Happy Winners Announced Day!!!

Okay, I thought about doing that email on the french fry thing, but then I thought about all the trans fats I would consume if I decided to eat all the fries or if I gave it to some random homeless dude. After all, my New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthier and to help homeless people eat healthier.

So I did the next best thing — pick numbers out of my sweat stained cap that I use for running. Here are the ten winners of the 2006 Holiday Fast Food Prize Drawing:

Comment #38 – Brie
Comment #6 – Ellen
Comment #168 – Scott
Comment #80 – t0rs0
Comment #27 – kagai
Comment #77 – Kari
Comment #25 – Josh
Comment #165 – Peggy
Comment #16 – catboy17
Comment #184 – Badtz-Mari

Each winner will receive a gift card from one of the fast food establishments I’ve reviewed products from over the years. The winners will get to decide which fast food gift card they will receive.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

6 thoughts to “Happy Winners Announced Day!!!”

  1. Eating fast food will never taste the same now that I’ve been deprived a gift card to said fast food location.

  2. Oh and congrats to the winners – Happy New Year – and thanks for bringing this bundle of digital joy to the masses.

  3. Tickked – Yeah, free fast food does taste better.

    DJ At Work – Your consolation prize is…um, under your chair? 🙂

    Mia – Well…there’s always the next prize drawing.

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