REVIEW: KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwich (Original & Grilled)

KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwich

Thanks KFC.

The name of your new KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwich probably just gave the Black Eyed Peas a title for a new mindless and shallow song that will make my car’s speakers weep as it’s played in heavy rotation on the radio, make my TV’s speakers groan as it’s played during timeouts at NBA games and make my computer’s speakers take their own lives by blow themselves out when that song randomly starts playing on Pandora, thanks to my Miley Cyrus station.

Are you really willing to take responsibility for clogging ears, like you clog arteries with lyrics that may go like this?

You know I’m Doublicious.
This beat is phat and expeditious.
These lyrics make me seditious.
Carrots cake is not nutritious.

And you may think it ends with being overplayed on the radio, at NBA games and on the internet, but thousands of people will have that song set as their muthafrickin’ ringtone. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there either. It will continue to pollute the airwaves by being featured on a Now That’s What I Call Music! compilation, then children are going to cover the song on a Kidz Bop album, and if there’s another direct-to-DVD Air Bud or Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie, it will probably be on the soundtrack.

And that’s still not the end of it because a Black Eyed Peas song never dies, it either gets recycled or comes back to life over and over again to eat away at your brain, like a musical zombie. But there’s no head to shoot off with a shotgun.

KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwich 2

Shoving Black Eyed Peas lyrics down my ears is like trying to make me buy the Original and Grilled KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwiches again, because I don’t want to do either regularly.

On paper, both KFC sandwiches look good. The Original Doublicious includes an Original Recipe filet topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and the Colonel’s Sauce, while the Grilled Doublicious has a grilled filet with Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce and honey mustard BBQ sauce. Both sandwiches come with a Hawaiian sweet bread bun.

With the bun, KFC is trying to create a sweet and savory combination, which is perhaps the reason for the name Doublicious, or double delicious, if you will. However, I felt the bun wasn’t as sweet or as soft as the Hawaiian sweet bread I grew up with. The bun also had perfectly placed grill marks on the inside of it, which looked just as off-putting as the grill marks found on KFC’s Grilled Chicken. But what’s even more disturbing was the size of each Doublicious sandwich, which were quite small for the $4.49 I paid for each of them.

While they may not be hearty sandwiches, I did think they were both good, but the sweet and savory combo punch didn’t knock me to my feet. As I mentioned earlier, I thought the bun wasn’t as sweet as the Hawaiian sweet bread I grew up with, but I think its sweetness and flavor gets lost even more with the sweetness of the sauces.

The cheese in both sandwiches don’t have any impact on flavor. The bacon in the Original version makes the sandwich a little more savory and the lettuce in the Grilled one makes it appear healthier. As for the chicken filets, the Original one was a little crispy, while the Grilled one was a little creepy with the weird grill marks on them.

While both sandwiches are sweet and savory, I think they are so because of their sauces. The flavor of the chicken and their secret herbs and spices get lost with the sauces. It makes me wonder why KFC is trying to hide what they’re known for. It’s like they don’t believe the flavor of their chicken can stand on its own.

I wish KFC would believe in what makes their chicken finger lickin’ good, just like I wish a particular hip-hop group would stop making songs with lyrics that go like this:

I’m on the supersonic boom.
Y’all hear the spaceship zoom.
When, when I step inside the room.
Them girls go ape-shit, uh.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 sandwich – Original – 470 calories, 23 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat* (*may contain less than 0.5 grams of trans fat), 80 milligrams of cholesterol, 980 milligrams of sodium, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar and 33 grams of protein. Grilled – 360 calories, 11 grams of fat, 4 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 85 milligrams of cholesterol, 940 milligrams of sodium, 33 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 9 grams of sugar and 34 grams of protein.)

Item: KFC Doublicious Chicken Sandwich (Original & Grilled)
Price: $4.49 each
Size: 187 grams (Original)
Size: 200 grams (Grilled)
Purchased at: KFC
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Original)
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Grilled)
Pros: Good. Use of Hawaiian sweet bread bun. Good source of protein. Bacon. Black Eyed Peas before Fergie. KFC’s secret herbs and spices.
Cons: Damn small. Pricey for what you get. Sweet and savory flavor is dominated by sauces and didn’t blow me away. Not double delicious. Black Eyed Peas songs being played EVERYWHERE. Great source of sodium. Grill marks on bun freak me out. Can’t kill a Black Eyed Peas song.

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  1. Marvo… The way you described a BEP song was brilliant. Musical zombie is right. Nice review and thanks for the links to GG.

  2. I was really hoping you were going to do more with the hawaiian sweet buns.

  3. So I am lookin’ at the pictures and the original chicken looks like fake dog poop I saw the other day at Spencers. Plus I think the name Doublicious Chicken Sandwich is dumb!!! I bet the Black Eye Peas will get pissed off and BK will have to get rid of this sandwich. Or like you said we will have another song our hands from them. Ugggh!

  4. hmm it’s no Double Down…looks like my heart will still function after eating these

  5. I dunno, I just don’t feel good about eating a grilled chicken filet that has 30 (yes, 30) ingredients listed. Seems a little creepy.

