REVIEW: Hostess Suzy Q’s

Hostess Suzy Q's

If you’re looking the 2018 version. We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

To quote the great John Fogerty, “Oh Suzy Q, I love you.”

I’m not here to talk about a Creedence Clearwater Revival. I’m here to talk about a famous snack cake revival. Suzy Q’s are back.

Remember when Hostess went under and individually wrapped Twinkies held more value than gold for a few weeks?

That feels like decades ago. When they initially released their product line again, Suzy Q’s were benched, and I guess some people were upset about this. Why they were bummed, I’ll never know.

Invented in 1961 and named after the daughter of a higher-up at the Continental Baking Company, Suzy Q’s preceded far superior cakes like Ding Dongs and Ho Hos by six years.

I’ve always been a fan of various snack cakes with no real bias towards any brand. I feel like I’ve had most if not all of what Hostess has offered over the years, but can’t remember ever eating Suzy Q’s. They always seemed like an early attempt at the Devil’s food cake with crème concept that no one bought anymore because Hostess was able to improve on the recipe.

Let’s be real, Hostess doesn’t exactly have a diverse product line. Half of their current product lineup are chocolate cakes with crème. And while one might be a cupcake, another in roll-up form, and another shaped like a hockey puck, it’s not enough of a change to warrant favoritism. Each are delicious in their own right. So why aren’t Suzy Q’s?

Hostess Suzy Q's 2

These things are super boring. The texture of the cake is horrendous. This is not a good sponge cake. This is a sponge labeled as a cake. The chocolate flavor is underwhelming and I’m not sure they’d work even if slathered in the plastic layer of chocolate Ding Dongs have.

Hostess Suzy Q's 3

The crème filling is basically what you’d expect, but that coupled with the bland sponge somehow made it taste worse than normal. I imagine the crème recipe doesn’t change much between the various products it fills, but it didn’t even taste as sugary and delicious as I’m used to.

I honestly can’t imagine a person alive who would prefer this over their other cakes. Taste is subjective, but come on.

Suzy Q’s have to be the worst snack cake Hostess makes. Have to be. There’s just no reason to ever get them when there are so many similar yet better options made by the same company and its competitors. Drake’s Devil Dogs are king, in my not so humble opinion.

I couldn’t find a box of Suzy Q’s in my local supermarket, and I gotta say I’m happy I didn’t because it would be sitting in the back of my cabinet for months.

To be fair to Hostess, they are under a new corporate umbrella now and the recipe for Suzy Q’s may have very well changed. BUT if this is the form they’ve come in since their inception, I can’t imagine them ever being good. Sorry Suzy, but you are the black sheep of the family. I don’t love you.

To misquote the film Dumb and Dumber, “That John Fogerty’s full of crap, man.”

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cakes – 310 calories, 120 calories from fat, 14 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of cholesterol, 440 milligrams of sodium, 44 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 30 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein..)

Item: Hostess Suzy Q’s
Purchased Price: $1.79
Size: 3.03 oz.
Purchased at: 7-Eleven
Rating: 2 out of 10
Pros: The crème is still solid. Good to have Hostess back in our lives. CCR.
Cons: Bland cake. Weak chocolate flavor. Referring to this as a “Snack Classic.” Worst revival ever.

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  1. IF it’s the same original recipe being used in the new ones then I respectfully disagree with your review. But based on your description it sounds like the recipe has indeed changed. I have had no luck at all finding these and the nearest 7-11 is an hour away. Hopefully I can find them soon and test the recipe. Before Hostess went under, Suzy Qs were great cakes and I was so hopeful these overstuffed creme bombs would still hold their luster. Admittedly, some of this could be nostalgia. If anyone finds these in the larger stores please let us know. No luck here in Ohio so far.

    1. wish I could tell you.

      There’s always a chance I had a bad batch too, but this thing was bad.

      1. I tried some today 5/5/16 that was the worst cake I ever ate….WHAT HAPPENED????

        1. I had one today. 5/09/16. The worst. I was so disappointed I bought an entire box. I want to send back

          1. I remember them.being a larger square cake not smaller than twinkle size bought a box 3.00. And is horrible dry as hell

      2. Yes terrible and just wrong really really wrong suzyQ used to be a nice size perfect shaped alot of cream great chocolate cake that you have their is really really wrong thats all i have .

        1. I agree. Horrible!!! I bought them FAITHFULLY BEFORE THEY DISAPPEARED. Now, I just bought 2. FAUX CHOCOLATE. Drier than the Mojave desert. Yuck. Will NOT waste my time, taste buds or money on this product EVER AGAIN.

    2. Back when I was a kind (40+ years ago) these were my favorites and then something changed and the ‘cake’ did literally look and taste like a sponge. And this while I was still a kid. I switched to ding-dongs and never looked back.

    3. It’s definitely not the same Darrell. The cake is not right anymore, you can tell just by looking at it especially if you search for images of old Suzie Q’s. They were always my fave hostess cake and I was so excited when I saw they were coming back but these are disgusting.

      1. I bought my first box suzie qs today and they were terrible won’t buy them again ……nothing like original

      2. Just bought a box, I loved these as a kid with a glass of cold milk, you could pull them apart and eat one side at a time haha…. But these new ones are horrible! The cake is different and and taste awful and dry, they are not near as big as they used to be…. I will not be buying anymore of them… Ever…. Unless they go back to the original susy q!

      3. I have to agree 100%, these were always my favorite 30+years ago, the cake was dense and had a rich chocolate taste kinda like how an Oreo cookie has a dark chocolate taste over all knock-off brands. These new Suzy-Q’s are a horrible joke!

        1. Absolutely. The original Susie Q has moist cake and a thick layer of cream filling. This thing is nothing like the original. Dry flavorless cake with tasteless filling.

          1. Yes horrible and not fare to cheat people out of there money like that i was a big fan of suzyQ cakes for over 30+years like so many others. I dont even wanna buy your name brand at this point. JUST NASTY

      4. I agree. I absolutely loved the original Suzy Q, however the cake is “not” the same recipe. I ate them several times a week, I would know. However they are not bad. Just not the original.

      5. “Disgusting” is right! I am siting here just finishing eating one. Which sent me looking to see if I was the only one who thought this is NOT the Suzy Q I have always favored. I bought a box and now I’m stuck with them. I have been ripped off.

      6. I agree 100%! I voiced my opinion to Hostess and their solution was to send me a coupon for another both of them. The cake has no density at all and the cream is bland!

      7. I agree. Just tasted the ‘new’ ones a few days ago…Not even close to a real Suzy Q. At first look I knew, and then touching it, I took one bite and I was done. My kids finished the rest of the box. Big disappointment. Dry, small, pale, not the same recipe or make-up at all.

    4. Fold them once in Wal Mart in Elyria in the fall of 2015. The description is accurate, but I’m holding out that Hostess corrects these treats. I’m always looking and hoping for them. I bought 2 packs, one is in the freezer and I also have an original package frozen. Even after the years I’m tempted to eat the older ones but not the newer version.

    5. I just tried these and it does not taste like the original recipe 🙁 the new ones are kind of gross

      1. stacy i agree 100 persent i grew up with suzy q. the cake was darker and the cream filling was thicker and sweeter. i was very happy that the new owners of Hostess were bring back the susy q, but unfortunately I was very i mean very dissapointed. they mine as well change the name to something else because it sure as hell isnt a susy q.signed a very dissapointed fan of the susy q.

    6. It’s SOOO not the same recipe and I’m so upset! I was so excited to see a box pop up in my Walmart today…took one bite of the Suzy Q and was incredibly this disappointmentedition! It does not taste the same at all! When I was a kid I loved these these! I’m so disappointed Now Im stuck with this box and if I don’t even know go bad but I don’t know if I’ll be able to!

    7. The recipe did change!!! Not the same Suzy Q i remember and it’s very disappointing. The cake they are using now is garbage and the size is even smaller…What the heck hostess!! You guys are trying to save money yet lacking on the quality of my all time favorite snack. Get it together!!

