300th Review Prize Drawing!!!

Wow! 300 reviews!

I can’t believe The Impulsive Buy has reached this milestone. But what’s more impressive is the fact that I didn’t need illegal performance enhancing drugs to reach it. All it took was hard work and dedication.

Some of you might say, “Well isn’t caffeine a performance enhancing drug? We all know you’ve done a lot of caffeine.”

My response to that would be, “No, caffeine is a legal, unregulated substance, and according to the Food and Drug Administration it’s safe for consumption. Now leave me alone, before I get all Barry Bonds on your ass and starting whining and complaining about the media.”

To celebrate the 300th review, The Impulsive Buy will be holding a prize drawing.

Three lucky readers will each receive a $25 gift certificate to Threadless, which The Impulsive Buy reviewed several weeks ago. So if you’re naked because you lost your clothes at the club while the DJ was spinning Nelly’s Hot in Herre, this would be your opportunity to no longer be naked.

To enter the 300th review prize drawing, just leave a comment for THIS post with the words “I’m drug free, check my pee” in it and whatever else you would like to say. Don’t worry, you don’t have to mean it.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field, because I’ll be emailing the gift certificates to the winners.

The Impulsive Buy will start accepting entries for the drawing on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 and stop accepting entries on Wednesday, June 21, 2006. Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is open to EVERYONE!!!

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you newsletters from Taiwan in Chinese. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for expired gift certificates, lost gift certificate codes, or the extra facial hair or enlarged forehead caused by the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

(Editor’s Note: If you’re interested — or bored — please check out the new review blog I started up called Cereal Mashup.)

206 thoughts to “300th Review Prize Drawing!!!”

  1. I’m drug free, check my pee. Marvo, I only have one coffee flavored Kit Kat bar left because my daughter decided she loved them too. Pretty soon I will have the same number as you.

  2. I’m drug free, check my pee. But anyway Congrats. I remember when I first came to The Impulsive Buy, off a link for Deit Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Oh, life was so simple then *sigh*.

  3. I’m drug free, check my pee, and while you’re at it, check it for the Asian Salad I tried because you made it so sexy.

  4. I’m drug free, check my pee. But hurry, the weekend is coming! And Congrats on the big 3-0-0!

  5. I’m drug free, check my pee cuz I’m loaded with vitamin C. Yeah, that sucked, but I’m all naked…pratically homeless but I close on one next week. Yay!

    Congratulations on 300!

  6. I’m drug free, check my pee

    my pee is white or sometimes yellow
    sometimes red if i eat beats oh my

    image in my head – going to so apee drug test, you pee and its red from the beats you ate. the women would be like OMG OH NOEZ!~ or something

    drug free is the place to be

  7. I’m drug free, check my pee!!!!!


    I want to win, I love free stuff 🙂 And I love the implusive buy!


  8. “I’m…d r u g free,
    check(please) my pee,
    check check it.
    One, two, one, two,
    Oh crap my balls are turning blue.

  9. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    I mean, if you want to. I don’t want to be pushy, or anything.

    Congrats on the milestone, whoo-hoo!

  10. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    The tees would come in handy since I sold my clothes to buy myself a camera! Whoo hoo! And way to go on the 300, and to 300 more!

  11. You know, it’s time to eat some asparagus.

    I’m drug free, check my pee.

    What’s it smell like?

  12. I decided to taste it and sure enough, “I’m drug free, check my pee”

  13. i’m drug free check my pee and as my grandma once said at one of my drug screenings for a job ” THATS THE CLEANIST PEE YOU’LL EVER SEE!”

  14. I’m drug free, check my pee.

    Except that it is morning-after-alcohol toxic green

    Or is that just me?

  15. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    You rock, you rock you rock you rock (sung to the tune of “My Humps” while shakin my money maker….)

    hee hee Congrats Marvo

  16. “I’m drug free, check my pee” Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  17. “I’m drug free, check my pee,” said Dr. Seuss, in his darker hours. Also, something about “fox in sox on rocks.”

  18. I am drug-free, check my pee! Marvo, you are the cutest Asian I psuedo-know. I love your reviews.

  19. I’m drug free, check my pee! It’s neon yellow from my centrum performance pills. And no I’m not 80. Congrats on the 300!

  20. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    Just found your blog yesterday, and it’s hilarious! Congrats and keep up the good (?) work!

  21. I’m drug free, check my pee. It’s sterile, you can drink it. Just found your site via Metafilter. I am stunned, seriously, not kidding. Best blog I’ve found yet, hopefully you find a way to make money off of it.

