ANNOUNCEMENT: Season of Giving Prize Drawing Winners Announced!!!

Here are the winners of the Season of Giving Prize Drawing.

Comment #19 DantheApe (Poop Toothpaste)

Comment #27 NobleArc (Bunny Ears Cap)

Comment #50 Meredith (TerraCycle Speakers)

Congratulations to the winners!

Also, thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. Be on the lookout for more prize drawings in the future.

3 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Season of Giving Prize Drawing Winners Announced!!!”

  1. “Comment #27 NobleArc (Bunny Ears Cap)” is music to my ears. I will wear the HELL out of that hat. And when not wearing it, I’ll keep it with my other TIB memorabilia, which includes (and is limited to) a signed review by Marvo I got in the mail. 😀

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