    8. I love suzy q’s, and I have really been craving one for a while. but sadly, and slightly irritated, I cant fine them here in my area either. if I happen to spot them, I will post.

    9. Suzy Q were my favorite hostess cake. Will not be buying them anymore. It is not the same recipe .

    10. They changed the cake recipe for the Suzy Q just go buy Little Debbie chocolate twin cakes taste just like it. Plz Hostess bring back the Original Suzy Q recipe

      1. Oh these comments, including my own rants!…LOL You sound so distraught you told us to go and buy Little Debbie Chocolate Twins just to turn right around and plea with Hostess to bring back the Suzy Q!…LMBO!!! That’s one of the best yet!!! I applaud you! LOL They really ought to get it right as many, many people are upset…and with GOOD reason too! This new thing definitely isn’t an original Suzy Q…it’s…it’s…it’s…Oh heck, I don’t even know what to call it!….lol SMH

    11. Horrible. Bought a box today at Walmart…..was so happy they were back. Threw 3/4 of a box away. The company should be embarrassed!!!!! Horrible taste. Nothing like the old ones.

    12. I have been so disappointed in the new Suzy Q’s. I had been waiting for a long time to bring these back and now I wish they wouldn’t have. Why would they leave their other products the same and mess with this one. Even if they cost more to make I would pay more to have the same product. I guess they did not learn from when Coke changed their formula, they lost customers. I hate the cake part now and the cream is nothing like it use to be. Not only are they smaller but the cake has no flavor, certainly not like the old version. also the cream is lighter and less tasty. Even when I complained to Hostess and they sent me coupons I will not buy them. Until they go back to the old version I will not buy Suzy Q’s or any other product.

    13. I bought these just yesterday and there is no way the recipe is the same. They look and taste different. I think they are good but not superior as they were in the past.

    14. Don’t bother looking for them. They are not like the original. After 4 years of them saying they would bring them back – I am very disappointed.

    15. I had just bought some the other day, they’ve definitely changed the recipe….they’re aweful! I remember the cake being more dense and not airy, almost falls apart

    16. These are far, far from the original. I am highly disappointed! Don’t waste your time.


    18. Don’t waste your time looking…being 55 and a serious fan of the original suzy Q’s, the revamped version is less than desirable. The cake is dry and light brown, no where near the rich, moist, dark chocolaty cakes i was used to growing up in the 60’s. It no longer has the rounded corners stuffed to the brim with that sweet delectable cream filling…they should have let suzy die with honor than bringing her back as a zombie of her former glory…disappointed …former Suzy Q lover

      1. Agreed 1000%…I too even miss those rounded edges!!!! Won’t be buying again. These were like an April’s Fool joke.

    19. I agree, original Suzy Q’s taste great. I hope they didn’t change it.

    20. I found them at Walmart in a in a box of 08 individually wrapped cakes and they are not the same they are kind of nasty they don’t taste the same at all

    21. Consider yourself lucky… They should be sued for calling themselves SuzyQ’s… They further the fool the public (me) by putting a picture of the OLD SuzyQ’s on the box… Don’t waste your money

    22. I just tried Suzy Q’s today for the first time in a couple years and I have to say that they were terrible. The recipe has indeed changed from that dark, moist flavorful chocolate cake with thick creamy sweet filling to a bland light brown colored rectangle with a very thin layer of cream filling which you could barely taste and was not nearly as sweet as it used to be. I will not be buying these again which is too bad as they were my go to treat once in a while. What a shame…

    23. I grew up on the Real Suzy Q’s. The new ones are nowhere close and a total disappointment. A totally different product not even close to the original size, texture, or taste. Hostess wake up. Bring back the real Suzy Q’s

    24. I rarely post anywhere, but I can’t contain my disappointment. I can tell you as a Suzy-Q eater from 1996 (or earlier) to 2010 that the ones I just bought on 3/16/2017 in NH are not close to the cakes I enjoyed for 15 years or so. If they were even close, I would not have bothered to search for other complaints, and certainly would not have bothered to post. All of the negative comments and descriptions posted on this page apply. If anybody thinks they are the same as they used to be, you either had them so long ago that you forgot, or you somehow bought some old stock made before the Hostess bankruptcy. Because I can tell you, 10 year old stock of the original could not be worse than these new ones. I mean, they could not have dried out more, and any bacteria would be preferable to that aftertaste. And I suffered through the whole box over the course of a week, so it wasn’t just a hasty judgment. The only positive was they were on sale for $2 per box, and the shelf was as full a few days later as it was when I bought. Maybe lack of sales will force a change.

    25. I can confirm. The recipe has indeed changed. I was so excited to see these on the shelf, I grabbed two packages. These is NOT the Suzy-Q’s you remember! The cake, for starters, isn’t even the right shade. And like it says in the review, the cake is bland, dry and flavourless! The cake used to be more dense and moist. And more milk chocolate like and less devil’s foodcake in flavour. It was also rounded on the corners. Darker in colour. This thing I had today broke my damn heart! 🙁

    26. I bought a box. They’re smaller than the old Suzy-Q…there’s less cream between the layers, so the cake seems dryer. The Chocolate cake doesn’t look the same because it now has straight edges (used to be rounded).

    27. It has absolutely changed. Suzy-Qs were great back in the day, but this new recipe is an abomination. They’re just bloody awful, whoever decided to make this change needs to find a new job.

      1. AMEN! I want the old ones back and I’m actually craving them. No way of ever buy another box of these nasty tiny cakes, well I can’t even call them cakes they are that bad!!

    28. They have them in Florida, but don’t waste your time…they changed them and they are terrible now…why can’t these companies stick with what people like instead of changing it

    29. I’m with you, these were the best snack cakes in the world imo. When they came back I could have cried. They are horrible! No kidding horrible!! That pic she has, is what they are now and Hostess screwed up on the choc cake part. SMH!!! I want the old ones back!!!

    30. Very true, Suzy Q’s do not taste as they did in the 80’s. Just had one yesterday after discovering them on the shelf at an off brand market called Food Bazaar in NYC. Prefer the 80’s rich creamy filling between 2 real chocolate tasting cakes. I now opt for Funny Bones (frozen of course) over any other snack cakes.

  2. These are not the same cakes. Have bought 2 thinking i got a bad batch the 1st time. These are disgusting. Utter fail. Recipe has been changed everyone.

  3. I recall Suzy q’s having a layer of fudge like frosting on top, less than a year ago. Why on earth would they change to this bland counterpart?

    1. They didn’t actually have any frosting on top, but they were that moist and rich that I can see why you would think so.
      Suzy Qs were always the standout cake in the Hostess line. Best value and biggest portion by weight.
      The new version is a terrible attempt.
      Trust me, if you had the original, you’d immediately see the difference.
      Moist, rich cake with that Oreo type super dark cocoa, dense sweet creme (I hate to break it to you now-vegans, but the secret there? Beef fat!) and they were actually baked into ‘loaves’ evidenced by the rounded contour. They were the perfect snack cake, now they’re everything you’d hate….dry, pale, obviously cut from a huge sheet, smaller (naturally) and the worst part….they attempted to pass them off as comparable as if we’re stupid.

  4. No, these were never very good. My mom used to buy these for us when I was a kid (way back in the late 60s-early 70s), because they were always on sale and cheaper than the better Hostess products. Even back then, they were mediocre at best, and since the new version of Hostess has even managed to screw up my favorite, the Ho-Ho, I’m sure they are even worse now.

    Suzy Qs haven’t ever been frosted, as far as I can remember. The current form is the same as I remember from a kid.

    1. These are not the same. The old Suzy Q’s had a very dark chocolate cake, and each half of the cake was thinner than the new ones, and had more, of a different cream filling. Also, the old one’s you could tell each cake piece was baked individualy, like in a muffin pan, because the corners were rounded off, and the “top” had a slight domed shape to it. The new versions the cake is clearly all baked in a large sheet, the sliced into size like you would a brownie, the cake is not a dark rich chocolate, just chocolate, they are smaller and don’t taste the same…at all. Unfortunate, they missed the boat big time, but I assume that when Hostess went under and they sold all the recipes, they didn’t buy them all back…who knows

  5. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but judging from Hostess’ Facebook page, I’m not alone in my love for Suzy Q’s! Hoping they find their way to Ohio soon!

