REVIEW: McDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce

I’m glad McDonald’s introduced their new Sweet Chili Sauce because I was getting a little stir crazy having only three varieties of McNugget sauces to choose from — barbeque, sweet & sour and hot mustard. If it wasn’t for this latest sauce, I might’ve pulled a Tiger Woods and start sticking my McNuggets into things I shouldn’t, like Jello pudding, Baconnaise, the Big Mac’s secret sauce, or a Big Mac itself.

The Sweet Chili Sauce looks very much like the sauce that comes with the spring rolls I order at Vietnamese pho restaurants. Both have an orange hue with chili flakes floating in them, but the McDonald’s version has a much thicker consistency. It’s like dipping McNuggets into orange Jello that hasn’t completely set.

Unlike other McNugget sauces, it’s easy to see through the Sweet Chili Sauce, so if you collect enough packages of it, you can pull a Jim Halpert and stick the stapler of your workplace foe in a fish tank full of it. It’s also clear enough to help remind you that you’re eating chicken in the form of a nugget.

The Sweet Chili Sauce doesn’t really tickle my taste buds. It tastes somewhat like the sauce that comes with spring rolls, but a weaker version of it. While I was hoping there would be a balance, it’s much more sweet than spicy, which makes sense since sugar is the number two ingredient in it behind water. While there are chili peppers floating around in it, they barely register on my own personal heat index and don’t provide much flavor. Compared with the other McNugget sauces, I thought Sweet Chili Sauce’s flavor was bland.

While I admit it’s my least favorite, it’s unfortunate that the Sweet Chili Sauce is around for only a limited time. Because when it’s gone and I get tired of the other sauces again, I hope I’m not able to find a bottle of Baconnaise on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

(Nutrition Facts – Unavailable. I bow my head in shame because I am unable to provide you with this important information.)

Item: McDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce
Price: Included with McNuggets
Size: 1 ounce
Purchased at: McDonald’s
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Tastes somewhat like the sauce that comes with spring rolls. Great if you like to see your McNuggets through the sauce. Pho. McDonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce.
Cons: Doesn’t tickle my taint. Much more sweet than spicy. Not a flavorful sauce. The urge to dip my McNuggets into other things. The idea of Baconnaise.

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  1. i wouldn’t worry about the nutrition facts… it’s not like how many calories is in a tub of that would make up someone’s mind about whether or not they were going to eat inferior chicken nuggets (the superior being from wendy’s, of course 😛 )

  2. serious eats just did a review last night. The consensus was much the same, not very spicy, comparable to duck sauce.

  3. There needs to be a contest where we try to come up with nouns that you can’t manage to use as euphemisms for naughty body parts. I’m pretty sure that we couldn’t stump you.

  4. Well I called about the nutrition information, and as I suspected it is exactly the same as the sweet&sour

    50cals 0g fat 12g carb (11 sugar) 0 pro
    per28g dipping container.

  5. I think it’s great and dosen’t have any of that nasty mercury poisoned high fructose corn syrup in it. “high fructose corn syrup you say” it is the same as table sugar and is fine in moderation WRONG high fructose corn syrup hurts your pancreas and messes with your Metabolism. rats fed high fructose corn syrup consume less food and get fatter and die faster than a rat eating regualr table sugar . In small doses arsenic is fine, but do people really want to be eating that ?

  6. @Fish Nugget ?

    If you are going to do propaganda for the Kentucky Corn Growers Association, do you think that it might be a good idea to have passed 5th grade English before submitting a error-wracked post?

    Wait, I take that back. English stops in the 3rd grade in Kentucky. Sorry.

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