Over the past couple of days, TIB has been having some outages due to its hosting provider. Everything seems like it’s back to normal. If not, I’m going to whine like a spoiled My Super Sweet 16 bitch who’s upset because she got a BMW instead of a Mercedes. TIB reviews will return next week.

11 thoughts to “Ugh…Outages”

  1. yeah i’ll be lookin forward to the reviews again. I notice you haven’t reviewed any bars in a while…you should try the Kashi Roll! bars (Chocolate Turtle, Caramel Peanut..)or their Go Lean! bars in general. they’re pretty good

  2. Well, y’know…a Benz is SOO much better than a Beamer. I mean…I wouldn’t ever settle for anything less! Duh! Hahaha.

  3. Oh. My. God. Becky! YOU di-n’t jist git a Beemer…oh. my. god. I can’t ride with you in that…that thing. Eww. Consider our BFF O-F-F. Ugh!

  4. Ddesign – I may well just do so. I’m thinking Media Temple.

    Liz – If I could, I would pat your head and rub your tummy.

    The Lazy Canadian – I *avidly* await my return too.

    KT – Really? You were worried? That’s sweet of you. Just for that, more vegetarian reviews. 🙂

    db cooper – A beet? Ugh. You’d have to beat me for me to eat a beet. Get it? Beat and beet. Oh, someone needs to beat me right now.

    I am the Walrus – TIB was just sleeping.

    Alex – Oh, Kashi. So healthy, I’m afraid to eat them. Someday I will overcome my fear.

    the other ‘M’ – Yeah, you should put a bumper sticker on your Corolla that says, “My other car is a Benz.”

    Domokun – BMW does stand for Big Money Waster, but would settle for one for free.

    mallory – Don’t worry, hon. I’m back…for now.

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