Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Oven Baked Sandwich

Good news for people who love the idea of delivered food but hate eating Domino’s pizza! These oven-baked sandwiches are actually pretty tasty for something that comes from a nationwide pizza chain. That probably isn’t say much considering most new products from these companies usually involve various varieties of pizza dipped in ranch dressing, but these sandwiches most likely pack enough flavor and heft to satisfy you.

Domino’s has been pushing these sandwiches for a while because they want to compete with Subway for your lunch-time dollars. They have even gone as far as to set up taste tests to see if they can compete with Subway’s fresh flavors. They thoroughly kick Subway’s ass in these surveys, but that’s not a great accomplishment when Subway uses processed chicken and Domino’s sandwiches are basically made from bacon and lard. It would take Jared another thousand Veggie Delites to burn the calories from a month of eating these babies. That’s what we call a “mismatch,” folks.

But I suppose if you’re ordering from Domino’s, you really don’t mind a little grease dripping from your sandwich. Hell, that’s how you know it’s good! I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak one and intently watched Domino’s Online Pizza Tracker as it baked in a 450-degree oven. When it arrived, I took note of the grease spots surrounding the box and its impressive-but-won’t-scare-the-ladies 8-inch length.

I bit into the “thick and crispy artisan bread,” which tasted like a cross between Ciabatta bread on the outside and pizza dough on the inside. It wasn’t bad and held up pretty well through the delivery process even if it’s nothing like a real Philly cheese steak roll. The steak wasn’t piled as high as I would have liked, but it was real steak topped with nicely melted provolone cheese and a random smattering of peppers and onions.

I must say that it’s pretty much the farthest thing away from authentic that I can think of. It’s still nonetheless a tasty steak sandwich that filled me up. I can’t really stand eating Domino’s pizza, so this is a good alternative to order when I have cheap friends over who enjoy their 5-5-5 Deal. A ringing endorsement if there ever was one!

(Nutritional Facts – 1 sub – 690 calories, 250 calories from fat, 27 grams of fat, 14 grams of saturated fat, 90 mg of cholesterol, 2080 mg of sodium, 72 grams of carbs, 41 grams of protein, 15% Vitamin A, 20% Vitamin C, 50% Calcium, and 15% iron)

Item: Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Oven Baked Sandwich
Price: $4.99
Purchased at: Domino’s
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Real, unprocessed slices of steak. Bread doesn’t get soggy after being delivered. Cheese and toppings are nicely melted. Much better than Domino’s actual pizza.
Cons: It’s going to make you feel fat. Meat isn’t really piled that high. Doesn’t taste like a real cheese steak. Can be pricey once delivery + tip are taken into account.

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  1. Here in Hawaii with don’t have the 5-5-5 Deal. We also don’t have the $5 footlongs from Subway. We do have $1 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, but that’s pretty much it.

  2. I haven’t heard about them here in Philly. We do have Dominoes Pizza, but perhaps thye thought the better of trying to push a “Philly Cheesesteak” here .

  3. Marvo, here in Atlanta, we don’t have dollar double cheeseburgers anymore, at least not from McDonald’s. You can get a double hamburger for a dollar, but a double cheeseburger will cost you $1.19.

  4. I’m real glad you reviewed this! I’ve been on the fence about ordering one, waiting for you all to give your opinions. I may try it this week. (does it come with a tomato dipping sauce at all? that seems like it would taste awesome with some marinara or tomato sauce)

    Also if I may request a review? I had the new Taco Bell Triple Steak Burrito the other night…I loved it! I am curious to see how you all enjoy it. It’s a little spicy in the begining, but it wears off…and is so crammed with steak that it’s completely orgasmic! Its got black beans, rice and three cheese blend and sour cream(i think i tasted sour cream…could be wrong) and some kind of peppery hot flavor from one of the 3 steak flavors.

  5. To Domino’s credit, this is probably the best looking sandwich that the impulsive buy has reviewed in a long time.

    I still think I’ll stick with Subway for the sake of my arteries.

  6. This is so creepy Ace, I just had one of these yesterday! Is it just me, or do these sandwiches look different from in the commercials? I mean, I’m too lazy to go look it up right now, but I could have sworn the bread was different. Oh, well. When were food commercials ever accurate?

  7. I’ve been considering trying out the oven baked cheesesteak thing after seeing the commercials. That sandwich cross-section looks decent. But I dunno if I want to visit the local Domino’s again. Last time I was there they yelled at me for asking for those parmesan packets…

  8. Try the Italian sandwich. It’s very greasy, but tastes amazing. Side note, no green peppers…

  9. I’ve never had a real Philly cheesesteak but this Domino’s version looks tasty. I truly hate Domino’s pizza but this isn’t bad looking. Only if they had these in the spring when they were the only place that delivered to my dorm after midnight. Oh well.

