Foods From Mexico Product Review Poll!!!

There are TIB readers all around the world.

Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Philippines, New Zealand, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, Israel, and Canada are most of the places international TIB readers are from. But this product review poll is dedicated to the TIB reader(s) in Mexico.

Anyway, two friends of mine went to Mexico late last year and brought me back some foods from the region for me to try. You, the readers of TIB, will be able to vote for which one of these products I will review for the TIB reader(s) in Mexico.

Here are the foods from Mexico you will be able to vote for:

1. Hot Nuts

2. Pronto Piña Gelatin

3. Con Jalapeño SPAM

The food from Mexico with the most votes will be declared the winner. The winner will be eaten and reviewed, while the other foods from Mexico will sit on my shelf and wish for a better life in the United States.

To vote, just leave a comment with this post with your choice. Only one choice and vote per person.

I’ll be accepting votes until Saturday, March 17th (11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time) and the review will be posted soon after, but not written in Spanish.

Final Results:

Spam – 52 votes
Hot Nuts – 31 votes
Gelatin – 8 votes

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Now go vote like you’re at a local PTA meeting and deciding on whether or not it was appropriate for Sisqó’s “Thong Song” to be played at a fifth grade dance, then come up with ideas about where Sisqó’s career went.

92 thoughts to “Foods From Mexico Product Review Poll!!!”

  1. Jalapeno Spam sounds awful and delightfully sinister…but Hot Nuts is called Hot Nuts.

    In the end, curiosity prevails.

    Jalapeno Spam.

  2. I tell you, I am from Mexico, and Jalapeño SPAM is a L-A-M-E product, Pronto Gelatin is cheap and too, too common, too common that I don’t even try it. But HOT NUTS, they just taste GRaEAT, nd I personally eat them a lot.

    Eat my Hot Nuts, I want to read your review on them
    Haha (Seriously)

    (Just because you hear JALAPEÑO on a Mexican food it doesn’t means that it is, oh!, so MEXICAN!)

    Jalapeño SPAM makes me sick to my stomach
    The Pronto Gelatins are… Just damn gelatins
    But Hot Nuts are HOT NUTS

    You should ask some of your friends that Go to mexico to bring you “Chips Jalapeño” they are just Plain GREAT, you could find no better chips on earth, not even on USA

    Sorry for the maybe too-obsessive commentary on my Hot Nuts, but they overcome SPAM or Pronto in all aspects.
    But who knows, In Mexico we say something doesn’t tastes good if it hasn’t some chile on it.

  3. It’s tough to choose between the jalepeno spam and the hot nuts. But since you can buy hot nuts most anywhere, I vote for the hot spam instead.

  4. Holy craps.

    What is that SPAM product? I have never seen such glory out here on the East coast.

    You guys out on that rock get some fancy things. Can you send me some here on the mainland?

    So yeah, my vote is for SPAM.

  5. Try the Spam! The idea of eating ordinary spam seems revolting enough to me, so yes, please try the Spam.

  6. I ate Hot Nuts when I was in Mexico, and have yet to find anything that’s really like them here in the US. So they get my vote, since I’m curious to hear what you think :o)

  7. While I love the idea of you savoring Hot Nuts, Marvo, I’m more intrigued by you being forced to try the Pronto Piña Gelatin. Anyone can get Spam or Hot Nuts (I get daily invitations to have them), but some random gelatinous substance? Never! You must try it. I’m already laughing at you.

  8. what if i were schizophrenic and each of my personalities wanted to vote? that one-vote-each rule is so harsh, dude!

    oh well, my current personality wishes to vote for the Hot Nuts! =)

  9. I’m torn, because on the one hand: jalapeño spam, dude. But on the other hand: can I pass up an opportunity to hear about your hot nuts? I think not.

    Go for the glory. Go with the nuts.

  10. Looks like the spam is going to win, but I’d just like to see you review “Hot Nuts”.

    Because, obviously, I am 12.

  11. i think hot nuts the spam sounds gross but i really want to see what you come up with for hotnuts

  12. spam spam spam spam spam…

    (Even though I giggle like a little girl when I think of Hot Nuts.)

  13. I’m sure you’d definitely enjoy hot nuts, I know I do. 🙂 Just think of those, hot nuts, rubbing together in that bag, in the words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.” But then again…how often do you come across some bizarre sounding gelatin?? And besides, if you can’t stomach it, you could always fling it onto the ceiling and see how long it takes for it to slip off! And the jalapeno Spam?!?! I’m sure it tastes like a 2 week old Spam musubi from 7-11 mixed with bad nacho cheese or something. The thought of this is just plain stomach churning. I’d hate to say I told you so, but if you’d like to “Keep it real”, go for it! But my vote goes to:

    Proto Pina Gelatin (because pronto is a kool word!)

