Over the past few months, I’ve heard about the BK Veggie, but I’ve never seen one.

Every time I stepped into a Burger King, I would scan the bright yellow menu board looking for that elusive meatless sandwich, but just like the humor of Everyone Loves Raymond, I couldn’t see it.

I had a theory to the reason why I couldn’t find the BK Veggie. Perhaps being considered the black sheep of the menu kept it off, since it didn’t seem to provide the flame-broiled or deep-fried goodness that people expect when dining with The King.

I also thought it was sold only at participating restaurants, making the BK Veggie sort of an endangered species, like the Humpback Whale, Sea Otter, Komodo Dragon, and cassette tapes.

Eventually, I considered the BK Veggie a myth, like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Grafenberg spot, the Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy, and Dr. Phil’s doctorate.

However, a few weeks ago my boss told me about her encounter with the BK Veggie.

“THE BK Veggie!!!” I said excitingly, like I was a spoiled, little 10-year-old boy getting a $300 iPod from his parents because it was the only way for them to shut him up about how everyone at school has an iPod except him, how he’s so uncool, and how he’ll probably die a virgin.

I had to clean my ears with Kenny G to make sure I heard her right. After she repeated herself, I couldn’t believe her, because during those months of searching for the BK Veggie, I taught myself to believe that it didn’t exist, like Santa Claus, true love, a beer that’s less filling and tastes great, and the duckbilled platypus.

Since she knew I had to see it to believe it, we went on a safari in her SUV to catch a glimpse of the elusive BK Veggie. We didn’t drive far before seeing possible signs of the meatless burger, like it being listed on the drive-thru menu for $2.99.

Fortunately, we were able to capture two of the BK Veggies. I thought we were going to just tag them and let them go back into the wild, but my boss said they were tasty. At the time, I was horrified by her comment, because I thought the BK Veggies were an endangered species. However, my boss ensured me that they weren’t, so I dug in.

I unwrapped the paper blanket that it was in and saw that it looked very much like its meat counterparts. It consisted of the typical sesame seed bun, green/white chopped lettuce, a tomato slice, mayonnaise, ketchup, and a Morningstar veggie patty.

After taking a bite of it, I began to understand why the BK Veggie wasn’t an endangered species. It wasn’t very good. Its taste was like the needles around a porcupine, keeping predators away. The combination of the Morningstar veggie patty, ketchup, and mayonnaise seemed to be much like the stinky spray that comes out of a skunk, preventing those higher on the food chain from attacking the BK Veggie.

I think another reason why the BK Veggie isn’t an endangered species is because it’s slimmer than other burgers, perhaps making it more agile, quick, and less filling. With 420 calories, 16 grams of fat, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 7 grams of dietary fiber, and 23 grams of protein, it’s somewhat healthier than the more common and easier to catch Whopper.

Item: BK Veggie
Price: $2.99
Purchased at: Burger King
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Veggie patty for veggie lovers. High in dietary fiber and protein. Low saturated fat. It’s not an endangered species. Komodo Dragons.
Cons: A little pricey for the size of it. Just like Britney and K-Fed, ketchup and mayonnaise don’t make a good couple with this sandwich. More sodium than a Whopper. My excessive use of lists in this review. Watching, listening, or being around Dr. Phil. Dying a virgin.

29 thoughts to “REVIEW: BK Veggie”

  1. Yeah, the BK Veggie is nasty, even to a pseudo-vegetarian like myself (I eats the fish, so I’m not pure). For a brief while Whataburger (you don’t have them on your rock in the Pacific, and they have limited geographic existence on the mainland too) had a Boca burger that was to die for–a massive, succulent, deadly Boca burger. Denny’s has the same Boca. It is awesome. I think they cook it in butter though, negating any possible health benefits, but increasing the taste exponentially. Thanks for the post that made my day bearable!

  2. I must confess to never having a veggie burger. I agree with L’il E that deep frying things in butter tends to improve their taste. I have had some very tasty portobello mushroom veggie sandwiches but it would probably be to pricey for a place like Burger King to put on its menu.

  3. It must be exceptionally smaller unless that tomato slice is exceptionally bigger.

  4. Makes me want a super crispy spicy chicken sandwich.

    Does meatless also mean grissle-less?

  5. I once swam with sea otters. It was like the Island of the Blue Dolphins. Except I wasn’t a native islander who jumped off a ship so she wouldn’t be forced into prositution with some Russian guy. Seriously.

  6. I see I was’nt the only person to not be hit with the Everybody Loves Raymond acid that was obviously given out for that humorless piece of crap to last that long. As for the veggie burger,I had one like 5 years ago,and I am with you, bad and expensive,much like all of those years producing ELR.
    Good riddance to both.

  7. I’ve had the BK Veggie w/just ketchup, mustard ‘n’ pickles and definitely hope you try it again someday, sans their yucky inedible mayo. I Louvre you for trying this though, Marvo. You’re the best! Go Veg!

  8. Dr. phil has a doctorate??? I thought he just made all that sh…crap up.
    I have yet to find a veggie burger that tasted good. Frankly the wrapper it comes in with a little ketchup and grease is more palatable…..

  9. The only time I had a veggie burger, the patty was actually made of a bread-like material, so it was bread all the way through. Now I like bread, but not when it’s trying to be something else, like tofu as meat.

