VIDEO REVIEW: Wildlicious Frosted Wild! Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Yes, another Pop-Tarts review, but this time it’s in video form.

This is our 24th Pop-Tarts review and it’s also TIB’s 1,000th review overall.


I’d like to thank TIB’s past and present writers, who have helped this quasi-product review blog achieve this milestone. But we wouldn’t have reached this milestone if it weren’t for all of you who read our words (and watch our occasional videos). Because, seriously, if no one read this blog, I would’ve allowed it to join the millions of dead blogs floating around on the internet.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy TIB’s 1,000th review.


Dave Matthews image via Flickr user Spector1 / CC BY SA 2.0

Raisins image via Flickr user bastique / CC BY SA 2.0

21 thoughts to “VIDEO REVIEW: Wildlicious Frosted Wild! Strawberry Pop-Tarts”

  1. I swore off pop tarts a couple years ago, but now I want a strawberry pop tart (orginal) more than anything. Damn you, Marvo!

    Congratulations on being around for a billion years. Looking forward to the next billion!

    1. I’m sorry. But if you do buy the original strawberry Pop-Tarts, might I recommend going to a convenience store to pick them up, since they usually sell them in packs of two. I’d hate for you to buy a box of 8 and then be left with six Pop-Tarts you don’t want to eat.

  2. Marvo- first of all, you are amazing in your willingness to ingest things I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Also, I didn’t realize your super cutness until you made a video. More disgusting food products and more videos, please!

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