Back from Vacation

Sorry for the lack of posts here recently.

I was in California/Tahoe this past week and did some snowboarding, sledding, freezing my ass off, gambling, wearing thermal underwear, eating an In-N-Out burger, recovering from a little groin pull, shopping at Target, and very little shaving. I bought a lot of things to review, especially at Target.

Hmm…I wonder if I should review the thermal underwear — and include pictures.

25 thoughts to “Back from Vacation”

  1. Oooh, review the groin pull! Are there pictures of the incident or can you stage a reenactment? Tell me all about it.

  2. About 2 days, ago, I was going to start complaining, but then I reconsidered. I knew you weren’t posting for a good reason. Cool! I’m glad you took a vacation. Review the inn-n-out burger! And just for the heck of it the thermal underwear. HAHA you could also review California! That would be SOOOO AWESOME!

  3. Well your contact me link is down so I might as well post this here. Since Sony wants people to think that the Nintendo Wii is an “impulsive” buy, why not review it?

  4. WAIT! MARVO! What mountains did you go to? I was in the same area and I swear I saw you! I was at Heavenly, Kirkwood, and Squaw Valley. You do any of those? OMG! I SAW YOU! YAY!

    BTW, I also tried the Tahiti Green Tea drink at Jamba Juice.

  5. How DARE you take a week off from this free and entertaining blog!? I have never felt more rage in my entire life. I bid you good day, sir!

  6. Danette – HURRY!

    Sep – 60 degrees in SF is cold to me.

    Domokun – If I did stage a reenactment, I would probably pull my groin.

    calvin – My review of California would be as long as the state itself, but much, much more boring.

    MCW – Despite that ironing board being twisted and mangled, I still haven’t thrown it away. So many memories with it.

    Chuck – My fries were a little too soggy though.

    Mike – If I could get my hands on a Wii, which I have been trying, I would review it.

    Hunter – I was the one on the bunny slope at Kirkwood that kept falling down. Oh wait, that’s almost everyone on the bunny slope. But I almost hit a tree!

    Ace N. – You know what? You are more than welcome to pay for this service. Just send me a blank check and I’ll figure out how much you should pay.

  7. Then I’m almost 100% sure I saw you! Did you see a 12 year old boy with a way-too-tight red spyder jacket with a helmet that says “LADY RIDER” on it. LOL.

  8. Wow, I guess I’m glad you’re not dead, because that was what I was assuming happened…and I think I’m not the only one. {eyes looking shiftily sideways}

  9. How cool, nice photos quality on the site and nice to see someone else breaking down the things we use or avoid everyday. Our food ran blog is similar, and we put up a link to this nice read and time consuming read.

  10. Hunter – I don’t remember since my head was mostly in the snow.

    stephanie – I got a lot of junk in my trunk, so it will keep my trunk warm.

    Mad Cow – I almost hit a tree while snowboarding, so I could’ve died.

    AJ – I’m looking forward to finding the new Barbie Pop-Tarts.

    Chuck – Burgers are good. Fresh meat…Mmmm.

    Charlotte – Thanks!

  11. “Hmm…I wonder if I should review the thermal underwear — and include pictures.”

    I think we all know the answer to that.
    😀 *wiggles fingers expectantly*

  12. next time ask for the fries “well done” they’re supposed to come to you extra crunchy. a la the secret menu. damn, now you got me thinking about getting a double-double to review it.

  13. did u order anything animal style at in-n-out?!?! i eat there at least once a week since i’ve moved back to cali.

  14. Glad to see you’re back Marvo! We were wondering where you went. So Tahoe eh? How many times did you fall snowboarding? And yes, we must see some thermal underwear action from you! Sorry that you were disappointed by the In-N-Out fries, but they’re supposed to be a bit soggy. It’s the whole, “real potato” concept.

  15. Bryan – but is a double-double cheap eats? Next time I’ll order the fries well done.

    jenn – I ordered a burger animal style the last time I was in Cali, but this time I just had a regular double-double. The next time I’m at an In-N-Out, I’ll order it animal style. I’ll even wear leopard print boxers for the occasion.

    Toni – I fell several dozen times. I almost hit a tree. I pulled my groin when pushing off. I fell each time I got off of the ski lift. But I was hella fun and I look forward to going again next year.

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