ANNOUCEMENT: Promax Bar Prize Drawing Winners!!!

Here are the lucky winners of the boxes of Promax Cookies & Cream protein bars, along with what they would like more of:

Comment #4 Heather M.

“I want to be able to move things with only my MIND.”

Comment #53 Aaron

“Licorice ice cream. Why can’t I ever find licorice ice cream?”

Comment #88 Eric

“I need new drumsticks!!!”

Comment #113 scaryice

“I want more new and interesting products to fill the void in our lives.”

Comment #130 Jacob LaFountaine

“I want a liposuction machine that is small enough so I can do a little sculpting after a big meal.”

Thanks to the folks at Promax for providing the boxes of Promax Protein Bars. Also, mahalo to everyone who entered this prize drawing.