VIDEO REVIEW: Nair for Men Hair Remover Spray

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Show Notes:

The Impulsive Buy podcast has gone in a different direction. No more news and week in review segments. It’s now just one review. I decided to do this because it makes the podcast easier to produce, since I am just one hairy man. Speaking of hairiness, this week, I review a product that makes my body as smooth as a pre-pubescent boy’s.

Also, I know. I forgot to deinterlace.

Length: 2:44

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17 thoughts to “VIDEO REVIEW: Nair for Men Hair Remover Spray”

  1. WOW Marvo, I always knew you were hot but holy S*&^ you make hairy look good. Keep it up

  2. @Amanda: i also make Capri pants on men look good.

    @Kelley: Does me showing my naked legs to my writers count as sexual harassment?

    @Dustin: I’m surprised no one has tranquilized me and turned me in for a scientific reward.

  3. Hair removal for men is a travesty! I love hairy men (my husband is deliciously hairy), and can’t understand this need to turn hirsute men into smooth-skinned women with penises. Nair should be ashamed.

  4. @amanda: Yes, I did the other leg…a few days later.

    @Orchid64: Don’t blame Nair. Blame the men’s fitness magazines that have hairless, six-pack ab wearing men.

  5. Who likes short shorts?

    I think someday I’m going to go in for a complete body waxing (with the exception of my facial hair and head.) But I’ll probably have to be pretty drunk first.

  6. Loved the new podcast. Gee, your legs look as hairy as mine after a winter of not shaving. The first shave I always have to use the weed whacker to get the first layer of hair.

    Happy 4-20 everybody!!

  7. before I click the video…. I’m wondering if it removes nose and ear hairs? And what about that nagging one piece of hair shooting out of a mole?

  8. @govtdrone: Ahhh, Winter leg hair. Keeping legs warmer until Spring. Thanks for the compliment about the podcast.

    @Yum Yucky: Keep away from nose and ear hair…and moles. Actually, do not use on anything above your neck.

    @BigJohnson: Sorry I had to cut it, but I needed to make the podcast shorter so that it doesn’t take 18 hours to produce. Now it takes about 8 hours. If TIB was my full time job, I’d probably restore the podcast to its original state.

  9. I can understand removing chest hair. If you are a male in competitive bodybuilding, it makes it easier for judges to see who has the best physique. Back hair is, IMO, nasty. Get rid of that!

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