      1. Lol well it doesn’t seem to matter because they STILL have not made it to my little corner of Ohio! I’ve pretty much given up on getting to try them. But like a movie that you know is gonna be bad you still wanna try it to see just how bad it is! Lol

        1. I live in Ohio and just found them at Walmart… Used to love Suzy Q’s but the recipe is definitely changed. The new ones are ok but I would not go out of my way to buy them again. I hope Hostess decides to go back to the old recipe.

  6. I work for a distributor that sells Hostess products. We had the Suzy Q for less than a week when Hostess had us pull all of our stock and destroy it. They did not issue a recall on it. They only said it was pulled for poor quality.

  7. I used to like them as a wee lass in the 80’s and they could be pretty dry but were nothing like that unwrapped one in the picture; thing looks exactly like a dry dish sponge slathered with Soft Scrub!

  8. The ones with the chocolate on top are Chocodiles. In essence, they’re chocolate covered Twinkies.

    When I was a kid, I’d spend all of my allowance on Hostess — Chocodiles, pudding pies (the best was a vanilla that had chocolate on the outside like a Boston cream donut), and Suzie Qs were my favorite.

    They brought back the Chocodiles, but they’re not nearly as good as they were back in the 80s. The cake is more dense, the filling is not as sweet, and there’s not much of it at all.

    From the reviews here, I’m guessing Suzie Qs are suffering the same fate. Too bad.

    I really wish they’d bring back those vanilla pudding pies, those were AMAZING!

  9. Well I just bought a box of Susie q’s today in Indiana … I loved them as a kid and then as an adult.. How ever these are def not the same . They are small , not s moist sponge cake and do not even come close to the real product . Someone mentioned they were pulled off shelves in january well they need it be pulled now!!

  10. When hostess came back I was hoping they would bring back the Q and I found one on the shelve with hopes of bring back the past, well they fail miserably!!!!! It was horrible the worst knock off I have ever tasted. They didn’t even come close.

  11. I was a Suzy Q addict. If I walked in a store that had Suzy Qs I would buy a pack even if I wasn’t hungry, They were my favorite. I hadn’t seen them in stores for awhile. My wife came across a box and bought them for me. The box said: “They’re back”. After taking one out of the box and opening it up, I noticed it was not like the old Suzy Q. It was a lighter color and smaller. It appears to be cut from a larger sheet. I tried it and was very disappointed. The old Suzy Q was made from two halves baked in separate pods. The cream filling is not what was in the old Suzy Q. It pretty much is a tasteless sponge. I tried one a couple days later and confirmed my opinion. The remaining “crappy Qs” will go in the trash.

    1. Old Suzy Qs were a dark chocolate cake like devils food with a buttery cream filling.

  12. A little disappointed at the negative comments about the Suzy Q’s… I was surprised to see them on the Food City shelves here in Knoxville, Tenn.. Got a box and opened one as soon as I got in the car… I could not tell any difference… It was the same great taste I remembered.. Thank you Hostess for bringing Suzy Q’s back.

    1. You obviously have no taste buds left in your mouth if u think these even come close to ANYTHING eatible let alone the “old” Suzy Q

  13. These are nothing like the dark chocolate cakes with sweet cream filling I loved. They are ok, but the cake is no where the taste level it was. The cream filling helps, but it is not the original recipe. The filling is flat, not fluffy. The cake is dry, not moist like the original. The best comparison I can make is it is the generic dime store version of a Suzy Q made with cheap ingredients. None of the Hostess products taste the same since the sale…snowballs are the closest to original, at least it makes it easier to resist them!

  14. Just bought a box of the new Suzy Q’s at a Walmart in Minnesota. None of the products that the new Hostess has put out are the same as the originals, this is no exception. The original Suzy Q had a more devils food chocolate taste. They were superior in every way and almost twice the size. Hostess products were a part of my life as a young man. Lets face it these treats were, and still are, not good for us, but the originals at least tasted good. The original Hostess has been liquidated and several bakery’s are making replacement Hostess look alike products for Apollo Global Mgmt. Apollo is an investment company interested in profits not quality. I’m shocked that they couldn’t do a better job of replicating the Hostess products. Unfortunately for them we see and taste the difference.

  15. These are NOT SuziQ’s. Fail. The love on Hostess FB page was for SuziQ’s; no one requested a generic type mock up of the former. Completely different taste, look, chocolate, size, texture…
    The name is the only thing that’s the same. Every Hostess cake tastes different under the new ownership. I guess they thought if they wait was long enough, we’d forget what they used to taste like. So disappointed.

    1. I have not purchased any Hostess products since the quit making Suzy-Qs. They brought them back and they are horrible. Will not purchase anymore. Do they make them in China now?

      1. Nabisco did the same thing with the Chocolate Chip Ahoy cookies. They sent the business to Mexico and ever since, the flavor has not been the same. Companies are compromising quality and flavor for cheaper ingredients. The Hostess company could very well be headquartered in China now. Sad.

  16. I just bought a box and dove in. NOT THE SAME RECIPE AS THE ORIGINAL!! The original Suzy-Q was larger and cake was not as dry and bland as this new fake that Hostess is trying to pass off. The original Suzy-Q was a bar of pure gold in my elementary school lunch box, you couldn’t trade the best baloney sandwich a mom could make for an original Suzy-Q. I am very disappointed for this re-release of Suzy-Qs I’m not going to buy Hostess products anymore until they return to the original recipe.

    1. I purchased a box of 8 for $3.79 from Food Lion. I probably ate 2 over several days….threw the rest of that mess IN-THE-TRASH! Remember the originals had a dark chocolate color and had a distinguished flavor. This milk chocolate looking mess doesn’t impress me….and apparently many, many others. It’s nothing but a tasteless brown sponge. It’s probably not even real cake, just a bunch of fillers. SMH

  17. My husband brought home the new Suzy Q’s, my goodness these taste terrible nothing like the original Suzies, these are made from devil cake mix not the darker chocolate that the original Suzies were made. If you are bringing Suzy Q back, bring something worth eating. Very disappionted.

    1. Exactly! I totally agree. Even today’s young millennials should know what an original Suzy Q should taste like. These are something totally different. Definitely not Suzy Q’s, just another form of a chocolate sponge cake with cream filling. Should not be called, Suzy Q. Shame on Hostess for presenting such a poor quality product.

  18. The new Suzy Q’s suck!! There, I said it.

    Ever since their bankruptcy issue, Hostess has done everything on the cheap. Snack cakes have all changed, and not for the better.

    1) Snack cakes are much smaller than they used to be. In some cases, about half the size.
    2) Recipes have changed. Most cakes are not as moist as they used to be. (Twinkies feel more hard and dry, as do the Suzy Q’s)
    3) Boxes have gone from an average of 12 count to 8 count packages.
    4) Prices have gone up.

    I used to love Hostess above all other brands. Now, they just suck. Not a very smart way to run a business. One thing you NEVER do is sacrifice quality. How long do you think people will continue buying their now crappy products?

    1. The company has done more than compromised ingredients, they’ve lost ‘my’ business.

  19. I purchased a box of these incredibly horrible tasting snack sponges! I remember the original Suzy Q’s not only from my childhood, but as a soldier in the military…and even 8 years ago. The original Suzy Q had a color that was close to that of an Oreo cookie, yes, that dark chocolate brown color, a hint away from black. But these, don’t let that milk chocolate color fool you. The taste is absolutely horrible. If you know the original flavor of what a Suzy Q is “suppose” to taste like. I’m talking just a mere 7 to 8 years ago, before they went out. But now, they are marketing the Suzy Q as “being back!”. Well IT’S NOT BACK. This present sponge is something of a new breed and it damn sure isn’t a Suzy Q. I can’t stand when companies sell out quality over cheaper ingredients. Plus, they’ve increased the prices. I’d rather they increase the price a bit rather than compromise the ingredients. I bought a box from Food Lion, ate a total of two over a four day period, and decided to just throw that mess in the trash. I’ve tasted better chocolate snack cakes with cream filling from the Dollar Store and I’m not exaggerating. If you know what the original Suzy Q tastes like, save your money and do not purchase. Some will purchase for the sake of determining whether it’s the same or not. So be it. I’ve written this to forewarn you to save your $3.79/8 count.

