REVIEW: Jack in the Box Taco Nachos

As I’ve said many times before, I’m not a fan of Jack in the Box’s tacos because there’s not much filling in them and they’re greasier than a Best Buy employee trying to sell you the extended warranty, TV calibration and the overpriced HDMI Monster Cable to go with your new HDTV. Because of my feelings towards Jack in the Box’s tacos, I didn’t expect much from their new Taco Nachos.

The Jack in the Box Taco Nachos is made up of their regular beef nachos cut up into thirds, placed on a bed of shredded lettuce and topped with a cheddar cheese sauce, pepper jack cheese and pickled jalapeno slices with salsa and a plastic fork on the side.

As you can see in the picture above, it looks like the Jack in the Box tacos went partying with Tara Reid, then puked out most of its fillings and ended up lying in its own filth. As you can also see in the picture, the taco shells look soaked which means that they’re either oil sponges or they competed in a wet t-shirt contest while partying with Tara Reid.

If you like Jack in the Box tacos, the orange glow of melted cheddar cheese and jalapenos, you will like the Taco Nachos even though they look like a bastardized version of nachos. I may not enjoy Jack in the Box’s regular tacos, but I did somewhat enjoy the Taco Nachos thanks to the previously mentioned cheddar cheese sauce and jalapenos. Both of them added a lot of flavor to the dish and the jalapenos also gave it a little heat. There were enough jalapeno slices to provide one for each Taco Nacho piece.

At $1.99, the Jack in the Box Taco Nachos is a decent meal or snack. If it was priced at $2.49 or more, it wouldn’t be worth it, since Jack in the Box’s regular tacos are pretty much dirt cheap.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Jack in the Box Taco Nachos, but I guess my heart has a place for radioactive orange cheddar cheese sauce and pickled jalapeno slices. If Jack in the Box’s regular tacos had on the inside what the Taco Nachos had on the outside, I might actually like them.

(Nutrition Facts – Unavailable on website.)

Item: Jack in the Box Taco Nachos
Price: $1.99
Purchased at: Jack in the Box
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Surprisingly good. Cheddar cheese sauce and jalapenos make it tasty. Jalapenos provided a little heat. It’s worth $1.99. If you enjoy JITB tacos, you’ll like these. Comes with plastic fork.
Cons: It’s not worth it if it’s more than $1.99. Looks like it puked out its filling. Oil soaked taco shells. Aggressive Best Buy salespeople.

19 thoughts to “REVIEW: Jack in the Box Taco Nachos”

  1. I don’t think they should be allowed to market this as Nachos. They should be required to use quotation marks as in…please come try our new “Nachos,” or mayb please come try our quasi-Nacho prodcut. Oh well, I’ve never been a fan of their tacos much anyhow.

  2. I’m having flashbacks of the Jack in the Box Jumbo Deal… 🙁

    By the way, what are you supposed to do with the lettuce? Did you eat it? I’m guessing they expect people to eat it, but I bet it was wilted after lying under a bunch of greasy tacos and nacho sauce.

  3. You just couldn’t resist buying and trying this one, could you? lol

    I suppose we’ll soon see a review from you on Taco Bell’s new, as you call it, “Yonic Platter”. he he.

  4. JiTB tacos are only good when you are on the edge of blackout drunk. Then they are the greatest mexican food ever created. I guess a cardboard box is good at that time too.

  5. So I guess the guys over at Jack in the Box R&D were big fans of Kim Possible. Stealing the “Naco” from Disney could be dangerous territory if they decide to get a payday out of this.

  6. Heh, you lasted a long time since your letter to Jack about his $2.99 Jumbo Deal.
    Although the picture makes Taco Nachos look thoroughly disgusting, if you’re down for a J-I-B taco, it’s probably not so bad anyways.
    I’d eat it, but still looks like they stole some of McD’s Big Mac lame lettuce to decorate the bottom.
    Damn economy.

  7. @Chuck – Well, I kind of think that the word in food in fast food should be quotes.

    @Heidi – I ate the lettuce, but it didn’t wilt because it’s iceberg lettuce which it is the Great Wall of China of lettuces.

    @Pomai – What can I say, I am attracted to ugly food.

    @yr momz – I pity it every single day when I’m sitting on my throne.

    @Danalyn – Seriously, you probably have the worst Jack in the Box ever. I hope yours offers curly fries because if they don’t they truly are the worst Jack in the Box ever.

    @luckinflux – JITB tacos are also great when you feel sorry for someone holding a sign that says “Will work for food” so you buy a couple of tacos and give them to the poor person so that you will earn 10,000 karma points which can be redeemed 25 years from now.

    @sevngang – I hope Disney doesn’t bring down my favorite fast food restaurant that starts with the word Jack and with the word Box.

    @Joseph – yes, it’s the same menu item, but it’s not prepared with precision by a fast food stylist.

    @Molly – I have eaten worse things.

    @skibs – I ate nothing but twigs and berries since that letter so I decided to celebrate with these Taco Nachos.

    @odessa – I think the lettuce is there to make sure none of the cheddar cheese sauce gets away.

  8. oh man. taco nachos! so perfectly captures fast food’s penchant for combining two delicious items and making 1 disgusting as hell item. reminds me of an episode of full house where michelle combines tuna fish and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because she likes both individually, so why not together? everything can be made a full house reference.

  9. oh-my-god. That looks disgustingly awesome. Now if they were to layer that on top of a Hearty Breakfast Bowl, I think my heart would explode with delight.

  10. That looks really good. I just had another disgusting idea, which Jack in the Box should try to market after the nacho promotion: the Taco Jack. It’d basically be a Jumbo Jack with one or two tacos on top of the patty, but maybe they could add jalapenos and a spicy sauce.

  11. @thepizza – I’d try to make a Full House reference but it would end up being an Aristocrats joke.

    @gko – Since you can order breakfast any time of the day, you can make your own.

    @Let’s – You can do that on your own. Just buy all the items and put together like they’re Lego blocks.

  12. You may or may not eat the lettuce depending on how stoned you are. These make awesome munchies, but I can’t eat them unless I’m baked.

  13. jack in the box tacos are the best. the price is right and the sauce is perfect. I want the taco nachos back

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