  10. G spot! That’s a pro when you can find it, right? Too bad it’s not as accessible as that tomato slice…could land the airbus on that thing.

  11. 16 grams of fat!!! what-ev! if i’m going to BK, i’m havin’ me a whopper…well a junior one at least!

  12. 420 calories? That’s not such a good number for something made of unmeat. A Whopper Jr. only has 390 calories.

    And I discovered that little nugget by looking it up on Burger King’s website, the most god-awful website I’ve seen come out of corporate America in a long, long time.

    I wonder if any fast food place will ever make a Quorn-based sandwich? Those things are darn tasty AND low-cal (140 per patty).

  13. I wouldn’t want to die a virgin too marvo but at least you have groupies like your boss :l oh how i pity me…………..

  14. …That actually looks good… I have a problem at other fast food places that THEY ALWAYS PUT BACON ON THEIR SALAD!!! WHYY!!!

    yeah anyway im’a stop bitching now.

  15. I work at Burger King and let me tell you, we pop these suckers in the microwave for a solid 60 seconds. Then as soon as we take off the cover to the container the room just fills with this HORRIBLE smell.

    I did try one once with my manager. We cut it in half…I couldn’t finish my half.

    Some people will come in and order 2 sit down and eat them.

    And no they are not indanger. We have boxes of them.

  16. I love the BK Veggie!

    The BK Veggie, at least where I live, is just a morningstar farms veggie burge that come four in a pack for $1.98.
    They’re good if you microwave them for about 45 seconds, instead of 60… that just dries it all the way out.

    Oooh, I could eat one every day. 10/5 stars from KT. 🙂

  17. Hey Matt

    Why don’t you tell us more about the cooking procedures of other BK products, so that I know what else NOT to eat.

  18. For the Chicken Fries which come in 6, 9, or 12 piece. They get cooked and they just sit out on the counter top until someone orders them. Then we take how many they want and then deep fry them again so they are double worse for you and then we serve them to you nice and hot.

    The grilled chicken for the salads are cooked and chopped up and stored in the fridge. Then when an order comes up we take it and microwave it for 29 seconds.

    Anything else anyone wants to know about BK?

  19. L’il E – I tend to prefer Boca burger stuff over Morningstar Farms stuff. Also I remember Whataburger, although I’ve never been to one. I remember seeing a commercial a long time ago. That orange W is easy to remember.

    Muneer – I wish I could hunt for wild Scientologists.

    Jess – Remember to order it the way YOU want it, with extra everything.

    Chuck – I make my omelets in butter, they taste better than my Pam cooking spray omelets.

    Gia on Guam – That tomato slice was frickin’ Miracle Gro huge.

    Anna – I think BK wants to be the home of the whopper tomato slices.

    skibs – Oh, go try BK Extreme Spicy Tendercrisp sandwich. It’s good.

    Abi – Did you have dog named Rontu?

    Al – Well not all veggie burgers are bad. I’ve had some good ones over the years, but they all weren’t at some fast food joint.

    Karen – Yeah, the mayo probably ruined it…or perhaps it was the giant tomato slice.

    Barb – Yes, I know. It’s hard to believe he has a Ph.D., but what is hard to believe is that his Ph.D. isn’t in the field of Making People Feel Stupid and Scaring People.

    klew – Now that sounds like a bad veggie burger.

    Domokun – If the g-spot was the size of the tomato slice, I could spend all day there.

  20. Webmiztris – I like the number 69. Heh. Heh. I’m so immature. 🙁

    jenn – No, you must go with the Triple Whopper!

    Wednesday – Sorry, had to look up Quorn in Wikipedia. Well if someone does make a Quorn product, I’ll definitely try it and review it.

    DaDead – My boss is not my groupie. Other readers though…

    Rylan – Ask for a salad without bacon and if they don’t comply, call them pigs.

    Lord Jezo – I prefer the Boca burgers I’ve gotten from the frozen food section over the BK Veggie. Even the Gardenburgers are better tasting.

    Matt – I think eating two BK Veggies kind of defeats the purpose of eating them. They’re supposed to be healthier, but if someone eats two, it’s not so healthy anymore. It’s like salad, by itself, it’s healthy. But add a creamy fatty Ranch dressing and it’s not so healthy anymore.

    KT – Hey, you can’t rate things 10 ouf of 5. Overrating causes a rip in the time space continuum. 😉

    FatYoli – I’d really like to see some hot quorn. Where can I buy some hot quorn?

    thedvs01 – Oh man, I might never eat at BK again.

    Matt – I’m glad the salads aren’t flame-broiled.

    skibs – …and they look like fried tampons.

  21. I like the BK Veggie a lot, so your review was surprising. However, I ask for no mayo. The mayo ruins it. Sometimes I get extra ketchup and a cheese slice added.

    The former BK Veggie patty (which was by Yves, the same company that makes McDonalds’ McVeggie patty) wasn’t as good. The new soy ones are much better. They have a good balance of soy and vegetables.

    As for the Morningstar Farms patty, it’s NOT the same as the ones you can buy at the supermarket. It was specially formulated for this product.

  22. Christina – I guess I should ask for the BK Veggie my way. I shall give it another try without the mayo.

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