  20. These are not close to the original. The cake is not moist & spongy like the original, this is a welfare recipe of the original Suzy Q. They are much smaller & this recipe id junk. These look like a cheap try at the original not even coming close, they are even cheap on the crème filling.

    1. lmbo! Exactly. Some folk here talking about they are the original…must be six year old’s on here leaving messages, because even someone in there 20’s would “know” that the original Suzy Q tasted like real dark chocolate with real cream filling and had slightly rounded edges. But it was primarily the “flavor” that made it a real Suzy Q…not this milk chocolate looking fake “welfare recipe” produced flavored mess. Like I said, I bought a box of 8….ate three over four days….threw the rest in the trash. Some people don’t want the original flavor of what a REAL Suzy Q is suppose to taste like, they just want something sweet. I’ve tasted better from the Dollar Store….no lie.

  21. You should have left Suzy Q along that cake is dry it’s horrible the only thing that’s the same as the the filling very disappointed

  22. I just bought a box of Suzy Q’s today and they are terrible !!! I was expecting the one’s from the ” old days “. They were my favorite cake all my life growing up. They are so bad that I will never buy them again.

  23. Along with many of you, when I saw “Suzy Q’s” on the shelf, I was so happy… I bought them so quick. When I got to the car, I tore open the box, expecting the, succulent, amazing, deep dark chocolate with the sweet cream and my mouth watered before I took the first bite. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! I will NEVER, EVER buy this bogus cake again…. Why couldnt they have been what they were back when?????

    1. I agree with you 100%. I moved from N.J. to Georgia 27 years ago. Every so often I would think of Suzy Q’s and would look in the stores for them. I figured that maybe stores in Georgia just didn’t stock them. I walked into Walmart a week ago and there they were. I was so excited. Ate one as soon as I got home. Very disappointing. They are only about 2/3 the size of the original and the amount of cream is ridiculous. Hardly anything. Won’t buy them again.

  24. Looking forward to the Suzy Q coming back. Finally got some and will never buy again. Just horrible. Just another company pushing sub standard products out to make money. Save your money….boycott Hostess products

  25. Bring back the original Suzy Q. I can’t begin to say how disappointed I was when I bought a box. I was so ready for the joy of individual deep dark chocolate cake pieces pressed together with the delicious white creamy cream sneaking out the sides. Shame on you heathens for changing the original Hostess recipes.

  26. Don’t need to rewrite what has already been said many times above – these are absolutely terrible! Loved the original, hate the remake. Really wish I could get my money back! Throwing the remainder of the box out, and only had one!

  27. Hi, all I’ve been eating Suzy Q’s for 40yrs. I use to have tantrums for a Suzy Q as a kid. I was soooooo disappointed when Hostess went under because they were the only junk food that i liked(Brand). When they left, I learned to live with another brand but still wasn’t the same, so when they came back I WAS IN HEAVEN! But no Suzy Q’s!!! I wrote Hostess and asked about the Suzy Q and was told that they were coming back. They also sent me a few coupons for free boxes of Hostess cakes. Well, we just got them here in Texas and I AM HORRIFIED! THESE ARE NOT MY SUZY Q’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They changed the cake! If they wasn’t going to bring the original back then they should have left them alone. LET THEM DIE WITH DIGNITY!!!!

  28. No, don’t even say “they’re Back” They are not back. They suck. I was so mad when I tried
    the new ones. They have crap cake, a tiny tiny bit of cream. We used to ride our horses
    to the local market and buy the huge, soft, creamy delight every weekend. No, this is false
    advertising. Hostess should be sued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. They are not the original. Hostess should be ashamed to call this cake a Suzy Q. The new cake sucks – I will not buy them again!

  30. Disappointed,, NOT THE SAME….. NOT THE ORIGINAL/ NO COMPARISON, I will not buy anymore……

  31. We just got them here in Northern Virginia. Agree with all the others criticizing the “new” Suzy Q. The recipe is new and NOT improved. The “cakes” are mostly air, and resemble pieces of sandwich bread with the crusts cut off. The cream filling is close to flavorless. Not sure why they bothered with this incarnation

  32. Hey Suzy Q Lovers! I wrote Hostess about this and they responded. They want to know what is different about the new Suzy Q. They want to hear from us. The customer relations # 800-483-7253 (8:30-4:30cst). Address: Hostess Brand, PO BOX 419593, Kansas City, MO. 64141-6593. LET THEM KNOW! !!!!

    1. Good post! Thanks for the information. I will contact them and voice my concerns. I hope many will do the same.

    2. Called the number – customer service rep didn’t seem to care at all. Didn’t even sound like she was typing my comments. Never asked for my name, number…. Just adds to the frustration over this once wonderful snack that has definitely taken a WRONG turn under the new company!

  33. Just had the new ones. Not the same. I loved the old ones. They are more rectangle on the edges as the older version was round. They tasted okay but not as good as I remember. The older ones were more solid in your hand and you could lick the all around the edge to the crème. Try that with these and it will just fall apart in your hand.

  34. I disagree that they are horrible, because they’re not. I do agree however that they are not the same. That is very disappointing since I have been waiting and waiting for them to show up at stores in my area. The cake – I believe – was devil’s food, but it had more of a spongier look and softer if I remember right. The creme in the middle is still good. I hope they will find the right recipe! I do like the way they are packaging them in the box individually wrapped. No, those of us who were big Suzy Q lovers recognize the difference between the old and the new and hope they will RE-bring them out with the correct cake recipe. Come on Hostess.

  35. DARN !! These used to be sooo good , THE chocolate cake is very bland and the crème is not as sweet . (booo) I hope they get the comments and try to get back to the originals as close as possible

  36. I bought a box today at Walmart! I loved thesecas a freshman in college! But sad to say, theses are not the same recipe at all!! These should not even be allowed to be called Susie Qs! The texture and flavor of the choc cake is not anywhere close to the Original! I was so disappointed!

  37. Just curious if anyone has shared this site with Hostess so they can see all the comments? Otherwise, this is just a complaint site, with no other value… Well deserved complaints, but still…

    1. I remember reading a few days ago that one woman called them on the phone and she got the impression that the woman who answered the phone wasn’t at all interested in her complaint. Well they will find out when everyone stops buying them. I bought a box a couple of weeks ago in Walmart. I was so excited to see them again. I agree with everyone, they were nothing like the original Suzy Q’s. I won’t buy them again.

      1. Ah…folks beginning to wake up. Stop letting these companies do wrong by the very people that support them. This particular company know they changed the recipe/ingredients. A few of their representatives ought to be informed of these posts. All it takes is for someone to make this go viral via Facebook or YouTube or any other social media…they’ll get it right.

    2. I didnt call but i used their “contact us” on their website. Did this twice and both times just got the same generic response that they will check quality control and gave me a couoon. The wording of the letter had no relevance on what i said to them. I dont think they care. Its not a quality issue its a recipe issue. I mean they might not be the best quality but i think they are what they expect them to be. Which is sad.

  38. I tried them too, the cake of the original when I was a kid was devils’ food chocolate cakes with the rich cream layer. they were also bigger.
    New style and recipe is underwhelming. Like a german chocolate replaced devils food, and a bland german chocolate cake at that. and thy are cut smaller.

  39. Sad to see they changed these, use to love these and Big Wheels, forgot who made BIg Wheels thought were better than ring dings when was in the silver foil. DRAKES Devil dogs not tasting sa me either.

  40. No, Suzie Q is not the worst, in fact, it WAS the best… Not any more, I waited for the comeback and the box said, ‘ Because Scott said so’?? They are small and dried up, I imagine much like, “Scott’s” dick.
    That is all, Good bye Hostess.

