been shaving with it almost every day for three weeks, had several dance-offs with it, and the single AAA battery inside is still going strong.

With that kind of stamina, the ladies would love the M3Power Nitro. However, it maybe strong enough for the hair leg warmers of a tree-hugging hippie woman, but it’s made for a man.

When Impulsive Buy reader, Lane, sent me the Gillette M3Power Nitro, I didn’t think it would vibrate as violently as it did. It’s supposed to be gentle micro-pulses that stimulate hair up and away from the skin, but my cell phone vibrates a lot more gently.

At least it doesn’t vibrate as much as Robin Williams on a caffeine or cocaine binge.

Despite my thinking that the M3Power Nitro vibrates a little too violently for something that consists of sharp blades, it does provide a decent and comfortable shave, and I also think the vibrations made cutting through my facial hair easier. Although, I think it shaves just as well as my regular MACH3 Turbo razor.

Speaking of the MACH3 Turbo, I was able to use my MACH3 Turbo blade cartridges with the M3Power Nitro, which is handy information to know, because replacement MACH3 Turbo blades are cheaper than M3Power Nitro blades.

Anyway, like I said earlier, I thought the razor’s vibrations seemed to have helped with my shaving. So because of that, I thought about using the vibrations of the M3Power Nitro to make other things better.

First, I attached the M3Power Nitro to my toothbrush to see if the vibrations would make for a better brushing session.

Then I connected it to a plain ordinary razor to see if it could improve its ability to shave.

Finally, I connected the M3Power Nitro to my finger to see if it could turn my normal finger into a “happy finger,” that could give someone a pleasurable massage. (See picture on left)

Unfortunately, the M3Power Nitro wasn’t very good at making other things better. However, it’s still a great dancer, it gives decent shaves, and looking at the picture on the left, it looks like the M3Power Nitro is very good at another thing…spooning.

Item: Gillette M3Power Nitro
Purchase Price: FREE (given by Impulsive Buy reader Lane)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pros: It’s an awesome dancer. Gives a decent shave. Vibrations help cut through hair easier. AAA battery lasts for a while. Able to use MACH3 and MACH3 Turbo cartridges. Good at spooning.
Cons: I got served. My limited dancing ability. Vibrations seemed a little too violent for something with sharp blades. Its vibrations can’t make other things better.

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  1. I woke up this morning and am using this same razor to start my day! Sweet dancing video! I’ll have to see if mine mimic’s the “nitro dance!”

  2. For some reason, a picture of a vibrating razor attached to your finger with bread ties is strangely erotic…..
    too bad I’m all the way in Georgia.

  3. A dancing razor…how very surreal. I use an electric razor, myself, normally. I always felt like this “vibrating” regular razor thing was kind of a gimmick. From what you were saying it didn’t do that much better than a regular Mach III, so I guess that is at least partly true. But then, anything with “vibrate” in the description does kind of sound cool.

  4. You know, since you’re such a BRAVE man, I think you should review those tampax pearl tampons since I’m too chicken to try them myself.. .:)

  5. Man, I cut my legs enough with regular razors, I don’t need the added stress of fighting vibrations at the same time.

    I don’t even want to know how you’d test a tampon, but I hope it would involve that mysterious blue liquid they use in all the commercials.

  6. I’m scared of all vibrating razors. I keep having this image of using one and it going berzerk, slicing my face to ribbons. Of course, I hate shaving anyway so maybe it’s just a fear of shaving in general. They make Nair for Men now, wonder if it could be used on the face? I sense another product review . . . and we could see those sexy legs again!

  7. well mr. marvo. I was wondering about these, and my razor broke the other day while i dropped it, and my electric needs sharpening and i’m too cheap… so, do you think this is a worthy purchase all in all?

  8. It’s all about the strongarm tactics of the battery syndicate.

    The battery syndicate (BS) had a meeting with Gillette and said that they were obligated to begin purchasing one battery for each new razor they sold. Gillette said it was absurd! How could they put batteries in disposable razors?

    BS said that Gillette was smart, they’d find a way. Or they’d better be smart, if you know what I mean.

