REVIEW: Kraft Easy Mac Cups

Kraft Easy Mac Cups

There’s something about foods in microwavable bowls that are appealing. I guess it’s because those tubby little bastards are just so damn cute.

Roly-poly, if you will.

Look at how cute the Kraft Easy Mac Cup is in the picture above. It makes me was to pinch its cheeks and say things with a lot of vowels in a high-pitched voice, like “goo-goo,” “ga-ga,” “poo-poo,” “wee-wee,” and “meep-meep,” which either makes me sound like I got kicked in the balls or I turned into Beaker from The Muppet Show.

Kraft Easy Mac Cups are so cute that it makes me want to say other things in a high-pitched voice that I know they won’t understand, like “You’re a good little microwavable bowl. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You’re so cute, I could eat you all up, and I will after I microwave you for about three and a half minutes in water and stir in the powder cheese sauce. Yes, I will. Yes, I will.”

They also make me want to hug and squeeze them like they were little furry animals, but not too hard, because just like squeezing little furry animals too hard, squeezing foods in microwavable bowls too hard will cause their innards to come out.

You know what else is cute about the Kraft Easy Mac Cups? The cute tiny elbow macaroni inside, which look like albino Snork snorkels.

It seems like almost everything about the Kraft Easy Mac Cups are cute, from the chubby bowl to the ingredient monosodium glutamate. Come on, admit it. “Glutamate” is such a cute word to say in a high-pitched voice.

Glutamate. Glutamate.

The instructions are also very cute and drunken Tara Reid easy. Just pull off the cute lid, pull out the cute cheese powder packet, fill the cute cup with water up to the cute designated line, stick the cute cup in a cute microwave for a cute three and a half minutes, pull out of the cute microwave, add the cute cheese powder packet, stir throughly, and consume cutely with a cute fork or cute spoon.

Besides being cute and easy, the Kraft Easy Mac Cups were also tasty and cheap. Who knew that the kindergarden equation of Powder + A Little Water = Paste would turn into something more cheesirific than the white, bland paste I remember eating years ago, during my artsy paper-mache mask making phase.

However, I have to admit that sometimes being cute isn’t so cute.

I didn’t really care for the cute two-ounce serving size, which wasn’t enough for a meal, not even a cute one. Besides that, the less than one gram of dietary fiber wasn’t enough for me to make a cute toot from my cute tush. Also, the 700 milligrams of sodium was probably enough to make my blood pressure go from cute to acute.

But overall, the Kraft Easy Mac Cups make a cute side dish, a cute snack, or a cute hat for a monkey.

Item: Kraft Easy Mac Cups
Price: $1.25
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Cute. Quick and easy to make. Cheesirific. Kind of cheap. Cheesy paste. Makes a cute hat for a monkey.
Cons: Small serving size. High in sodium (700 mg). Low dietary fiber. Beaker constantly getting blown up. Me saying things in a high-pitched voice.

34 thoughts to “REVIEW: Kraft Easy Mac Cups”

  1. So can you use the Easy button while making these to make preparing them even easier?

    I find the prepackaged M&C stuff is never as filling as the kind you make from scratch and bake in the oven. But, it is easy to make.

  2. After eating this cute dish, I’m pretty sure more came out of you when you had to go sit down than was in the bowl. And I’m also sure it wasn’t near as cute.

  3. Those cute packages never seem to have enough food. Maybe they do for a cute 4 year old though, just not enough for no longer cute 29 year old.

    Now I have the Snorks theme song stuck in my head.

  4. So it sounds like they fixed the blandness problem they’ve always had with Easy Mac, right? I always buy the regular boxed stuff because I never taste enough cheese goodness with Easy Mac.

  5. Blandness problem is still integral to the whole Easy Mac experience, Rhawb.

    You’d think with that much salt, you’d actually have flavor, but you’d be wrong. I mean, it worked for Smak Ramen, how come Kraft can’t figure out the secret formula?

  6. Mmm…macaroni and cheese. Sounds good, gotta love mac and cheese.

    Meep, meep indeed.

  7. I don’t know that anything that comes out of a tush could be considered cute. I have never heard of a cute toot.

  8. I hereby declare the phrase about making your ‘blood pressure go from cute to acute’ as the Internet Line of the Day.

    Because I have to power to make it so.