  41. I ate a Suzy Q for lunch every day in my Junior & Senior year in high school. That was 32 years ago. The new ones are not the same at all. Bland, dry and smaller. The original was made with a whole cake. The new ones are a cut up sheet cake, which make them crumbly too. Everything is different and not good at all. Go to the Hostess website and leave a message. Maybe they will go back to the original if enough people write them.

  42. Hostess oughta be ashamed of themselves!!! Don’t imagine they’ll be in business very much longer!!! You let us all down. I don’t even care that they made it smaller. should not have changed it the recipe!!! I just proposed to Little Debbie

  43. Why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that the person giving the review states that they never actually tried the product? I’ve never actually driven a Maserati but would you like to read my review of them? I loved the old Suzy Q’s. I hope they haven’t changed

    1. Mark,
      Unfortunately, they have changed. They were my favorite cake as a child. The dark moist chocolate cake that oozed creme out the sides when you took a bite. They aren’t horrible and would have been better received if they used a different name. The cake now is drier compared to the original recipe. They have been cut to make them have perfect corners. The original had rounded edges. I am sure this saves Hostess some money. Overall, I am very disappointed. I don’t know why companies have to tinker with great recipes.

  44. I’m from Illinois and I love Suzy q and the new ones I bought yesterday. Are horrible dry cake in a square shape . Not even close to the original. Suzy q. I was so disappointed.

  45. I just bought a box in Texas.. The old ones were my absolute favorite!! These fail miserably. The cakes are too thick.. to airy ( not near as dense) cut instead of molded to shape.. smaller.. and have almost no flavor. Very disappointed.. my husband agreed with me.. not anything like the originals… no cheap knock off ever came close, and not even when they are made by Hostess themselves. Obviously the originals were worth their weight in gold. Hopefully.. they hear the public and fix them!!

  46. It seems everyone has the same opinion as I do. Got a box at my local Hy-Vee (Midwest chain). The cake used to be the darkest, richest almost an Oreo dark chocolate taste. The cream was to die for. This cake has none of that. They’re so far down the scale, they are Suzy Z——‘s. Having said all that. if they would remove the cream and add a caramel coconut frosting to the cake inside and out, it would make a good German chocolate snack cake. In the mean time, if you are going to name something “Suzy Q” PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it look and taste like a Suzy Q!

    1. when I was a kid at school a boy would watch me eat a suzy q just to lick the wrapper, they were moist & creamy; the one I just ate was dry & pasty, a real let down like watching the ny rangers

      1. Oh my dear man, the New York Rangers are a perenial disappointment year in and year out. I think Hostess has a better record!

      2. I am SO glad it’s not just me. I bought some at Walmart and they looked good on the box. Then I took a bite and was like “These are terrible” They are SO dry. The filling is very scant as well. None of hostess products are good. I tried their “brownies” and they took were dry. Hostess should have just gone under if this is what they were going to do.

        1. The New York Rangers? It is bad enough to try and eat a Suzie Q without adding more bad taste to it!

        2. Suzy Qs are not the same. That used to be dark chocolate not like they are disgusting. Hostess should be ashamed of themselves they should just give up go under or have the Chinese make the Suzy Q’s they will probably taste better.

        3. I totally agree whomever bought hostess changed the original recipes of all them ,the powdered and old fashion doughnuts are so greasy ,and the susy qs suck very dry and not well packaged ,just not tasty at all

    2. Don’t know if your are some food expert or who has placed you of some importance , I am just a guy that gets up 6 days a week works 10-12 hours a day and I like the new Suzy Qs with a good cup of coffee it gets my day going . some times at lunch with a drink of soda it just taste dam good. hey I am just one guy 62 years old and very much enjoy the new suzyQs.

      1. Majority rules-in most cases. They are not the same as years ago. The chocolate coating is worn off before even before you open them- making them dry as a twig! The company came back after bankruptcy, but their products by-and-large-are not the same. PS-They are horrible with coffee. I would stick to a nice Boston Creme or Coconut Donut with a good cup of Java.

      2. Did you ever have a Suzy Q pre Hostess going out of business? I remember buying them just because there was so much creme in them that it was squished out of the sides and sticking to the wrapper. The cake was so moist that it stuck to the cardboard on the bottom and to your fingers on the top. I would lick the cake off of the cardboard and the creme off of the wrapper. The creme had the taste and texture of Cool Whip mixed with Buttercream. If you could pull the two layers of cake apart, you had a double treat. The size and shape of the cake are of no concern to me but the taste is another matter. I purchased a box from Walmart and was so excited to see them again. That was a month ago and I still have some in the box. They hold no satisfaction in the calorie splurge.

        1. My son, husband, and I hated them. We each tried one from the box and threw the rest away because they were so disgusting. Instead of the old devil’s food cake texture, these had a spongy texture. They also had a chemical taste. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away anything chocolate before. Oh, and the cream in the old Suzy Qs was great. There would be a bunch of it oozing out around the edges as well as some on the wrapper. I think when Hostess closed for a while, they sold some of their recipes and possibly lost the rights to those recipes. The cupcakes are also gross with a chemical taste. I’m buying Little Debbies Cupcakes now. The Twinkies seem okay.

    3. Omg you are so right. I said almost the same thing you said. They were a bigger and the cakes were closer together. You could barely see the cream….which was amazing. I had the package which contained 2 almost everyday for lunch. How could they have gotten this so wrong!!!!!!???? I’m with you I will wait till they make the same ones like back in the 60a.

      1. Yea there bad suzyQ their not.Idont know what that is iam 50 years old been eating suzyQ sence i was a kid what ever that is your selling just stop please before you go bankrupt again

      2. I like the new Suzi Qs because I miss the old ones so much but you are so right. They were way different and amazing. I am happy to have them back but they are NOT the same!

    4. I so agree. I hadn’t had Suzy Q for a loooong time so I decided to treat myself tonight. What a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!What did they do with the original recipe??? PLEASE, PLEASE, bring it back!

      1. I could not agree more with all of the reviews I have read about the new Suzy Q’s… my first thought was” Oh What a big mistake on their part” I cannot believe they gave this take this Susie Q name. It is absolutely terrible tasting and no comparison at all to the original SuzyQ. So really my question is why did Hostess not give it a different name with it being a completely different cake?? Not very professional in my eyes. Sorry Hostess you messed up on this one!!

    5. Yea there bad suzyQ their not.Idont know what that is iam 50 years old been eating suzyQ sence i was a kid what ever that is your selling just stop please before you go bankrupt again

    6. So so sad. I was incredibly excited when I saw these were back, but am so so disappointed in this new version. The cake is dry and bland, like the reviewer says and they just don’t compare to the product of my childhood (60’s/70’s)

    7. I feel the same way as you THIS NOT A SUZY Q at all. I was greatly disappointed by the look and taste. I grow up with Suzy Q. I feel if it wasn’t broke why fix it

    8. I agree! The Suzie Q was the best of Hostess products. The rich devils food chocolate cake was so moist and dark. This Remake is merely a square Yankee Doodle. Dry as a bone. Why does everything I love have to change?

    9. TOTALLY IN AGREEMENT! This “new” version of such a great old favorite are a PATHETIC reproduction/replacement of the original! Why bother to even try if your not gonna even attempt to do it right???

    10. I got a box and don’t know who Hostess is fooling. These are nothing like Suzy Qs. Terrible in my opinion.

    11. Just bought a box from Walmart. I knew something was wrong, when looking at the side of the cake before I opened the package that the cake was a brown color. Brown is Devils food cake, Suzy Q’s were made with dark chocolate cake. Just one bite and I had to spit it out, the cake was dry and had such a stale taste to it. Do yourself a favor if you want something close to a Suzy Q, do this. Go get a box of Duncan Hines Dark chocolate fudge cake mix and any of the fluffy white frosting in a can, it’s just as good and way better the this crap that the new Hostess is trying to pawn off on the consumer.

