REVIEW: Post Limited Edition Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme Cereal

Limited Edition Post Xtreme Cocoa Pebbles

Few cereals are extreme enough to warrant dropping a vowel from their names, but Post seems to think their new Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme cereal is worthy of the honor.

The limited edition cereal was only available at my local supermarket in a family size box, containing four more ounces than a standard box. The cereal claims to be even more chocolatey than normal Cocoa Pebbles, which means that the cer— hoooooold up.

What are you trying to pull here, Post? The nutritional facts on this box are identical to those found on a box of normal Cocoa Pebbles. The ingredients lists are strikingly similar, except the Xtreme variety lacks a single ingredient present in the original: a preservative known as butylated hydroxyanisole. (Yum.)

Well, well, well, it seems Post has taken me for a fool. At this point, I’m fairly confident they’ve simply repackaged normal Cocoa Pebbles in a fancy new box in an effort to sell more cereal to hyperactive, sugar-addicted children. I’ll be surprised if this Xtreme version is any different from the standard variety. A simple side-by-side comparison will reveal the truth.

Limited Edition Post Xtreme Cocoa Pebbles Comparison

Pouring out a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme next to a bowl of the normal type, we find my hypothesis was as wrong as watching the movie Teeth with your family. (“That’s not her mouth, grandma.”) The Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme are noticeably darker in color than the normal variety. I’m stumped as to how Post Foods managed to accomplish this when the nutritional facts and ingredients are nearly identical, but it seems Post’s R&D team has been workin’ up some food wizardry in the kitchen. (Foodzardry, anyone?)

Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme smells quite similar to cocoa powder — the scent is slightly more chocolatey than the normal variety, which possesses a more noticeable puffed rice aroma.

In taste, the Xtreme variety is the clear victor.

Limited Edition Post Xtreme Cocoa Pebbles Closeup

The contrast between the two cereals is more apparent than I had expected. A spoonful of both Xtreme and normal varieties of Cocoa Pebbles begins with a grainy puffed rice flavor and a sharp crunch, slowly developing a sweet cocoa flavor as the cereal is chewed. However, the Xtreme has a much stronger cocoa flavor toward the end of the bite. Its chocolate flavor seems more mature and refined in comparison to the regular variety, which merely evokes a sweetness reminiscent of white sugar.

Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme cereal is further improved by the addition of milk, which really absorbs the cereal’s cocoa flavor. As I slowly approached the end of my bowl, I grew eager to test the claim on the front of the box, which boasts the cereal “turns milk xtremely chocolatey” and “it’s like an xtreme milkshake.”

My mind began to wander, imagining the full potential of an “xtreme milkshake.” Exactly how many boys could be brought to the yard by an “xtreme milkshake”? An xtreme number, for sure.

Limited Edition Post Xtreme Cocoa Pebbles Milk

Good gravy, it’s gorgeous!

The milk left at the bottom of my bowl has turned the most beautiful shade of brown I’ve ever seen. Its flavor reminds me of chocolate milk made with a bit too much chocolate syrup, but with the aftertaste of Cocoa Pebbles.

Does it taste like a milkshake? Not quite, and though it only seems slightly more chocolatey than the milk left behind by normal Cocoa Pebbles, it’s satisfying nonetheless.

With its more substantial cocoa flavor, Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme cereal is a significant improvement upon the normal variety. Its only flaw is that it feels more like a snackfood than a breakfast cereal — a fault that plagues many of the sugary options found in your local supermarket’s cereal aisle.

I’m sorry I doubted you, Post. Our relationship has been tense ever since you discontinued Cröonchy Stars cereal, but maybe this is the start of a glorious new beginning. You’ve managed to enhance Cocoa Pebbles, and for that, I applaud you.