    DO TOO.

  9. To this day I cannot figure this out:

    My sister actually *burned* Easy Mac!

  10. Easy Mac is much tastier if you don’t add as much water.
    Angel I can top that, my sister burned water, although burn may not be the correct term. What do you call it when someone attempts to boil water in a metal pot by putting it in the microwave?? (besides stupid…..)

  11. i think marvo looks in my pantry to decide what to review next…creepy…may also explain the missing panties….damnit marvo. unless you are planning to review them bring them back!!

  12. skibs – Cute comment. 🙂

    Rylan – I like it too, so now you know two people. Unless you don’t count yourself, then you only know one. But technically you don’t know me personally, so I guess you really are the only one you know that likes Easy Mac.

    Chuck – I think the Easy Button would make it so easy that it would just automatically end up in my belly.

    Domokun – Well if you imagine them to be cute small brown teddy bears…

    g – I forgot the Snorks theme song, but the Smurfs theme song keeps popping into my head.

    Rhawb – Well I don’t know. One man’s blandness is another man’s not so blandness.

    Wednesday – Ramen soup is like liquid salt.

    Melis – MEEP! MEEP! BOOM!

    Andy – Baked mac and cheese rocks the house. If only I knew how to make baked mac and cheese that rocks the house. 🙁

    Sasha_Kitty – I think cute toots come out of girls. Oh wait, I forgot. Girls don’t fart.

  13. Webmiztris – There are two things can make mac and cheese classy. Fine china and sequins.

    Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – No, you are. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

    Peggasus – Can it be Internet Line of the Week? Or is it too weak to be Internet Line of the Week? Oh, playing with words is fun. Like Scrabble, except without the points and excessive vowels.

    DaDead – Oh, unconditional love.

    nat – You know what would make Easy Mac even easier? Pill form.

    Robyn – With Hello Kitty or Pochacco on it. Actually, there’s apparently a Hello Kitty ramen out there.

    Angel H. – I recently melted a tupperware container on the stove.

    Barb – Um, I think your sister should stay away from sharp objects and dynamite.

    laina – Maybe you’re looking in my pantry to see what I’m reviewing and leaving your “missing” panties at my place.

  14. I made it once in Food’s class.. Did a damn good job too, if I don’t say so myself.. Ended up eating the entire pan myself, as the rest of the people in my group didn’t come to class that day. Hehe..

  15. Being the English Major that you are, is there any word in english to describe that feeling that overcomes you when you want to squeeze a package of Easy Mac until its guts spill forth?

    There is such a word in Chamorro. Magodai (mah gud ai). So far I have yet to find a word or phrase in English to accurately describe that exact feeling.

  16. Egads, 700 milligrams of salt! I feel my heart hardening as I typed it.

    BTW, my toots are SO not cute. More like, they break the sound barrier.

  17. You’ve got to get the Annie’s mac and cheese and then add some boursin. Fancy french cheese with garlic and herbs makes all the difference in the mac/cheese experience.

  18. My aunt works that the company that makes Boursin. Brings crates of it by that she gets free. I like free stuff. Can you eBay cheese? And all of that Annie’s stuff is for hippies.

    gj Marvo for making something in the microwave without blowing, burning, or generally screwing it up. Oh, and i’m leaning towards telling you not to show any more piccys of your cupboard because the pic was chock full of spoilers. When I saw this in the picture, I was wondering when you would review it.

  19. Andy – They totally missed out.

    Gia on Guam – Hate?

    stuporstar – Finger face painter too.

    laina – Yes!

    Toni – Remind me to NOT eat Taco Bell with you.

    Abi – Boursin? I thought you said bourbon. I don’t know which one would make it better.

    Muneer – Mmm…Wisconsin…Cheese country.

    Karen – Chreese, Wiesy, Kareese.

  20. Can we please just get to the next step in product technology…you know, the one where i just push a button on the remote and someone just appears and feeds me mac and cheese?

  21. um. yes. god help us all if flying cars or jet packs become a reality. if it does i am going to tunnel deep inside the earth and hide there.

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