ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Margaret

Hi, foodies, funny people, and other reading humans! I’m Margaret, a new reviewer here, ready to help row the ship on this 3-hour tour into the charmed world of processed foods.

While I hail from Nashville, TN, I recently moved up to New York, where I’m working the midnight oil in hopes to attain my Master’s in Dramatic Writing at NYU. In this fair Manhattan, I’ve discovered the salted aroma of the street cart falafel, the joys of having an abundant supply of freshly made pickles, and the certain uninhibited celebration of variety in the supermarket aisles. It is with this celebration in mind that I step a hopeful foot into the door of The Impulsive Buy.

During my childhood, I started living on a solid quantity of peanut butter, waffles, and Cheetos, and I’ve lived a happy life ever since. As a result, I’m an active supporter of yummy food. I appreciate a good cereal and am a master in the art of making the grilled cheese. I’ve got quite a sweet tooth. And a salty tooth. And a crunchy tooth. I must warn you: I’m not a fan of mushy canned vegetables (my apologies to the Green Giant).

But wait…what’s that you say? The canned vegetable industry doesn’t seem to be inundated with a demand for new products?

Whew. That’s a relief.

Other than that, I’m an equal opportunity taster, open to try a bit of anything once and give a sound assessment on its yumminess.

So, with my left hand rested atop the great cookbook of Julia Child and my right hand raised to the sky, I promise to help row this TIB boat into the aisles of supermarket mysteries to assess the bounty of products, be they new, old, or yet-to-be-discovered, highlighting the buried goods and tossing out a fair warning for those swashbugglin’ wannabes that I’d be watchin’ with a wary eye. So set the sail and hoist the mainstay! We’re heading out to the supermarket.

5 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Margaret”

  1. Welcome. Are we to expect reviews written in a dramatic fashion or will they be written as plays with you and Marvo acting all the parts? You know, with you working towards your Masters in Dramatic Writing? 🙂

  2. Welcome to the fold, Margaret! Looking forward to reading your take on all foods new and probably unhealthy! A Manhattan perspective should be interesting. Happy eating, and writing, and then more writing!

  3. welcome to the neighborhood! I’m just east of the Queens-Nassau border. It’ll be nice to see things I have a chance of finding, especially of the fast-food variety

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