REVIEW: Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich

Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich

How does Hungry-Man stay in business?

It’s one of those questions that no one knows the answer to, like why don’t the paparazzi’s cameras break after taking pictures of Paris Hilton’s vagina as she slides out of a car? There’s so much saturated fat and sodium in their foods that I wonder how they still have customers who are alive. Hungry-Man is the only brand that makes fast food restaurants say, “Ugh…you’re going to eat that shit?”

The numbers found in the nutrition facts of a Hungry-Man product read more like test scores than anything else. 81 percent saturated fat? That’s a B- in Heart Disease. You’re on your way to college. Oh wait, I read that wrong. I meant to say “collapse.” You scored a 1040 on your SAT test. Woo hoo! Oh wait, it’s 1040 milligrams on your SALT. The new Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich continues the long tradition of Hungry-Man products by providing people with microwaveable meals that are full of saturated fat, sodium and regret.

I know what you’re thinking when you’re looking at the picture above. You think I should get that looked at by a physician, because it doesn’t look healthy. But that is not a growth, that is the Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich. Stare at it. Let all of that disgustingness sink in. Let it haunt your nightmares.

Despite how horribly unhealthy Hungry Man products are, they also, I hate to admit, tend to be somewhat tasty, and that was the case with this big slab of ground Angus beef with cheese and a sesame seed bun. By fat…I mean, by far, this burger comes nowhere near the quality, no matter how crappy it is, of a fast food burger, but against other frozen burgers I’ve had, it’s good. The burger’s size is quite hefty and makes the Whopper seems a little small. As you can see in the disgusting picture above that will haunt you while you sleep, the Angus patty is thick and significantly bigger than the sesame seed bun.

The patty had a nice meaty flavor that was seasoned nicely and the cheese seemed like it was just there for decoration because it didn’t add any flavor. As for the bun, it was hard and chewy in most places, but for a microwaveable burger that is par for the course. All of this equate to a burger that provides 700 calories, 81 percent of your daily recommended allowance for saturated fat and 1040 milligrams of sodium.

Again, you can get a much better tasting burger at a fast food place, and maybe slightly healthier too. With some drive-thru windows open 24 hours, there’s really no excuse to purchase the Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich, unless you really want to keep Hungry-Man in business.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 sandwich – 700 calories, 41 grams of fat, 16 grams of saturated fat, 1.5 grams of trans fat, 75 milligrams of cholesterol, 1040 milligrams of sodium, 55 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 8 grams of sugar, 29 grams of protein, 4% vitamin A, 6% vitamin C, 20% calcium and 20% iron.)

Item: Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich
Price: $3.00 (on sale)
Size: 8 ounces
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Big ass patty. Decent tasting. One of the better frozen burgers I’ve had. 1/2 a pound of food. Great source of protein.
Cons: Bun was hard and chewy. 1/2 of your arteries will be clogged. 81% of your daily allowance of saturated fat. Useless addition of cheese. 1.5 grams of trans fat. You can get significantly better burgers at a fast food joint. The picture of it will haunt you in your sleep.

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  1. …A-blergh! Sure, I’d try it… but I would have to go through a soul cleansing ritual involving cucumber scented candles and lots and lots of soap.

  2. “Hungry-Man is the only brand that makes fast food restaurants say, “Ugh…you’re going to eat that shit?” – Hahaha. There is reason for anyone to eat one of these when you can get a 1/3 Angus Burger Deluxe at McDees for the same price.

    No I really think you should’ve eaten the whole thing and wrote the review two days after telling us how it made you feel. I’m guessing not so hot….may I even suggest it made you an Angry-Man rather than Hungry-Man? Who buys this crap anywho?

  3. These burgers are for the lethargic lazy people who don’t feel like getting in their car (if they even have a car) to pick up fast food. Just stock up on Hun-gray, MAN! Why leave the house?

  4. Why would you buy a frozen burger when you can seriously go to any fastfood place and get it cheaper and probably taste somewhat better. I am so glad I don’t eat that crap!! Subway, eat fresh lol

  5. I’m going to eat nothing but XXL Sandwiches for a month and make a documentary out of it.

  6. The only Hungry-Man item I’ve seen that wasn’t horribly unhealthy in terms of fat was their lasagna, I think…but of course, it did have mega quantities of sodium. This sounds OK for a microwaved burger…but like you said, why pay for this when you can get fast food one that’s cheaper (and possibly even healthier?)

