REVIEW: Snapple Diet Green Tea

The Snapple Diet Green Tea is quite possibly the healthiest drink EVER.

I have no scientific data, testimonials from fake nutritionists or fancy Microsoft Excel pie charts to back up that statement. All I know is that green tea is healthy, diet is healthy, and Snapple is Made from the Best Stuff on Earth®. Put all three of those things together and you have a threesome of healthiness.

Now just like MC Hammer, let’s break it down.

As many of you know, green tea is full of antioxidants, which have the ability to kick the asses of bad free radicals in your body and make them their bitches. The Snapple Diet Green Tea has a natural antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG for short, which is only found in green tea.

According to the bottle, EGCG also has the ability to boost your metabolism, although the bottle also says it takes 300 milligrams of it to effectively boost it. A bottle of Snapple Diet Green Tea has only 55 milligrams. So just like drinking six beers in one sitting will give you a better buzz and make all the ugly people look slightly better, drinking six Snapple Diet Green Teas in a day will increase your metabolism and maybe help you forget about whomever you brought home the other night after drinking six beers.

Another reason why green tea is healthy is because it’s green. Green is a healthy color because a lot of healthy vegetables are green, like zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, green beans, green bell peppers, cabbage, kale, leeks and weed.

Just like Michael Bay does with every movie he directs, the word “diet” has the ability to suck out the soul of anything it touches and just leave a tasteless, reduced-calorie and reduced-fat empty shell behind, which of course isn’t surprising because you can’t spell “diet” without the word “die.” With the Diet Snapple Green Tea, the word “diet” sucks out all the calories, fat and sugar, leaving it with a row of zeroes on its nutrition label.

Finally, the Diet Snapple Green Tea is healthy because it is Made from the Best Stuff on Earth®. I don’t know what the best stuff on Earth are according to Snapple, but I do know that it’s probably all-natural and it’s probably not gold, diamonds, titanium, rubies, silver, or platinum, because those would make a really shitty Snapple.

Overall, the Diet Snapple Green Tea isn’t bad for a diet drink, although I can easily taste the Splenda (sucralose) much like how I can easily taste the Scientology whenever I watch a Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie. The 55 milligrams of EGCG kind of makes up for its taste and so does the 30 milligrams of sweet, succulent caffeine, which is better than nothing, but not enough to prevent me from falling asleep during a Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to TIB reader Lindsey for recommending the Snapple Diet Green Tea for review.)

Item: Snapple Diet Green Tea
Price: $1.29 (17.5-ounces)
Purchased at: 7-Eleven
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Its taste is all right for a diet drink. 55 milligrams of EGCG. Zero calories. Zero sugar. Zero fat. Kosher pareve. Some Vitamin C. Creates a threesome of healthiness. 30 milligrams of caffeine. Made from the Best Stuff on Earth®.
Cons: If you hate Splenda, you’ll hate this. The word “diet.” Scientology. Everything Michael Bay directs (I feel sorry for Transformers).

16 thoughts to “REVIEW: Snapple Diet Green Tea”

  1. Aww. Thanks for reviewing the product I suggested. I feel like a little part of me will always be with The Impulsive Buy. I lead a small, small life.

    Thanks again!

  2. I had a lipton green tea drink before, which I thought was alright. My friend had it too, but he spit it out and said that it tasted like piss. I said, “well, how do you know what that tastes like?” to which he stared at me blankly.

    Anyways, this story didn’t really have a point other than my friend might drink urine. Oh, and green tea drinks are alright I guess.

  3. What if you drank six beers AND six Snapple Diet Green Teas in one sitting? Someone needs to find out.

  4. Their white teas are actually really good and don’t have all that fake sugar crap in them, if you want something else to try.

  5. edman0037 – Well you could purchase the Diet Snapple Green Tea, drink it, shatter the bottle, and stab a homeless guy with pieces of the broken bottle. That would dramatically change your life.

    Webmiztris – If weed work with brownies, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with Snapple.

    Chuck – No, I didn’t but I think a Snapple tour of Hawaii would be pretty short. After all, we’re islands.

    tanyetta – Well today wasn’t an impulsive buy, it was a requested buy. Sorry to disappoint.

    L Boogie – Oooh, I could kill that small part of you by deleting this post!!!! Nah, only kidding!!!! Thanks again for the recommendation.

    Kaonashi – But do you like Sanjaya???

    Ace N. – Well it could be worse, he could’ve said it tasted like shit.

    Sep – I would be peeing like a sprinkler on a Sunday afternoon.

    Melanie – I’ve tried their white teas (all the flavors I think) and they are good. I even tried their Limited Edition Apple Pie Snapple. That was kind of gross.

  6. I wish I could partake in the green tea thing but every time I drink it I toss my cookies 🙁

  7. Laurie – I’m not a big fan of Splenda either, but sometimes it actually does some good.

    Peachy – Oh, sorry to hear about that.

  8. Splenda is like sugar’s evil cousin. The tea doesn’t sound so bad, though. Scientology (and most of Tom Cruise’s career) however… totally beyond me.

  9. Diana – I’m surprised Splenda doesn’t come in red, because red is the color of the devil!

    nicole – It would come in as gold and come out as gold.

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