    12. They are nasty dried I choke on them. Use to eat one a day now I eat maybe one a week and throw the rest away. The chocolate use to be dark and moist not dried and a more creamy filling. I agree they need to come back with the old Suzy Q not these dried out things they are horrible these cakes and I use to love them there always on sale walmart can’t sale them

    13. I thought i was the only one that tasted a chemical in the Suzie q. I sure was disappointed you could crave those old ones, that’s why they need to go back to that. Please bring the good stuff back.

    14. I totally agree with you. They are Terrible. I threw the one that I had away because the taste was awful and the color was not the same. IT WAS EXTREMEMLY DRY AND TASTELESS.

    15. Who are they trying to kid, trying to market the worst tasting cake I’ve ever tasted as a Suzy Q is like marketing orange soda as Coke, absolutely nothing close to the real thing. Hopefully they will take this fraudulent snack off the market and bring back the Suzy Q we all miss.

    16. You said it…. reading your comment was like reading something I wanted to say my self… these are terrible… I’m so disappointed. I’m just make my own cake from now….

  47. I will not buy another Suzy Q until they go back to the original. I was so excited when I 1st seen the back on the self. Was I ever disappointed.

    Please bring the old ones back!

    1. Rather try eating Little Debbie cakes…some class. I can make my own cakes in a rectangular cake pan set. Ready wip in the center. Whole milk to drink. I want the original Suzy Q. The other cakes rate about 3 at best. Get cracking and clean up your crappy cakes. Suzy Craps. A good name. ):

  48. I saw them in the store and almost turned a flip, got the Suzy Q’s home and was greatly disappointed, the size, chocolate flavor, and that lovely cream was nowhere to be found. Will not buy another box until they are what I remember from the good old days!

    1. I hear you! I just got some & they suck big time! WTF were they thinking to introduce this shit disguised as a Suzy Q???

      1. Yeah the new suzy q is definitely new need to go retro on the recipe this new bisquit they’re trying to bamboozle us with is ridiculous

        1. I got a complimentary coupon and used it for the box of Suzie Q’s. What a mistake. The cakes are box shaped, and when you take the wrapping off the top the coating goes with it. Then when you remove the white cardboard on the bottom the bottom goes with it. What a terrible product it is now!

  49. For those who never got to try the orignal Suzy q, then I’m very sorry. What’s on the shelves now is ok, but not near as good as the previous Suzy q. BTW anyone remember when hostess made chocobliss?

  50. My present box is a disaster, as the chocolate coating on top has practically disappeared when I open an individual cake. Without the coating on top the cakes are dry and tasteless!

  51. I finally found my beloved Suzy Qs! I bought two boxes and tried one right away. Talk about disappointing! The cake is just a generic sponge type and the cream is not the same. I let several other people taste them and many of their comments are unprintable.

    Hostess came back but forgot the quality. I will miss Suzy Q, but life goes on…

  52. I was so excited the other day when I saw that Suzy Q was back. I got home and was very disappointed! They were much smaller and there was hardly any cream in the middle. I won’t buy any more and I will tell others not to waste their money. I don’t understand why they changed it. I would suggest bringing back the original because I know these will disappoint everyone.

    1. At first I was so happy just to eat them again,that I didn’t realize how much of a disappointment they really were.The size and shape were the first things to hit me. Do we really have to make everything smaller now(and still pay the same,if not higher price)?These things look like they were cookie cut out of a much larger cake (possibly the original).This cake had a much lighter and spongy texture to it. The cream was about the same,but again, a much smaller portion(it used to ooze out of the sides before).It should never have been boxed and labeled giving us the impression that the original suzie Qs were back.This is a poor copy of the original. It should have had it’s own,different name labeled on it (or at least warned us that they were new and under improved).

  53. Was excited to see it back in the shelf but as soon as I looked at it through the package I knew I would be disappointed. Bought a box anyway. Not happy. I will not buy any more unless they go back to the original recipe. HORRIBLE

  54. Of all the snack cakes I’ve ever had, Suzy Q’s were always my favorite. I thought they had gone the way of so many things and was surprised to see them ! But the familiar name is abou ALL that links the current Hostess product to the treat I once was hooked on. The current product is half the size, with less than half the taste. It’s no where near as rich, moist or chocolate-y as the original and the wonderful creme filling is not well represented in this version. You may as well not have bothered with resurrecting this once awesome treat.

  55. Agree wholeheartedly with the folks who remember how insanely good the original Suzy-Q’s were. I don’t know what the hell those things are that they’re selling NOW, but they’re absolutely NOT Suzy-Q’s.

    Picture something shorter than a Twinkie but marginally wider. (Like someone trimmed about 1/2 inch off the length and width of one of the originals.) The cake is no longer the deep dark rich dense chocolate sponge cake that it used to be … it’s now a light, almost cocoa-flavored, dry sponge cake. The creme is flavored somewhat similarly, but likewise is nowhere near as thick and rich. The overall effect is that it tastes like some kind of mutant low-fat version of what used to be a killer Hostess treat.


    1. Tried to have one last night out of the large box they now come in and once again was disapppointed. The coating on the top came off with the wrapping leaving me with a dry piece of cake;horrible!

  56. 127 comments?!?!!
    After that review, I’d rather talk about CCR. From what I’ve read, John really didn’t like his brother or his bandmates very much, and the last album was horrible. But a great band! Most underrated track: “Effigy”.
    Oh! I was never a fan of marshmallow cake packaged snacks in general, because they’re so airy & there’s basically no substance to them. I was one of those weird kids that would rather have a cake donut or a slice of coffeecake. Mmmm, Entenmann’s.

    1. Entemann’s? You New Yorker you! Actually, I couldn’t agree more with you, but I have a better one for you. How about Ebinger’s? They had the best Mocha Cake with that great filling in the middle.

  57. Sorry Hostess you blew it this time. This cake doesn’t deserve the name Suzy Q.

    1. I got an email from Amazon, and someone was offering a box of Suzie Q’s for an unheard of price of 9.00. They are sold at Von’s in Fresno for 2.50, and this yukkle is trying to sell this junk for 9 bucks! Yikes….

  58. these are not Suzy Q’s.. you can’t produce Chinese knockoffs for everything and expect people to not know the difference. And why are food producers messing around with food anyway.. come screwed up Suzy Q’s? Dang!!!

  59. These Suzy Qs Suck!!! Very disappointed! Is this a diet version? Keep her retired if you are not bringing the original back!!! Want my $ back!!

  60. I ate Suzie Q’s for YEARS. The new ones are DISGUSTING! I gagged. I’ll never buy another box

  61. I was so excited yesterday when I saw these at Walmart. I loved them as a kid and wanted my kids to try them.
    Needless to say, these are nowhere near the same as the original. They hardly have any chocolate flavor and taste “cheaped down” from the original. Very dry and hardly any cream in the center. I’m upset at this half ass attempt to bring these back. Shameful.

    So disappointing. I will probably throw away the rest of the box. Gross.

    1. Call their 800 number and complain. Maybe they can re-do them. The box is nice, but that is where it ends!

  62. Was so excited to buy a box of Suzy q’s
    How horrible.
    Nothing like the ones i remember
    I will never buy them again

    Waste of money
    The twinkles and chocolate cupcakes are also
    not good
    They used to be devious
    Actually Walmart s Great value brand chocolate cupcakes are kinda like the old hostess cupcakes
    Not quite as good but still close
    Very disappointed

  63. I did not gag but these DEFINITELY are inferior to the original. First, they are SMALLER than the original. The corners on the original are rounded…not squared.

    On it’s own, it’s an OK cake. Not a Suzy Q, but a somewhat tasty snack cake. Almost anything else is better than these.

  64. Like everyone else here, I too was excited when my husband brought these home and what a big disappointment. I used to love the dark richness of the cakes and how moist they were with that wonderful filling. If you ever care to sell these to the public again, please bring back the original recipe

  65. When I saw that Suzy Q’s had made a return I felt like the “SNACK CAKE GODS” heard my prayers! I actually did a happy dance in the aisles! But when I got home and opened the package my shallow fantasy flickered by just looking at it! But I recovered quickly just remembering how they taste! Well can you say EPIC FAIL??!!!!! Even after years of not having one of those moist, spongy, chocolatey delicious cakes I knew that what I bit into was not the Suzy Q that I grew up on! Why oh why did they dash my dreams with this bland imposter?! If the KFC Colonel can pass down his recipe then why not Suzy Q? Is all hope lost with this poser?