    Also, in Georgia we don’t have dollar cheeseburgers anymore. Damn you, Hawaii!

  10. I tried a bacon ranch one the other night and picked it up on my way to work. I like the fact that I can order it online and it’s waiting for me when I get to the store…plus that way, no delivery or tip fees. I thought the sandwich was decent tasting…but unhealthy food BETTER be decent tasting, otherwise what’s the point?

  11. I’m going to avoid these strictly because I hate the ads.

    I did come here to see if y’all reviewed the Pizza Hut Tuscani pasta. Do you plan to? I located reviews from many blog Moms, who apparently don’t have time to cook a real dinner for their children, but they don’t include sarcasm in their reviews.

  12. Buffy, I have had the Tuscani Pasta (Alfredo version) and it was crap. It tasted like pasta with Ragu alfredo sauce dumped over it. Really, it you want real alfredo taste, you are better off ordering from somewhere local and paying more. (Unless you like cheap, jarred sauce, then by all means…it just doesn’t taste authentic.) And by my experience, the marinara one will just be pasta with pizza sauce over it. (Taco Bell’s rules—don’t make new ingredients if you don’t have to.)

    That said, I haven’t tried the other kinds, and the mac and cheese one looks really good.

  13. Marvo – Trust me when I say you’re not missing out on anything except the need for Pepto Bismol.

    Sarcasmom – I’m sure it’d be uglier than an LA race riot if they tried selling those there.

    bj – I don’t even think they sell double hamburgers over here in Orange County. We do have those double cheeseburgers, but I ate so many a few years ago that I can’t even look at one anymore.

    mandy_Reeves – You can order like 5 different sauces for 50 cents each, I don’t know how good they are. I will probably like a triple steak burrito if I head out to Taco Bell.

    armauld – Yes, but that’s like saying that Marvo has the hottest bod at a fat camp. It’s impressive only in context.

    Heidi – If they were, people would be vomiting all over themselves 2-5 times a day.

    Bryan – Jesus! Looks like some companies are taking the economic crash harder than others.

    Justin – I enjoy the fact that the Italian sandwich is basically a pizza without sauce, so I would probably enjoy it.

  14. Natalie – I don’t understand what can be so expensive about pasteurized cheese and two coaster-sized discs of meat, I can’t believe they are doing that to you guys.

    Chuck – I couldn’t even imagine eating one of those, at least this one has some strings of green things in that I can pretend to feel good about.

    Neil – Would enjoy immensely, not sure if it’s worth the price of a plane ticket.

    Buffy – We haven’t done it, but I did have the chicken alfredo a while back so here’s a mini review: They should have included cyanide capsules for those New Yorkers who thought that this pasta made by a chef. It’s not horrible, but the flavor is plain (just creamy and salty) and it’s nothing exciting. I did enjoy that it came with breadsticks and a lot of chicken. I also had to finish the whole thing so as not to waste it, so I ended up eating it around 15 times because there’s enough to feed a football team in every tray.

    Lucas – Two versions of “lame” in a single line. Impressive; even I can’t muster up that kind of snarkiness.

  15. I haven’t had the Pizza Hut pastas, but I feel like they’re probably shipped frozen and then warmed at the restaurant…so essentially a more expensive delivery version of Stouffer’s.

  16. I had the Domino’s Italian Sandwich today. It’s very good. The oven baking makes a difference. My only complaint is that the sandwich is a bit small at 8 inches. I thought it was going to be a foot long (like Subway) – 12 inches is more satisfying.

    The Domino’s in my area still have the 4-4-4 deal. The pizzas are 10 inch diameter, but it’s a pretty good deal. Or, you can order a sandwich and 10 inch pizza for $9. If you order online you get Pizza Points that add up quickly for free food.

    If you eat a lot of pizza, you should get a Presto Pizzazz rotating pizza cooker. It’s great for reheating pizza or cooking frozen pizza. Even cheap pizzas cook up nice and tasty. The Pizzazz isn’t all that expensive, either.

  17. that looks a lot like a quizno’s sub (which are sooo good).

    i think we have a domino’s somewhere around here, after all, it is a college town; i’ll have to give their sandwiches a try.

    we also have a pizza hut, and i’ve been meaning to try their tuscani pasta, but i don’t think my family could really pack away three pounds of it. but the bacon alfredo just sounds so delicious!! (and probably artery-clogging.)

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