So…Um…Yeah…TIB Version 4.0. Or It Could Be 5.0. I Lost Track.

Welcome to the new Impulsive Buy!

Who knew being pissed off at people would make me want to change the look of TIB? Off and on for the past 48 hours I’ve been tweaking a premade WordPress theme to my liking, because I’m too poor to afford a WordPress theme designer. I like the way it turned out, although for the past two hours I’ve been trying to fix some strange bug that wouldn’t show the comments. It made me kind of crazy and cry a little, although it’s been awhile since I’ve shouted all seven words you can never say on television within 60 seconds.

Everything seems to look good in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. If things look weird in your browser, please let me know. Unless you have Internet Explorer 6, if you do, I’d recommend upgrading to IE7, Firefox or one of the many other browsers better than IE6.

So what’s new besides the look?

The ability to reply to other comments. I enjoy replying to comments and I know some of you do too, so now it’s easier without having to go “@so and so.”

It’s now easier to share posts on Facebook, Twitter and Digg. On the main page, there’s the ShareThis button, and on each post page there are individual icons for your favorite social media sites.

You can also easily access TIB’s Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and iTunes pages.

Um…I think that’s it.

I hope you folks like the new look.

27 thoughts to “So…Um…Yeah…TIB Version 4.0. Or It Could Be 5.0. I Lost Track.”

  1. I like it, a lot. It looks great, but there is an odd thing that I have to say, I can’t see your advertising as easily as before (or they aren’t as obvious). Now, this is not a weakness or a problem really, but perhaps it’ll affect your ad revenue? And while your bottom line isn’t a concern of mine, I figure that you’ll only continue to feed us your semi-pornographic reviews if you can get some scratch from your efforts. 😉

    I love the video on the side feature. It’s a great little design decision!

  2. As far as the new design is concerned, I love it. As for the new layout… it looks too much like JAWPB (Just another WordPress-powered blog)–they all have the same list of posts constrained to way too small a portion of the screen. It might look fine in 800×600, but for those with widescreen monitors, it seems like a waste of space.

    Just my $0.02 CAD.

    (As long as the posts are of the same quality, I’m sure e’erything will be fine!)

  3. I like it! It looks very streamlined to me. I also like the little tag at the top right that says “Hello! You are awesome!” becasue I am. But now I’m wondering if the site will always think I’m awesome or if the opinion will change each time I visit?

  4. @Chuck: Thanks! It turns out messing with code is therapeutic.

    @Gigi: That’s sweet of you to say.

    @edjunkie: I don’t believe you. Pictures! Wait! On second thought, no pictures.

    @Ayumiin: Thanks.

    @Orchid64: Actually, this set up will hopefully allow me to make a little bit more in ad revenue, if I can convince companies to advertise with TIB.

    @MCW: Thank you.

    @Poop Chef: If I had the skills to make it cluttered, I would.

    @NobleArc, The Lazy Canadian: To be honest, I like white space. But I’d love Canadian cents even more, because they’re worth more than the US cents.

    @RONW: Cool. Thanks for letting me know.

    @Tasty Japan: It’s gone forever and that’s all I will say about it.

    @JJ: Great. Thanks for letting me know.

    @amanda: Thanks.

    @Clevegal42: I know you’re awesome. But TIB’s opinion of you will change every so often. Maybe once a week.

    @Michael: Thanks.

  5. Nice! The “hiatus” comment on Twitter freaked me out for a second…nice to see it only lasted a day or so. I like the new look.

  6. @Ryan: Yeah, at first I was sad, then mad, and then I said “fuck it.”

    @tlk: I haven’t use IE6 in such a long time. But I’d leave it in a dumpster somewhere.

    @PD: Thanks.

    1. The Archive and Complete Review Archive pages are on top. The Archive page looks different than the old one, but it has all the same archive goodness.

  7. This fits well on my widescreen. Before I had to either zoom in so I didn’t have to squint, but now it just fits. At first I thought I had forgotten to unzoom the page, but I guess not. Nice job — looks good. At least your upgrades actually keep the page interesting, unlike… what MSN and Yahoo keep pulling! Woo!

    1. I’m glad to hear you don’t have to zoom in anymore. But if you had that problem before, you should’ve let me know. I would’ve tried to figure out something.

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