ANNOUNCEMENT: Want To Write For The Impulsive Buy?

Do you like trying new products? Do you voice your opinion about those products to yourself in the mirror or to family members and pets who don’t care what you think? How would you like an audience that cares? If so, you should apply to be a writer for The Impulsive Buy.

We’re looking for a writer (or possibly two) to try the latest goods and review them using entertaining prose. Interested? Read on, my friend.

Here’s what you’ll need to send us:

Writing Samples

1. One sample review in TIB format (price, pros, cons, etc at the bottom). The review can be about whatever product you want. We won’t be using the review on TIB, we just want to see your writing style to determine if you’d be a good fit. To give you an idea of how long a TIB review is, most of them end up being around 300-500 words.

2. A bio about yourself and why you want to write for The Impulsive Buy.

A few notes

1. Due to legal reasons, we can’t hire minors.

2. Please don’t send attachments. Copy and paste your writing samples into your email.

To apply, please send us an email with your writing sample to theimpulsivebuyATgmailDOTcom. Please add the word “Writer” in the subject line. We will stop accepting applicants on Friday, July 17, 2009.