  6. I dont like BEP either.

    I want to throw my wifes CD out the window and wish her ipod a quick death rather than to be forced to play that crappy music.

    KFC used to be awesome, I dont know why they have to hide the chicken under sauces now. I tried the original one and dont feel like I need to purchase the grilled.

    Great review Marvo on BEP, and the sandwiches.

  7. I wish KFC would get a wriggle on and bring their grilled chicken to the UK. There is still no word when we are getting it (if at all!!)

    Nice review chap.

  8. Impressive rage rant about the BEPs. I enjoyed it. I also thought that bun would never work from the start, but I’ve never enjoyed sweet/savory combos anyway. I’m that jerk who doesn’t like kettle corn. Surprised to hear the sauces were more the culprit; I thought the Colonel’s Sauce on the Double Down was more tangy than sweet.

  9. Even with everything you say, I’d still go for one of those grilled sandwiches in a pinch, though I do get tired of cheese being put on sandwiches when it adds no flavor. I think they just do it because people think they want it, not because the flavor profile is improved.

  10. I used to love KFC but after I turned 40, I had to stop eating there because it was so darn unhealthy. I know they’ve been trying to do healthier food with their “grilled” products, but I just can’t shake the image of a ton of lard in the back of their kitchens.

  11. What, still no Double Down review? Come on, Marvo!

    Also, I hear all the babes in Hawaii refer to you as “Marvolicious.”

  12. Tried the $5 combo KFC Doublicious last night and felt cheated. The bun overwelmed the puny piece of chichen and gave no indication of what kind of sandwich it was. KFC seems to be down-sizing all of its products and is becoming expensive for what you get !!!

  13. @Marvo

    Your lyrics reminded me of Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine’s classic 1987 hit “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”.

  14. @Ryan: Did you just say “My humps”? I could’ve sworn you said it. Don’t tell me I’m going to have to bring you down, BEP zombie.

    @TomHandy: I know. Being from Hawaii, I probably should’ve done more with Hawaiian sweet buns. But let me just say that the bun ruins any memories I had of Hawaiian sweet break while growing up. Also, I’m surprised the bun didn’t have a yellow hue to it like King’s Hawaiian sweet bread, which is based on Portuguese sweet bread.

    @amanda: I assure you there will more songs from the-band-which-must-not-be-named. And they will poison the youth of the world.

    @nomitai: Yup, only one chicken filet this time, which makes it healthier and less likely to end up on This Is Why You’re Fat.

    @ratbuddy: All fast food is creepy, especially Taco Bell.

    @Dustin: Thanks. I once had to buy a BEP song for a video project on iTunes. After I was done with it, I deleted the song.

    @Jim: The USA got grilled chicken because we stopped caring about KFC, so they needed something to grab our attention. Voila! Grilled chicken. You folks in the UK should do that too.

    @Kelley: What? You don’t like kettle corn. You’re fired. Just kidding. 🙂 I just won’t make you review kettle corn.

    @Orchid64: I honestly think cheese is added to not only fatten our bellies but to fatten their bottom line. For example, McDonald’s has a Double Cheeseburger and a McDouble. The difference is one slice of cheese. And the difference in price is ten cents. With the amount of cheese McDonald’s buys, the cost of that cheese to them has to be two or three cents, giving them seven cents profit. Seven cents times 1,000,000 burgers = $70,000

    @Jen: Mmm…Lard.

    @Chuck: I know. I think at this point I probably won’t do one. Also, I still haven’t tried one. I promised a number of people a review, but haven’t gotten them one. I suck as a reviewer. Maybe when it comes back a second time or as the Triple Down, I’ll review it. Also, they refer to me as Mr. Marvolicious.

    @Jeff: Yup, KFC is getting finger lickin’ expensive.

    @Gordon Shumway: Dammit! I was hoping you’d get Black Eyed Peas songs stuck in your head. But at least my lyrics didn’t remind you of Vanilla Ice, because that’s who I channeled when I came up with them.

    1. Hey, Taco Bell’s ground beef only has 25 ingredients. That’s not quite as creepy 😛

  15. I meant the “other” kind of hawaiian sweet buns. Do I have to spell it out?

  16. @TomHandy: Oh, Hawaiian Sweet Buns. Best place to see some Hawaiian Sweet Buns is at the beach, but not really Waikiki because those aren’t Hawaiian Sweet Buns. Also, the beaches in Waianae don’t have Hawaiian Sweet Buns, they have Hawaiian Homeless Bums. Go to Sandy Beach or the North Shore. Wait, am I talking about the right Hawaiian Sweet Buns?

  17. I heard it’s Mr. Marvolicious only if you’re nasty, lol!
    Yep, these were a rip-off. If I’m gonna take in all that fat and sodium, the food better be large and tasty!

  18. Wow I feel sorry for you if thats what food from KFC looks like in your area… I regularly purchase the original doublicious sandwich and it looks and tastes 10x better than what you have described. Had I been given sandwiches that looked like that, I wouldn’t purchase again either.

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