  22. I’m drug free, check my pee! Here’s to caffeine not counting as a drug. Because lord knows, if it starts getting banned we’re all done for.

  23. I’m drug free, check my pee! Never failed a drug test yet. Congratulations on hitting the big 3-0-0!!

  24. Threadless? ThreadMORE!
    That’s what I’m askin’ for.
    And thus, after that, I say to thee:
    “I’m drug free, check my pee”

  25. I’m drug free ( even though i live in the netherlands where soft drugs are sort of not illegal), check my pee (if you don’t believe me)
    happy 300

  26. “I’m drug free, check my pee” sounds like the beginning of a Barney song.

  27. I’m drug free, check my pee! It’s been long enough that only a hair sample will tell.

  28. I’m drug free, check my pee

    Well, don’t really check it because I would fail a drug test miserably.

  29. I’m drug free, check my pee!!

    Give me a shirt! I’m naked.

  30. I’m drug free.
    Check my pee.
    If you don’t believe me,
    then maybe check this pee.
    I borrowed it illegally.
    Excuse me sir, can you stop lookin at my pee pee?
    It’s really quite creepy.
    And tell the nurse to also stop peeping.
    Oh no the cheap cup is leaking!
    These cups must have been made for drinking
    cold liquids only, for warmish, they were not thinking.
    So next time mister doctor, use the right damn cup that was made for pee pee.

  31. Marvo,

    For your big 3-0-0 what about playing a rousing game of “I’m drug free, check my pee”?

  32. I’m drug free, check me pee. Unless it’s Dr. Pepper checking my pee. I’d rather stay naked than see him again.

  33. Woah, longest comment chain ever! Congrats!! You gotta lotta urine to test, my friend.

    But fo’ sho’… I’m drug free, check my pee. Unless you’re R. Kelly.

  34. I’m Drug Free, Check My Pee.
    Mmm… how you like that 10 buck sale they got goin’, marvo?
    In fact how do you like the new threadless site?
    I think it’s hawt.

  35. I’m ugly, check my pic.

    I’m drug free, check my pee.
    but you WILL see, 3 pints of tea,
    a cherry tree, and rocker Flea.

    Oh and. That purple thing. Sor-ry.

  36. I’m drug free, drink my pee! Uh, I mean, I’m drug free, check my pee.

    I just want a T-shirt.

  37. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    Congrats, Marvo!! I should go back and read all three hundred to commemorate it, but I keep getting stuck on the IKEA lamp one.. 😀 :p

  38. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    Or ask the United States Army, or the Dept. Of Defense, I’ve taken numerous tests for both of em..! In fact, I think I should win.. you could call it a going away present, as I ship out for BCT (Basic Combat Training) on June 20th, 2006 at Fort Benning, Georgia. Although.. I won’t know until I get back in aprox. 11 weeks, would still be nice, :-).

  39. I’m drug free, check my pee – uh, well, maybe not.

    Congrats on your 300th – I love the site, especially after using substances that alter my pee.

  40. “I’m drug free, check my pee”…

    God I feel like such a hypocrite saying that, but its a nice rhyme

  41. I’m drug free, check my pee
    I drank water, then coffee,
    Now I urinate with glee!

  42. Amazing how you got all these people to say “I am drug free, check my pee”…

  43. I’m drug free, check my pee! Cool!

    I hope I win. I washed my last two shirts from Threadless with a tube of Chapstick, leaving little oil splotches everywhere. “I wear cheap, greasy shirts,” is not the best fashion statement to make.

  44. I’m drug free, check my pee!
    My kids need new shirts!
    Congratulations on the big 300!

  45. I’m drug free, check my pee~!

    Well at least, 5 months before school sports start. I just bought 2 t-shirts at threadless, strangely enough.

  46. I’m drug free, check my pee! Now check out Marvo’s awesome page! Congratulations!

  47. I’m drug free, check my pee!
    (I love your page, Marvo! Congrats on the 300 reviews!)

  48. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    How many sites do you need before your insatiable lust for reviewing things will be satisfied?!

    Also, Threadless is, if I may be so bold as to say so, “the shit”. Good prize choice.

  49. I’m drug free, check my pee!

    Or at least until I smoke the bud someone gave me as a tip the other day.

  50. I’m Drug Free, Check My Pee! And I mean it. Drugs suck donkey 13@||$. Anyway, I need the $25 for new shirts. Congrats, Marvo!

