REVIEW: Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea

Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea

I’d like to think that I’m an environmentally aware person — a treehugger, if you will.

I recycle my glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newspapers.

I drive a fuel-efficient car.

I reuse those plastic bags I get from the grocery store.

Instead of throwing them away, I donate my unwanted clothes, household items, and crappy Christmas gifts to charitable organizations.

Finally, to save water and allow me to use them another day, I turn my underwear inside out.

A few months ago, I came across the Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea in its re-sealable and reusable glass…glass. My treehugging soul thought that the reusable glass would be a great replacement for my current glassware, which doesn’t consist of any glass and is made up of Big Gulp cups and the McDonald’s 1992 Olympic Dream Team plastic cup set, with four extra Chris Mullin cups.

The Pom Tea glasses would definitely be a step up and along with my lava lamps, glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, and the huge mirror on my bedroom wall they would impress the ladies whenever they come over.

Okay, I’m lying about the women coming over. No woman has stepped foot in my humble, fluorescent-lighted, not-so-swinging bachelor abode, so let me rephrase the previous sentence.

The Pom Tea glasses would definitely be a step up and impress the ladies if they come over when hell freezes over, pigs start flying, or if I am the last man on the face of the Earth.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by my fascination with the Pom Tea bottle. After all, Pom beverages are known for their bottles.

Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea 2

The original Pom Wonderful juices come in a shapely bottle, which depending on how horny you are, either looks like the Days of Our Lives hourglass or a huge sex toy that is probably 1,000 times more satisfying than I am.

The Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea itself is pretty good and it’s good for you. Although, being a fan of lychee, I was hoping there would be a stronger lychee flavor.

I have to admit that I’ve gotten kind of addicted to the Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea. I don’t know if it’s the slightly tart and sweet taste of it, the fact that it’s frickin’ full of healthy antioxidants, or my need for a set of new glassware, but at $3.50 a bottle it’s definitely hurting my wallet.

Item: Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea
Price: $3.49 (13.5-ounces)
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Tasty and refreshing. Addicting. Healthy. Frickin’ full of antioxidant goodness. Fat free. Reusable glass bottle, which are much more classy than my plastic Big Gulp cups. Recycling. Turning my underwear inside out to reuse another day.
Cons: Expensive. Light lychee flavor. Low caffeine. Addictive. No vitamins or minerals. I am not the last man on the face of the Earth.

19 thoughts to “REVIEW: Pom Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea”

  1. I have never tried any POM products due to the price. But at least you are getting a set of “free” glassware out of the deal. Have you tried Lipton’s new green tea product yet? It might be cheaper.

  2. Ok, so what does lychee taste like?(other than lychee….)
    I’ve always wanted to try these but have been apprehensive of anything that qualifies as good for me………

  3. Interesting review! I can’t believe that it’s 3.50 a bottle, I could never have enough spare money for one. In fact, that inspires a new idea for the Impulsive buy:

    how about on each review you state wheter it is affordable enough for college students?

    Oh and you did a way better job than TG, his terrible english skills made the reveiw almost unreadable.

    So Marvo > TG

  4. skibs – Yup, they’re good for Long Island Ice Teas.

    Chuck – I’ve tried it and I like it, but no free glassware, just boring plastic bottles.

    Barb – Here’s the Wikipedia explanation of lychee. It’s a sweet fruit about the size of a strawberry. On the outside is a rough hard skin. The meat of the fruit surrounds a big seed, which is slightly poisonous. The taste is also a little floral. I think you can probably find a canned version of lychee at an Asian store or the Asian section of a store, if you have one. But the canned version does not really do lychee justice.

    calvin – I figure if it’s more expensive than a pack of dried ramen, it’s already too expensive for college students, except those going to a private college. As for TG, she’s got a different style of writing, which I totally dig. It might not be for everyone, but I really do like it.

  5. i like that even tho it’s good for you and all, you really like it for its flavor!

    i appreciate the re-usability big time, too. Nice of them to have that. Like the old Welch’s grape jelly jars. I know yer too young to remember that…

  6. From first glance, that stuff reminds me of jelly…or puke. But those reusable glasses are cool, very kitchy.

    I have bad memories of pomegranates. The fist time I tried it, my sixth grade teacher brought one in for the class, and all I remember are 36 dirty hands digging in a single pomegranate for the seeds. God, I could practically see the germs.

  7. You know, I’m sure there’s a nice Crate & Barrel around the corner from you that would indulge your glassware needs at more than half the price of the Pom Tea.

    BTW, Purple S’Creme Slurpees are, in fact, tits up, and I’ve had about 4 this past weekend alone–working on my inexpensive plastic cup collection.

  8. oh. my. god. that looks so god damned refreshing. nevermind that it also looks like an oversized sex toy. wow it looks like i’m in for a lot of pleasure if i can ever find the damned drink. and i will have you to thank for all of that pleasure, marvo.

  9. My parents have the complete McDonald’s 1992 Dream team cup set. It’s in a cupboard in their house. Despite their two full incomes, they saved every plastic cup they got at any fast food outlet. In fact, the entire laundry room storage cabinets are filled with plastic cups and free sports bottles. Sick.

    I like the Pom Tea black tea. It’s very refreshing.

  10. Oh, free glassware! That’s a good perk. Like the jelly jars, I remember those… we used to have so many cool jelly jar glasses when I was a kid. Despite the atrocious price tag (why IS pomegranate so expensive?), I might try this one.

  11. K – What the difference between old Welch’s grape jelly jars and the Welch’s grape jelly jar of today. I don’t think it’s changed, but I could be wrong, since I don’t eat grape jelly. I’m a guava jam kind of guy.

    Brie – I have bad memories of prickly pears and even worse memories of pulling out the prickly part out of my hands.

    Domokun – Nope, no Crate & Barrel, but I’ve got a Pier 1 Imports. I’d really like jeweled pimp cups. Also, Purple S’Creme Slurpees are tits up. I just wanted to say tits.

    jenn – Then you would be the first woman to thank me for any pleasure. 🙁

    Sylko – Pom black tea is good too. Excessive amounts of plastic cups is not good, unless you’re planning to sell them on eBay.

    Melanie – I think pomegranate is expensive because its name is so long. Banana…Cheap. Grape…Cheap. Apple…Cheap. Rambutan…Expensive.

  12. Pom brand drinks are organic – that’s why they’re so expensive.

    Figure: You get a nice tall glass PLUS 399 ml (13.5 oz) of refreshing lychee goodness…. for that $3.50 – not such a bad deal after all…

    My sister was visiting me and had a Pom Tea in a glass like this, and left the glass at my house, so I have one similar (although without the “lychee” on it, I think). I use it for ice water and lemonade, etc. Not a huge iced tea fan myself….

  13. Caray – The O in organic should stand for outrageously expensive. If everything was made organically, it would be so much cheaper.

  14. Ooo, this looks good! Too bad it’s so expensive. I could get two 2-liter bottles of Coke for this price. That’s why soft drinks are still the drink of choice over juice for many people. If they only made the good, healthy stuff cheaper, that would be great.

    BTW, when I was younger my family had almost the full set of “crystallized” mugs from Jack in the Box, based on the movie Batman and Robin (the one with the Governator as Mr. Freeze). I remember those mugs were really cool (heh, pardon the pun) since they seemed to be chisled from blocks of ice. It was a set of 4 but we only had 3 *sniff*.

  15. Toni – I remember those mugs. Never got one. Too bad you didn’t have all four, you probably would’ve made some big bucks on eBay, probably several dollars. 😉

  16. calvin – the label comes off, but the POM logo is screened on the glass, but I’m sure there’s some way to take it off.

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