  7. Did you actually finish the whole thing for the review? I would have taken a bite and based the review on that. It seems like you are killing yourself for TiB.

  8. I love how feminists don’t get upset over the Hungry-Man name…it’s because the food is total shit. I can see the NOW meeting where some chick (I can say chick, because I am one) brings up the petition to change the name of Hungry-Man, and the chairwoman is like, “We don’t want to be associated with THAT.”

  9. The Burger King weeps to see one of his subject in such condition… But seriously I think I once had a scab that looked that that.

  10. Damn, that’s kind of nasty, but it looks like it might be one of those things that people do that they try to hide from others… So disgusting….but tasty… it looks kind of like the Anna Nicole Smith of Frozen burgers

  11. @Kayla: would you really want to eat “Hungry-People” or “Hungry-Man-or-Woman”?

  12. @Jay Neither. Although the buffalo chicken strips one they have is sort of tempting since I’m a sucker for anything buffalo chicken related.

  13. Marvo, there is such a thing as being too dedicated to TIB. After eating this you better review health foods for a couple of weeks.

  14. In Hungry-Man, Burger make love to you in a dark secluded place where no one can hear you scream.

  15. I just came back to show this horrible picture to my boyfriend but now I’m actually nauseated and will go vomit. It looks like a cow patty that was chewed up, spit out, chewed up again, shat out, then formed into a patty, then force fed to a Martian Flangerfrogh then digested by its 14 stomachs then shaped into another patty then microwaved (the latter stage of the process being the worst).

  16. Oh gosh Marvo your poor stomach. I’m so glad that you lived to tell the tale of that beast! I hope you do something a little more healthier from your body next review to give it a break.

  17. @Kayla I saw that review at heateatreview. Looked decent.

    I mentioned this at the Facebook page but you guys should review the new Wendys Boneless Buffalo wings, they’re delicious. (Though the honey bbq’s a tad sweet.)

  18. I already look like a watermelon with a hair piece. Do you think im gonna make it worse by eating this fat stuffed salt lick. I dont think so.


  19. I’m all for a good burger, but that looks nothing like a good burger, it looks like it ought to be illeagle in 49 states (gets a free pass here in New Jersey)

  20. I distinctly remember begging my mom to buy us (siblings and me) frozen cheeseburgers and frozen grilled chicken sandwiches at the grocery store when we were kids in the early 90s. All I remember is that they came in a black box and were sold individually. Those were so delicious when I was 6 possibly because my mom would only give in very rarely. I need to try them now to find out if they suck or not..wonder if they’re still made.

  21. Natalie– They are still being made, and I sell them at work haha. The name is escaping me at the moment, but we don’t sell too many of them. The company I work for prefers we try to sell our own microwaved burgers.

  22. omg I just had a heart attack! How on earth did you manage to eat all of that? I have only had Hungry Man a few times as a child but it wasn’t too bad but I was 5.
    What baffles me is my husband has never ever had anything Hungry Man in his life!

  23. Diana, do you mind finding out the brand of the burgers for me and post it here? I’d love to try to track them down. Thanks.

  24. Only 700 calories? Depressingly enough, that’s lower cal than some fast food burgers.

    It looks disgusting though.

  25. I was about to get a restraining order against marvo as after seeing that picture, he had to be hiding in my bathroom taking snapshots of my number 2’s to sell to some
    poo related cult but silly me, it was a review of the number one item that is mistakenly identified as feces (see family feud episode 872), the Hungry-Man Angus Beef Charbroil XXL Sandwich.

  26. Natalie– The ones we sell at work are called Quickmeal. They look like what you described. I’ve eaten the cheeseburger kind a couple of times at work when I’m starved and need to eat fast. Not sure about the chicken one.

  27. I haven’t had this one, but I have had the Buffalo Chicken XXL sandwich. Thought it was pretty tasty. You’re right about these not being very healthy though. Definitely not something you want to eat regularly.

  28. How come it never looks like the advertised photo on the box? It always looks like someone sat on in for a week then left it out in the sun.

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