  51. Congratulations, Marvo! You’ve made my blog-browsing days happier since I’ve been reading. And guess what? I’m drug-free, check my pee!

  52. I’m drug free, check my pee! (you know, if you’re into that kind of thing….)

  53. Marvo, you must submit this as the new slogan for Major League Baseball.

    I’m drug free, check my pee (but don’t check it 2 years ago)

  54. I’m drug free, check my pee..
    but please don’t check too thoroughly ;x.

  55. My pee is whatever, I work 40 feet away from you so unless you expect constant harrassment on a daily basis from myself and my Donor Service cronies and your entire desk wrapped in tinfoil and mousetraps and me stealing your Staples button then you will let me WIN!

    Dana says this is her entry too. You know our emails!

  56. I’m drug free, check my pee! Yay Threadless and yay Impulsive Buy! My favorite things are coming together. Congrats on 300 and the new blog looks fun!

  57. You know, luckily, if it wasn’t for my morals last Wednesday night and the fact that I have finals next week, I wouldn’t be able to say I’m drug free, check my pee. ;]

  58. I’m drug free, check my pee.

    Man, it’s crazy how you can get so many people to do something random for the chance of winning something. Thanks for your website & for keeping me from getting bored at work.

  59. i’m drug free, check my pee, the best stuff in the world is free, give it to me :p

    happy 300th. here’s to another 300.

  60. “I’m quasi-drug free, check my pee.” Here’s the the best quasi-review blog on the internets!!

  61. I’m drug free, check my pee. If only Threadless had t-shirts that said that.

  62. “I’m drug free, check my pee”

    And oh.my.dog, I don’t think I have ever seen so many respondents on your blog here EVER.

    Wow. I’m No. 155. Unbelievably cool for you!

    And Congrats on Review No. 300, Marvo!

    *blows on pretend party favor*

  63. to what address should i ship you this urine marvo?…cause im drug free, check my pee!

    congrats on 300!

  64. I’m drug free, check my pee! I hope I don’t have to say something clever here in order to win.

  65. I’m drug free, check my pee! But um…don’t look too, too hard.

    Congrats on your 300th review! I’ve been following your reviews for some time now and they just get better and better. 🙂

  66. I’m drug free, check my pee,
    I’m not gonna lose to Stephanie.
    I ain’t got clothes, but I don’t care,
    I like how it makes people look ‘n stare.

    -Clothe-less in College Park

  67. I’m drug free, check my pee

    Love the site, and good luck on the next 300.
    I like the new blog. hehheh. I’ll have to try some of that.

  68. I’m drug free, check my pee

    Love the updates, keep it up, always look forward to your new reviews, when I need a good laugh I can always count on your website

  69. I’m drug free, check my pee.

    However, a week ago…eh. That’s another story.

  70. I’m drug free, check my pee. While you’re at it, check for giardia, I’ve had the runs like mad lately. Congrats, Marvo.

  71. Can you really claim “I’m drug free, check my pee” if that pee is the colour of orange crush from that little purple pill that douses the fire called UTI?

  72. “I’m drug free, check my pee” Yeah baby. Clean as a dirty, dirty whistle.

  73. I’m drug free, check my pee, go climb a tree, don’t pay a fee, and by golly, give the prize to me!

  74. “I’m drug free, check my pee”
    Seriously. I am. I’m not cool enough to have access to drugs.

  75. Wow, I’ve had a lot of wine tonight. Fortunately, I’ve only had to retype this comment 3 times.

    While I may not be wine-free….I’m drug free, check my pee.

  76. I’m drug free, check my pee! However, alcohol has passed these lips and the lips approved!!

  77. I’m drug free, check my pee, I swear it, they just did “random” drug testing at work, but someone the only “random” people selected were under the age of 25.

  78. Sadly, this is not the first time I have had to say, “I’m drug-free, check my pee!”

  79. I’m drug-free, check my pee (or else, my sister’s pee that I have craftily snuck in via a condom). No lie, someone asked me to do this once. I’m afraid that there is no amount of friendship that would have me peeing into a condom. There is also no amount of shame that will keep me from sharing this anecdote in a selfish attempt to win a free gift certificate!

  80. I am drug free, check my pee and please pick me 🙂
    Love your website, makes me laugh daily!

  81. “I’m drug free, check my pee”

    Of course, from my behavior today, you wouldn’t know it 😛 🙂

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