(Nutrition Facts – 3/4 cup without milk – 120 calories, 10 calories from fat, 1 gram of total fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 170 milligrams of sodium, 50 milligrams of potassium, 25 grams of total carbohydrates, 0 grams of dietary fiber, 10 grams of sugars, 15 grams of other carbohydrate, and 1 gram of protein.)

Item: Post Limited Edition Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme Cereal
Purchased Price: $3.59
Size: 15 oz. box
Purchased at: ShopRite
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: More chocolatey than the normal variety. Even better in milk. Leaves chocolate milk in bowl. Bringing an xtreme amount of boys to the yard.
Cons: Nearly identical nutritional facts and ingredients as regular Cocoa Pebbles? Feels more like a snack than a breakfast cereal. Watching Teeth with your family.

28 thoughts to “REVIEW: Post Limited Edition Cocoa Pebbles Xtreme Cereal”

  1. My Shoprite doesn’t carry this one yet 🙁

    We have CHocolate Toast Crunch though, can’t wait to try when it goes on sale next week!

    1. They ruined my relationship with the normal cocoa pebbles and now ill never think of anything but extreme cocoa pebbles. why did they have to go. 🙁

      1. Ok I am 46 and these taste like Cocoa Pebbles used to taste. They switched to the bland stuff some of you are calling normal about 10 years ago. Well back in the day it was just like the so called new limited edition. I even wrote the company and let them know years ago when they changed them they lost a life long customer. I got a coupon in the mail for a free box of yes you guessed it Cocoa Pebbles. If only they would leave them alone! I never ate this cereal for breakfast any way, it was a snack for me. I just hope they keep it this way, exactly the way it was years ago! Again these are not new just going back to the old ones which they introduced in the late 80’s and had more chocolate. As long as they make these I will buy them. If they go back again I will not buy them. I buy them once a year to see if they switched back and have always been disappointed until now. LEAVE THEM ALONE PLEASE POST!

  2. Gee, I wouldn’t really think the Xtreme Cocoa Pebbles would have similar nutrition facts and STILL taste better. But it could be possible that Post just added more cocoa powder to the mix, which is pretty low in calories by itself and would add a negligible amount of them to each serving.

    1. Yeah, I believe that’s what the box said “With more coco” I Iove them! I really hope that they come back out with them again real soon. & I know what you mean about the nutrition facts. I would think that it would have had way more calories & etc considering how much more chocolatey the were & that’s why I don’t understand why the writer put it under “Con. Wouldn’t you think that would be a pro? I definitely do!

  3. Watching Teeth with your family (or girlfriend, or boyfriend, or any male for that matter) is NOT a good idea.

    1. Exactly what do you mean when you say “Watching teeth”? I’m don’t understand what you mean.

  4. I saw the word ‘Xtreme’ and assumed this was one of those cereals from the ’90s you bought off of eBay…

      1. Our family used to consume three boxes of cocoa pebbles a week. Now we don’t buy any at all. This new extremely chocolatey flavor is disgusting.

  5. The only thing that I want more than them to come back out with Xtreme is to make the Xtreme the new Coco Pebbles. I absolutely LOVE the Xtreme! We bought 4 boxes at a time! My boyfriend went & got me 4 more boxes, not realizing that they were the original & could tell from the first bite that they weren’t the same. It’s strange, the original just doesn’t taste the same at all to me as it tasted before, almost like they wanted to put in less chocolate in it without telling anyone or making a big deal out of it, so they came out with Xtreme to say, if anyone asks about the original, “no, it’s the same. You’re probably just used to the Xtreme”. I just really really hope they come back out with it soon & when they do, announce it in some sort away so I can buy as many as I can possibly afford!!!!!