  14. This is an easy choice. Spam.

    In the event of injury, incapacitation, or death, as a result of the mastication and subsequent swallowing of said almost-meat product, I accept no legal culpability.

  15. while the name “hot nuts” sparked a few snickers, i did not find the first two so exciting. my vote goes to jalapeno SPAM!

  16. Jalepeno Spam! Two reasons why…

    1) The cheap humor of the Nuts review would be just too easy, and I think you’re better than that.

    2) Morbid curiousity over Jalepeno Spam

  17. Hot Nuts of course! Who doesn’t love some hot nuts? On second thought, maybe Hot Nuts *is* too easy. Maybe you should have a contest and let readers write a Hot Nuts review in your style!


  18. Jalapeño Spam, most definitely. Actually I would like to see all three reviewed, but if I had to choose then it has to be the spam. Please make a Jalapeño Spam Loco Moco.

  19. I’m all for the Spam.

    And Sisqo’s Thong Song? You know, that song totally reminds me of that 2000 session when we met. Don’t ask me why. But that means that Sisqo was good for something.

  20. Jalapeno spam!

    BTW, Sisqo can now be seen performing in Las Vegas at a gay strip club called “The Purple Thong”……


  21. I was going to vote for the SPAM, but since you are Hawaiian, I’m sure that you’ve had SPAM a time or two. But I’ll bet you’ve never had hot nuts and here’s your chance.

    Wow – that sounded wildly inappropriate…but who cares. Go for the Hot Nuts.

  22. I vote for Hot Nuts…

    why? because there’s such thing a as cold nuts and it is absolutely gross and unusual….must…have….HOT….nuts.

  23. I think you’ve been enjoying too long of a good rut. It’s been a while since you’ve reviewed something god awful. As the gelatin seems out of the running, the spam seems the best(worst) choice of the other two. As much as I’d enjoy reading about you enjoying some Hot Nuts, I think it would be more fun to have you write about how stank ass the Spam be! (Forgive me Pirate speak at the end, I be feelin’ a bit villainous, ARRR!!)

    Enjoy the Spam, brother!

  24. I am from Québec so I have absolutely no clue what SPAM actually is…but the gelatin seems intriguing…what’s that weird flavour? Like..coco jell-o??

  25. Spam Spam Spam! I want to try some jalapeno spam as well. I betcha it’s super delicious

  26. oh, that spam has got to be disgusting. of course, i am evil, and want to see you cringe. spam it up

  27. That’s a tiny little can of SPAM. How could you even get enough taste to properly review it? Besides, SPAM is vile, and it is just cruel to ask you to sacrifice so much.

    Hot Nuts. All the way.

  28. I guess I’m in the minority here. I would like for you to try the Pronto Piña Gelatin. I’m guessing it’s some sort of “Jello” type thing? I don’t think the other two sound like that big of a deal. (Tee hee – hot nuts not a big deal.) Oooh. Way too many hot nut jokes around here.

  29. Hmmmm, as….seductive as Hot Nuts sound, I think I’m going to have to officially vote for the Jalapeno Spam. But why shelve the other products? Pronto gelatin shooters and Hot Nuts could make for a very interesting night!

  30. Hot nuts is too easy, and I don’t need Marvo getting more groupies then he already has.

    SPAM away sir.

  31. Hot Nuts! Spam is just meant to live on a shelf for eternity and you don’t want to deny the spam it’s destiny.

  32. Oh the quandry. My initial response is hot nuts (mostly because I can only imagine what your naughty little mind will DO with the phrase HOT NUTS) however- the japaleno spam, entices with the unknown. How spicy is it? Are there bits of pepper in it? Is it GREEN? Inquiring minds wanna know, and you ARE the man, so…………..


  33. Hey, Marvo!

    I vote for hut nuts for many reasons:

    1. SPAM absolutely sucks!!! No one in this country eats that!!! EVER!
    2. Pronto is way to cheap, the flavor sucks and actually I wouldn’t but that.

    I would say that you seriously take mexican opinions into consideration. If you want to make a review of mexican food, actually GOOD mexican food and not that crap like spam or pronto, then pay attention to your mexican readers because there are tons of voters who are not from here and don’t even know that spam will make you sick! It is gross! PLEASE, JUST COUNT THE MEXICAN VOTES!!!

  34. Out of concern for Marvo’s health, I can’t ask him to eat either the Spam or the weird gelatin product. Gotta be HOT NUTS!

  35. Well, as scary as they all sound… you know, Hot Nuts are called Hot Nuts!

    I have no choice. I must vote for the Hot Nuts.

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