  66. I was at the store today and saw “They’re back!” on a box of Suzy-Qs… well, I *had* to get some. I used to love them. They had a dense, moist chocolate cake, over stuffed with delicious cream. They were a *total* guilty pleasure. So I was completely stoked to see they were back.

    Until I opened the box and ate one.

    They are *nothing* like the original Suzy-Qs. They, to put it politely, suck donkey balls. They resemble their former glory only in the sense that they are ostensibly two layers of cake with cream in the middle. There, all similarity ends and I wouldn’t serve these to my worst enemy. They’re awful. I don’t know how they possibly got the formulation so wrong. My daughter can make a better re-creation in her Easy-Bake Oven.

  67. Just had my second one had to make sure it wasn’t a night mare. Cake reminds me of the devil dogs, dry less chocolate. My wife loves devil dogs and hates Suzy Q’s. She likes these. These are extremely disappointing, less chocolate and the shape and texture of the cake is all wrong. Which makes me wonder if the filling is genuine to.
    I had a very foundness for Suzy Q’s and Funny Bones and was heart broken when they folded. And now I am still missing a icon of past pleasure of deserts. Maybe the excitement of seeing them or a misconception of how they used to taste….. No these are different and Hostest should be ashamed for taking our money on a product that is not in this box.

  68. WTF!!!!!!!!!! Suzy Nooooooo. Got damn gluten free world. I HATE YOU HOSTESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. New Q’s taste like cr**. Go back to the old recipe. Nothing like a good frozen Suzy-Q.

  70. My favorite Hostess cake used to be Suzy Q’s. I will never buy them again. My husband bought me a box of the new ones and I am so very disappointed. Boring! Cake has no flavor. The cake used to be the best, now it’s awful. I don’t know how they could have put this product on the shelf! Disappointed in Chicago!
    D Pud

    1. Bought a box just to see and they were burnt all of them are like burnt on the one side big time disappointed dry burnt bad tasting cake with some kind of disgusting creme to try and mask the bad tasting cake ?Shame on you hostess I expected better glad I didn’t buy two boxes they were on sale

  71. Agree with most of the previous comments but before you give up on the current version, put the Suzy Qs in the freezer for a few hours.

    The cold version is much closer in taste and texture to the old version after a few hours in the freezer.

  72. Was sooo happy to see them come back, they were mine and my mom’s favs. Bought a box sad sad sad. The cake part is NOTHING like it use to be, The cream is NOTHING like it use to be. Shame I will NOT be buying anymore unless they are made the way they use to be. If you are not going to use the same recipes then you should NOT try and re-launch something. Call it something else and say it’s you version of what it use to be.

  73. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty these things are no where near the original recipes when I use to crave these things everyday another sign of corporate greed cutting back on quality to increase profit these new Suzy Q’s are a joke.

  74. These are Suzi-Q’s are in name only. Think they got the recipe screwed up with devil dogs, as you need a tall glass of milk to go with them ( so dry ). I worked at CBC many years ago, and this is not what I made.

  75. As a child I loved Suzy Q’s. Probably my favorite hostess snack cake. I think the new Hostess has ruined everything, and especially so the Suzy Q. Why they couldn’t stick with the formulas and recipes that were successful for years is beyond me. HOSTESS SUCKS NOW.

    1. Hey everyone right they suck super bad it horrible for those of us who remember the original what a let iam just wondering who in they right mind gave the ok to put that out for people buy who ever it needs to fired their that bad seriously you completely drop the ball

  76. These things are awful. I use to love the old ones and these don’t come close at all. I would not recommend these to anyone.

  77. The new Suzy Q’s flat our suck!!!! I used to love them and one of my favorite parts was the cake left on the little wax card board. The old ones were bigger, more moist and loaded with delicious cream…the new ones are small, dry and just a dab of cream…Hostess used to be good, since the new owners…not so much anymlre

  78. Just curious, did Hostess loose the original recipe to the Suzie Q? Suzie Q IS NOT BACK! There is NO similarity to the original snack cake and this imposter. Hostess, if this is the best that you can do then dont waste your time. I can only assume initial sales were great but I doubt many consumers came back for seconds.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Growing up suzy Q’s was my favorite because the sponge cake was so rich and spongy. New ones are horrible and was like eating cardboard. What a dissapointment, will NEVER buy these again. They should change their name from Hostess because since new owner brought all hostess products back, none taste like they used too!!

  79. wow i was so excited to see them back in the stores and when i brought it.. gross omg not what i expected, when i was younger i use to buy them all the time. Now i will leave them on the shelf..The chocolate is bit the same the icing is different the look is not the same.. what happen bring the old ones back more chocolaty and good shame on you hostess…bring back the the old ones…

  80. I was geeked to see suzy Q back ,bought two boxes that I now regret,they are so dry every bite needs to be washed down with a cold drink,the icing if that’s what they want to call it is disappointing not worth savoring,after today I will not buy another box until the original is returned #chokebread

  81. I was so excited when I saw them at the supermarket! Got them home and opened one and it didn’t even look the same. Took a bite and was quite disappointed. Not only is the cake dry and pretty tasteless, the cream in the middle doesn’t even taste the same! The cake that I remember from my childhood was very moist and more darker. Seems like the made a big cake and cut rectangular pieces from it and slapped cream on it and pressed them together. Definitely will not buy again. Hostess, you are so off your game, bring back the old recipe!

  82. About a month ago I bought a box of 8, one was smashed in its perfect wrapper and only 7 were in the new box. Last week I took a chance and bought another box and two of them were contaminated with some weird motor oil and burnt wax taste, no more Suzy Q’s for me.

    1. I have also ran into a couple of Suzy Q’s with a weird strong chemical taste. Some in the box are ok. This has happened twice to me now and I’m about ready to say goodbye to Suzy.

  83. What happened to the original ones from 30 years ago that were bigger/better/tastier and required a glass of milk ??????????????????????
    Will not be buying anymore of these new ones

    Michelle’s quote above says it all

    ” I was so excited when I saw them at the supermarket! Got them home and opened one and it didn’t even look the same. Took a bite and was quite disappointed. Not only is the cake dry and pretty tasteless, the cream in the middle doesn’t even taste the same! The cake that I remember from my childhood was very moist and more darker. Seems like the made a big cake and cut rectangular pieces from it and slapped cream on it and pressed them together. Definitely will not buy again. Hostess, you are so off your game, bring back the old recipe! “

  84. These aren’t even close to how they were 30 years ago
    Won’t be buying anymore of these new ones
    Michelle’s comment above says it all

  85. So I have been craving a Suzy q for a while now, they were always messy but they were worth it. I found one at convenient store on road trip, thought awe man this is going to be good, I always like to have with Pepsi or coke so I got one of those to. Well get back on the road ask my wife what are for in anticipation of a sweet gooey mess, open it up for me please, I was driving so I thought it would be easier and safer that way, the time has come and she handed me the one half, and I was like what what is this thing? This isn’t messy it doesn’t look right, it’s not dark and moist. I should have known not to even try, but unfortunately I did, no flavor, dry, and just plain discusting. I will never buy another Hostess product again, not unless they go back to the old recipes.

  86. I agree! They were horrid! I adored real Suzy-Q’s….so imagine my shock to discover, after the first bite, how truly NASTY those really were. NEVER AGAIN will I buy that horrible crap!

    HOSTESS — That was a big mistake. We want the REAL Suzy-Q’s back!!!!!!

  87. On a scale of 1 to 10 (-0) not even like the orignals. Was so excited to see them on shelves wish I hadn’t. Original was moist devils food cake and the cream so good. Thsee stink!!!!!!!!!