    1. UPDATE: I was able to get 11 boxes, yes 11 boxes of the Xtreme tonight!!!!! I am so excited! We went to Walmart & my boyfriend found 3 boxes while I went & looked at make-up. Then when I went over there I found another one that he swears wasn’t there when he was looking. Then I desided to go back & look again to look through all the boxes of Pebbles including Fruity (even though he said he did) & I found another one stuck to the top of of the row. I pulled out a box of Fruity Pebbles & saw that there was one that was stuck at the top of the shelf cause it was horizontal so I looked to see if maybe there was one of the Xtreme ones stuck horizontal too & there was!!!! I was so excited! After that we went to Stop & Shop & there were 6 boxes left & we bought them all!!! I can’t believe they had any, never mind 6 boxes! The last time he went to get me another 4 boxes, they didn’t have any. It was an awesome surprise! I really hope they keep them coming! They are just so good!!!!

  6. I miss read your story & apologize for what I wrote earlier about make a name for yourself you’re an excellent writer & I’m so happy you like these.

  7. I was telling my kids a few months ago that cocoa pebbles don’t taste as good now as they did years ago when I was growing up. Well, I bought some of the xtreme cocoa pebbles last week and they reminded me of my youth and growing up with a great tasting cerial. I need Post to start selling the xtreme cocoa pebbles again because I probably won’t every buy the regular pebbles ever again. I believe that if your going to bring them back for us to try, then they need to just simply bring them back for good. Post has started something and now they need to do the right thing and keep them on the selves now! Todd

  8. I am glad I found this article, I purchased two boxes of this variety at my local target. I normally have sliced banana with this cereal, but for the past few days I had to go and have it plain. The smaller pieces and darker color really became apparent when eaten plain. I was immediately turned off by this cereal. It tastes just like the generic variety of cocoa pebbles that you can buy at the grocery store (the unboxed stuff). I am happy to know that if I avoid the extreme box I can still have my lighter brown larger flaked cereal I have loved all my life.

    Thanks for the article,

  9. The new ones are great! The cereal tastes like what you’d imagine burnt shiet would taste like, but when I had a taste of that “Xtreme chocolate milkshake” in the end…oh man! I buy Cocoa Pebbles to make all of my milkshakes.

  10. I cant stand the xtreme ones they are nasty. I. Cant find the reg ones no more. I used to dig to back of shelve and there would b the old ones but not no more. alot of stores around here have been discounting the xtreme ones guess they aint selling good. They taste to rich for my liking I miss my old coca pebbles. This xtreme is so nasty plus the milk is too thick when u get done.

  11. I have bought hundreds of boxes over the years….please don’t destroy my 42 year relaltionship with the regular Cocoa Pebbles….I really don’t like the Xtreme version, and I can not find the regular version anywhere. What harm in offering both?

  12. Add me to the list of the Extreme haters! Yuck! Too rich! Can’t drink the chocolate leftover milk. Please bring back the original!

  13. i was just now eating cocoa pebbles. and i found a DEAD BUG on one of the pebbles. i have eaten cocoa pebbles for years but ever since i saw a DEAD BUG on my pebble, i dont know if that will continue. i was really disappointed.

  14. I did a google search for “extreme cocoa pebbles gross” and this is what i found. For nearly 27 years cocoa pebbles have been my favorite cereal. I’m an adult now that only buys sugary cereal about once a month, because, lets admit to ourselves its just as much junk food as candy or ice cream.

    But anyway, health concerns aside, I miss my original cocoa pebbles! And by original, I mean NOT extreme! The extreme cocoa pebbles have a taste reminiscent of sugary plastic. The “pebbles” are aren’t even puffed rice style, butmore like wrinkled tiny coco crumples, with a chemical “chocolatey” taste.

    Not stoked! Bring back regular cocoa pebbles and keep them on the shelves for good!

  15. Yes, I hate this new extreme so called Cocoa Pebbles cereal too. They’re definitely not like the cereal of the eighties. First of all the name is Cocoa Pebbles not Cocoa FLAKES. Secondly the taste itself is far more different than I remembered in the end of this cereal I found myself eating cereal that that tastes like wet cardboard. Not cool Post. Please, please, bring the original the good stuff that you had then

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