    Sure enough, Gillette went home that night and talked to his wife, who mentioned that they’d probably get more women to recommend the product if they made it vibrate. Gillette went to his R&D guys the next day and they came up with a new product.

    The BS was happy, Gillette was happy, Gillette’s wife was happy.

  9. Haha, that reminded me of the South Park episode where they get served! Anyways, I wonder if that razor would work well on my legs… u should extend your product review and try it out on your legs! Take one for the team!!!

    Oh, you know what you should review, Budweiser E, its a new energy beer with ginseng, guarana, and all that good stuff. I wonder if its any good, take another for the team and let us know!!!

  10. I’ve been using the M3 power razor since they been introduced and love it.
    For all critics that have not tried it, should do so you may be surprised. Could be a bit costly though if you don’t like it.

    Sundays paper coupon purchase a pack of 4 or 8 M3 razors get the M3power or Nitro handle free
    M3 razors $8.97
    handle $9.34
    How many times in life can you remember in a buy 1 get 1 free deal that you received the more expensive item for free!

  11. Dan – While you’re at it, see if you can beat your razor in a dance off.

    JMo – Yeah, the bread ties make it more erotic. I was going to use rubber bands, but I thought the rubber bands cutting off the blood flow to my finger would be less erotic.

    Chuck – I knew this guy who shaved first with an electric razor and then shaved again right after with a normal razor. I think he also washed his hands 30 times a day.

    Ayesha97 – I didn’t see that episode. I keep seeing the Enter the Fat One episode with Pat Morita and Joey Fatone.

    Lucy – Actually, an ex-girlfriend really liked those, but I don’t know why. I would ask her, but I haven’t talked to her in over a year, and if I did talk to her, I would just cry. 🙁

    Genny from the Burbs – I’ve always wondered what that blue liquid was. My guess is that it’s blue Kool Aid.

  12. Pel – I don’t think the Nair for Men is meant for the face. I think it would create a burn MUCH worse than razor burn.

    sttropezbutler – Yup, you can use them. Although the packaging does say, “For best results use with M3Power cartridges.” But I think that’s marketing-speech for, “For best profit results tell users to buy M3Power cartridges.”

    Mr Jon teh Redth of Canadia – If you want something that matches the vibrations of a pager, I say it’s a worthy purchase. But if you want a cheap decent shave and don’t want to spend money replacing batteries, I suggest you get a regular MACH3 Turbo razor.

    cybele – Apparently Oral-B also had a meeting with the battery syndicate because they came out with a disposable toothbrush that uses a AAA battery.

    Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – I think Gillette also makes a women’s version of this product. I think it’s called the Venus Vibrance or something like that. I wonder if it’s made to be used for more than shaving? Anyway, as for Budweiser E (or B to the E) I reviewed it earlier this year. You can read the review here.

    Kent – I think I’ll probably keep using the M3Power Nitro, but I think I’ll probably buy a rechargeable battery for it, because the tree-hugger inside of me says I should.

  13. Hey Marvo I’ve been shaving with mine since I got it and have yet to replace the duracell that it originally came with.

  14. KENT – How long have you had it for?

    Damon – And please remember to post the results. 😉

  15. I like the Mach 3 for my legs . . . I bet women everywhere will take your review to heart and try out the Nitro on their leg hair.

  16. jobetta – I wish women everywhere would take me to heart and try out the Marvo on their legs. 😉

  17. I wonder if the M3Power Nitro could make Nitro from American Gladiators super good… but from what you said about your finger, I doubt it. What ever happened to those guys anyhow? The original American Gladiators. I bought a new Oral B battery operated toothbrush that really does make other things better. I digress.

  18. Moosigal – I thought Nitro was already super good. Actually, I don’t know. I never watched American Gladiators.

  19. Cons: I got served. My limited dancing ability. Vibrations seemed a little TO violent for something with sharp blades. Its vibrations can’t make other things better.

    maybe change that to too?

  20. eh, i’m just a grammar whore and seem to catch things like that without really trying. then i always feel compelled to tell people.

    it’s probably not such a good thing.

  21. b – At least your not a grammar snob. (Ooh. Ooh. I know you soooo want to correct the previous sentence.) 😉

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