REVIEW: Jack in the Box Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches

If Jack in the Box are “herding cows the size of schnauzers, but they’re cattle” for their Mini Sirloin Burgers, then I wonder what they’re using for their new Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches.

Oh wait…Could it be?

Tweety Bird! Nooooooooooo!

It looks like Jack was able to do what Sylvester the Cat couldn’t. Sufferin’ Succotash! It seems like for Tweety, it’s Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s all, folks! I guess instead of the puddy tat, Tweety taw a puddy Jack!

Aaaah, Looney Tunes references — so 1950s.

Jack in the Box’s Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches comes in a pack of three and each is made up of white meat homestyle chicken filets, a drizzle of lettuce, ranch sauce and Frank’s RedHot Sauce. I don’t know Frank, nor do I know the reason why he made RedHot a compound word, but I do know that the sauce is tasty, although it wasn’t as redhot as I hoped. The lack of redheat might’ve been caused by the addition of the whitecool ranch dressing, which if that’s the case, would be a shame for those who really enjoy the redspice of buffalo sauce.

The lack of heat also might’ve been caused by the semi-conservative use of Frank’s RedHot Sauce on each mini chicken sandwich. While I could taste the sauce, I really wish they dipped the chicken filets in the sauce, like they were Salem witches, instead of just topping them. I think doing that might make up for the unnecessary gram of trans fat per mini sandwich. The ranch sauce, while quite visible when pulling back the top bun, wasn’t noticeable flavor-wise, the chicken filets were slightly tough and the lettuce was just there, like the stiff-bodied person on the bottom of a sexual position who is having no fun or significantly less fun than their partner on top.

Overall, I thought the Jack in the Box Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches were decent, but they don’t come close to being as tasty as the Mini Sirloin Burgers. I guess, for some reason, cows the size of schnauzers seem to taste better than Tweety Bird.

(Nutrition Facts – 3 mini burgers – 738 calories, 27 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 3 grams of trans fat, 51 milligrams of cholesterol, 1877 milligrams of sodium, 461 milligrams of potassium, 92 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 14 grams of sugar and 31 grams of protein.)

(Note: The commercial for it is below.)

Item: Jack in the Box Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches
Price: $3.99
Size: 3-pack
Purchased at: Jack in the Box
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Frank’s RedHot Sauce was tasty. Looney Tunes references for older people. Photoshopping. Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers. Perfect if you love sodium.
Cons: I didn’t like them as much as the Mini Sirloin Burgers. Could’ve used more sauce. Frank’s RedHot Sauce wasn’t as redhot as I would’ve liked. Ranch sauce wasn’t noticeable. Chicken filets were a little tough. The use of lettuce. Three grams of trans fat. High in sodium. Looney Tunes references for younger people.

24 thoughts to “REVIEW: Jack in the Box Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches”

  1. @Zac Pritcher: Despite looking like a car wreck, I’m sure those Five Guys burgers taste damn good. I wish I could have one right now, but I lack the funds for a plane ride.

  2. WOW Thats alot of salt Way too much for me. That chicken must be like eating a salt lick on a sunday afternoon.


  3. @Ryan: I know, that’s a lot for just three small burgers. It makes me thirsty.

    @Neil the hammer: I’ve never tried a salt lick on a Sunday afternoon, but I think you’re probably correct.

  4. Haha, how the heck do you come up with this stuff? Tweety Bird…that’s hilarious…you should seriously write a book o’ reviews.

    Too bad they weren’t up to the mini sirloins. Usually Jack does it up right. My brother’s used to horde their buttermilk ranch dressing….it was crack to them. Frank’s is actually pretty popular…to me it’s really generic and not what I want in a hot sauce (not hot enough) but I think that’s so it agrees with a lot of palates. You can pick some up at your local Safeway actually.

  5. It’s about time that smug little yellow (or pink, if you go way back) bastard got what was coming to him. Nice work, Jack.

  6. Bland and salty. Yum.

    I have tried salt licks, I was a little kid and we licked the one right in the field. Then in university a farm kid brought in a salt lick to do shooters. I think the one sitting in the field was probably less germy.

  7. @Zac Pritcher: Someday we’ll get our grubby hands around those burger and fries and our circulatory systems will hate us.

    @Bear Silber: Buttermilk ranch dressing + curly fries = crazy delicious

    @angry bob: I guess Sylvester was too much of a pussy to take care of Tweety.

    @grinder: Licking that salt lick is like making out with other people and possibly farm animals. HOTT!!!

  8. Hmmm I’m sure that salt like would be of higher nutrition and quality than these, I’m not a big fan of minature sliders.

  9. I prefer to get the chicken fingers when I indulge at Jack’s, and get the red hot sauce to dip them into. I thought of trying these but I went with the no-bun option. I suppose for a full effect I’d need to get a container of rance and then do a double-dip.

  10. I would love to try these since I’m obsessed with buffalo chicken. Too bad for me, but I need to get on a plane to get to the closest Jack…but I do have a Five Guys two blocks away from my apt in Philly, so I guess it evens out.

  11. @Kayla: Bah! I am jealous of your proximity to Five Guys. I will trade you two Wal-Marts and a shitty Kmart across from a homeless shelter for a Five Guys.

  12. @Chuck: I am also jealous of your proximity to Five Guys. Now I would like an In-N-Out, IKEA and a Five Guys. Oh, and maybe an Olive Garden.

  13. @Marvo: If they had an In-N-Out and a Trader Joe’s here, my retail obsessions would be complete. There is a store called Central Market which is kind of like Trader Joes, but WAY too expensive. We also have an Ikea which I’ve bought stuff at a couple times. Also, if I ever win the Powerball, I’m going to open an Olive Garden somewhere in your state.

  14. @Shannon: As long as JITB keeps coming up with stuff, I’ll keep reviewing it.

    @Chuck: Yesterday, a local newscast had a question of the day that asked which stores/restaurants would we like to see in Hawaii and they got a lot of responses for an Olive Garden. I responded to the question by saying (BTW, they collected responses via Twitter) “I would like to knock down a Jack in the Box on King Street and replace it with an In-N-Out.” There are three Jack in the Box restaurants on King Street within a five mile stretch.

  15. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I just ate one of the 3 mini buffalo ranch chicken sandwiches and it’s yucky! this is exactly how it tastes – the sauce is pretty tangy, the sandwiches r DAMN dry with 1-2 shred of lettuce – bottom line – stay away from it. if u have IN&OUT,now that’s the burger we r talking about!

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