Lay’s Pinch of Salt Potato Chips

Like alcohol in the hands of really bored housewives, potato chips can be addictive. If I had a dollar for every time I opened a big bag of potato chips and got to the point when I said “Holy shit! I can’t believe I ate half the bag,” I’d have enough money to get the quinapril hydrochloride pills to help lower my high blood pressure for all the salt I consumed or I would have enough cash to buy more potato chips so that I can create a vicious circle of tasty, crunchy fried potatoes and high systolic and diastolic numbers.

Recently, Frito-Lay, the company that seems to promise I’ll get laid via frying, but has yet to fulfill that promise, introduced the Lay’s Pinch of Salt Potato Chips, which now allows me to have those “Holy shit” moments with less salt while watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes.

The Lay’s Pinch of Salt Potato Chips have 75 milligrams of sodium per one ounce serving, while the Lay’s Classic potato chips have 180 milligrams of sodium per one ounce serving, which for those of you who have molluscophobia or just want to be a douchebag to other living creatures is probably enough salt to kill a snail. Strangely, while doing some research, I also found out that Lay’s has a Lightly Salted version of their potato chips which have 90 milligrams of sodium per serving. So I guess Lay’s is now giving you the option of which level you want your blood pressure to be at.

The low sodium chips look, smell and taste like Lay’s Classic potato chips, except obviously less salty. They also seemed less greasy, which is a bonus because my television remote control won’t be so slick when I try to grab it and change channels during commercials. Before trying these chips, I thought that the lack of salt would make them extremely bland, like most low sodium products, but thankfully, that was not the case. I do have to admit that I prefer the taste of the Lay’s Pinch of Salt Potato Chips over the original version because my taste buds and my high blood pressure think the chips have the right amount of salt on them.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 ounce/about 15 chips – 150 calories, 10 grams of fat, 1 grams of saturated fat, 4.5 grams of polyunsaturated fat, 4.5 grams of monounsaturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 75 milligrams of sodium, 340 milligrams of potassium, 15 grams of carbs, 1 grams of dietary fiber, 0 grams of sugar, 2 grams of protein, 10% vitamin C, 2% iron, and 0 minutes of getting laid via frying)

Item: Lay’s Pinch of Salt Potato Chips
Price: $3.29 (6.5 ounces)
Purchased at: Star Market
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Tastes like regular Lay’s, except not as salty. Not bland tasting. Seems to be not as greasy as Lay’s Classic chips. Jon & Kate Plus 8.
Cons: Seems to be in a smaller bag. Killing snails with salt. Holy shit moments. My high blood pressure. Molluscophobia. Not getting Frito Layed.

22 thoughts to “Lay’s Pinch of Salt Potato Chips”

  1. Even though I like the regular salty potato chips from Lays, I think I like the flavored Ruffles better, though. I guess I’d still be interested to try these to see if they taste any different to me.

    BTW, have you checked out the new Monster Black Ice Slurpee yet?

  2. I have a little guilty pleasure to admit: I’m a chronic “John and Kate Plus 8” watcher and Aeden is my favorite.

    I’m glad to get that off my chest.

  3. hmm, getting laid via frying could result in second-degree burns.
    I <3 jon & kate plus 8.

  4. I haven’t tried these. But if I’m having unhealthy fried potato chips, I usually just go all the way and have the sodium, also. Live life on the edge!

    My favorite kind of potato chips are Terra Yukon Gold Salt & Vinegar. I rarely buy it, however, because I invariably end up munching the whole bag within 24 hours.

  5. My favorite chip will always be Tim’s Jalapeno chips. Those just have the perfect taste and crunch.

  6. These are awesome, but they were here & gone. Is there a way to order them online? I found I could taste the fat a little more the first time I ate them, but I quickly got over that.

    They also make Pinch of Salt Fritos, Ruffles, and Tostitos. They are all great, but again, I think I will have to order them online.

  7. Welcome back. Hope you had a great vacation.

    My fave chips are Kettle chips. They have this flavor ‘tuscan three cheese’ and it’s great.

  8. I know I’m gonna be beaten up for saying this, but this was not one of the most exciting reviews you guys have done.

    The writing was fine, you’re as witty and urbane as ever, it’s the product I have a problem with. I want to read about stuff that’s either new and exciting or so gross I wouldn’t want to try it myself. It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to figure out what a regular potato chip with a little salt shaken off would taste like.

    That said, I love you.

  9. what is this strange attraction that my manfriends are feeling towards jon & kate? i get it not.

  10. Cape Cod 40% Reduced Fat Potato Chips are sprung from God’s very and luscious breast.
    Terrif because I was always bothered by how greasy classic Lays were.

  11. angry bob likes the sound of this show. It’s about a couple getting attacked by an octopus, right?

  12. I’m glad you’re back, and I have to admit that I was so relieved to see the word “addictive” instead of the now common “addicting.” I know it’s stupid, but it drives me crazy.

  13. Rick – Thanks.

    bikerbabeee – Wow, I’ve influenced someone…Today, potato chips…Tomorrow, me for President.

    FOAME – I also prefer Ruffles, because they have r-r-ridges. As for the Monster Black Ice Slurpee, I just went to my 7-Eleven down the street and they didn’t have it, but it’s something I want to try.

    iem – If I had the time, I could list 1 billion things better than Olestra. Number 3,457,573…Crocs. Yes, Crocs are better than Olestra.

    ChrisP – The part I don’t like during the show is when in the intro they show Kate’s huge belly. I always have to look away because it totally creeps me out.

    Lex – Oooh, I smell a TIB Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan club.

    liz – I’m not sure why Jon & Kate Plus 8 appeals to me. Maybe I feel the need to support shows with my fellow Asians in them. As for Man vs. Wild, I feel bad for Bear because while I’m sitting at home on a comfortable couch, he does crazy shit like jump in a freezing river and walking around naked.

    yawnie – Not if you put on a heat resistant silicone condom.

    Chuck – I like Terra products, although I haven’t had those salt and vinegar ones.

  14. Zach – Those sound good, maybe I’ll try them someday.

    Aimee – Strangely, I couldn’t find the Lay’s version too, but I did find the Tostitos.

    Joel – It does come in a smaller bag than regular sized chips and for those who need to get their salt and retain water. I gave it a 7 rating because there are probably people out there who won’t like the fact that there is less salt.

    Alisha – Have you had the beer and cheddar Kettle chips? I thought they would be disgusting, but surprisingly not.

    Armauld – We love you too. Yes, I will admit these chips are kind of a boring product, but it’s the only product I could include a Jon & Kate Plus 8 reference with.

    dramastically – I do it to support my fellow Asian male, Jon.

    Cindy – I would love these because I love breasts.

    angry bob – Your description is pretty much accurate in a metaphorical sense.

    bobo – Addicting? That’s actually a word? That doesn’t sound right.

  15. Wise has had Lightly Salted chips for many years now. Lay’s chips always tasted a little artificial to me.

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