  88. On a scale of 1 to 10 (-0) not even like the orignals. Was so excited to see them on shelves wish I hadn’t. Original was moist devils food cake and the cream so good. These stink!!!!!!!!!

  89. Sooo Disappointed. I haven’t seen them on the shelves in a few weeks. Maybe (hopefully?) they pulled them. I’m both surprised and not surprised to see such unanimous dislike for this approximation of an American great. I can only assume the original recipe was either lost or too expensive to mass manufacture. Whatever it cost, they need to make them like that again and charge the premium. Some of us would pay.

  90. They suk!!!! Why, why do they always try and fix something that isn’t broken. Hostess seriously u blow. Not only do we have to deal with shrinkage of our favorite snacks you think it’s a good idea to change the recipe. Well that being said I’m done with Hostess , even though Drakes shrunk there products also, they still taste the same. Anyway Little Debbie blows them both out of the water in taste,selection and price!! Good Day Sir, I SAID GOOD DAY!!!

  91. Wow what a dissapointment its been a while me an my girl were shopping seen them and without really looking at them picked up a box , well after shopping went home put stuff away we both smiled an said ya I want one !!! We both opened took a bite at the same time and why say there suzi as if their not if I wanted a little derbies treat for two bucks less I would have gotton them ,,so these are not the product that they say they should be sued..they su,,,,ked

  92. Very disappointed in the new Suzy Q’s. I didn’t even recognize it when I opened the wrapper. NOT AT ALL WHAT THEY USED TO BE. Won’t be buying any more!

    1. I got so exited to see them on the store self again only to be let down becuase when i opened the package to a very small dried cake that couldn’t pass for chocolate I don’t know what flavor it would be and finally tasted them all i could say is Yuck where did the good tasting Suzy Q’s go because these things are awful they don’t deserve the name Suzy Q’s. So i was also very disappointed ?

    2. Exactly – as soon as I opened the box I knew it was not the same

      Tried it and was definitely not the same product

      Will not be purchasing again!

    3. Suzy Q’s were once my favorite…not any more…they’re terrible…whyd they change the recipe…I’ve had them for 55+ years

  93. I am completely disappointed. Suzy Q’s were the highlights of my junior high/high school. I loved them and when I saw them at the store the other day, I grabbed them, took them home and ate one. First of all, the cake I REMEMBERED was A RiCH Devils food cake sandwiched with cream. They were moist. This was not my experience with this box of Suzy Q’s. Dry, chocolate cake with some cream. Not happy but wish I was.

  94. They should be ashamed of themselves for putting these on shelves ! I was so excited when I saw these and I don’t eat
    Crap like this ! The center tastes like chemicals the texture is dry and gross! I want my money back! Thanks a lot Hostess !!

  95. The new Suzy Q’s are nothing like the originals. Like other commenter’s I remember the cake being a dark moist devils food cake. They where SSOOOO good not like this dog $h!t they’re selling now. The new cake is so dry and without flavor not even worthy of the Hostess name more like a cheap knock off from the Dollar Tree.

  96. just bought 2 boxes of Suzy q’s at Giant Eagle tonight Nov,18th in Richland PA and my husband opened them to find out they were all moldy this is the second time this happened, sorry to say we will not be buying any more! by the way the first box of moldy cakes were bought at Walmart!

  97. They need to stop calling these Suzy Q’s. They’re are garbage compared to the original ones. Either correct the problem discontinue them.

  98. These are NOT Suzy Q’s!!! Hostess, call them anything you want but don’t dare call them Suzy Q’s. These “cakes” are obviously mass produced in a long continuous cake (sawdust) and chopped off by a not-so-sharp blade. The original cake appeared to be individually baked and assembled with cream in between two layers. It’s obviously all about the profit margin. These are a tiny, cream filled, tasteless, treat made of dry, dull, disgusting so called cake … The original “cake” was much like that in a Hostess chocolate cup cake (yummiest thing on the planet). Moist and delicious!
    HOSTESS LISTEN UP…..Someone in upper management needs to purchase a package of cupcakes, and a package of sawdust cakes (oops I mean Suzy Q’s) and taste them side by side. NO COMPARISON!!!!!
    I would happily buy both and send them to someone in top management at Hostess…..If I only knew whom and where….

  99. This is one if the worst reviews I’ve ever read. How do you leave a negative comment about a product you never even tried before? The old Suzy Q’s were the best product Hostess had to offer. They were much better than Doing Dongs and Cupcakes. They were overflowing with cream and absolutely delicious. These new Suzy Q’s are a terrible replacement. They need to be removed from the product line up until they can be produced properly. That’s what happens when you replace skilled employees with underpaid substitutes; inferior product. You blew it, Hostess.

  100. Another childhood memory shot to shit.Like the apple orchard I played in as a child that turned into a housing development.The wonderful treat I waited in line daily at school for turned to shit.Was disappointed from the moment I popped open the box the joy I had upon seeing them completely deflated.These poor tiny pale bricks of their fomer selves.The taste and texture of both the cake and cream were disgusting please put my beloved Suzy as outa their misery.

  101. Like all the others I AM SO DISGUSTED that these Sh*t cakes ARE PASSED OFF AS SUZY Qs………..they are SUZY PeeYews……….Totally disappointing!!!!!

    1. 10 minutes after a few bites ( I COULDN’T finish it) I have a nasty metallic taste in my mouth….must be all of the New artificial flavors. ?

      1. Hostess ruined Suzy Q and twinkies too! All tastes like shit! Saving money and adding soy to all their products was a HUGE disaster! I didn’t mind them cutting the size down as long as they maintained their original taste! I remember what they all used to taste like, and seeing those cakes on the store shelves brought back great memories of that taste, nowadays it’s all crap! I just walk by them now!

    2. 10 minutes after a few bites ( I COULDN’T finish it) I have a nasty metallic taste in my mouth….must be all of the New artificial flavors. ?

  102. So sad. My all time favorite snack has been returned to the shelves: but then I bit into one expecting the lush devil’s food cake with slightly too much creame filling I loved. But what I got was perhaps the most disappointing piece of cardboard crap I have ever tasted. Dry, flavorless and horrible with a thin coating of some generic white tasteless stuff. I waited for months and months for Hostess to bring back the Suzy Q and what they brought back is well beyond pathetic.
    I will never buy another Hostess product. Every thing they have brought back so far absolutely sucks. They can’t go out of business fast enough again.

  103. Like many others, I am so disappointed. Suzy Q’s were one of my few guilty pleasures years ago so when I saw them in Kroger the other day I bought a box. Naturally, late that night I thought I heard them calling to me. As soon as I opened the box and took one out I knew something was terribly wrong. Then I ate it. UGH!!! Never again. These are NOT Suzy Q’s!!! I wish I’d known first.

  104. These are not the Suzy Qs of old..Glad to see them im not the only one..These are awful, bland, and we will not buy them again–The old wons were better tasting, more cream, messy, rounded not squared and a hell of a lot better then the imitation rip off

  105. I agree with everyone here. When I was in my youth I loved Suzy Q’s, thick chocolate cake with a delightful cream filling that was delicious. These new cakes are spongy, dry and have no flavor. The icing is, in a word, horrible!!! I will not buy these again, a waste of money. Bring back the original Suzy Q!!!!!

  106. Hostess should have stayed out of business. Whatever conglomerate bought the name and “revived” Hostess products totally ruined them. Cupcakes are tiny and dry. Twinkies…I actually bought a box that were GREEN with mold. I took a chance and bought Suzi Q’s yesterday and they are dry, bland, tiny and tasteless with no resemblance in flavor or texture to the originals. They are my last Hostess purchase. Sad about that.

  107. Hostess should have stayed out of business. Whatever conglomerate bought the name and “revived” Hostess products totally ruined them. Cupcakes are tiny and dry. Twinkies…I actually bought a box that were GREEN with mold. I took a chance and bought Suzi Q’s yesterday and they are dry, bland, tiny and tasteless with no resemblance in flavor or texture to the originals. They are my last Hostess purchase. Sad about that.

  108. Hostess should have stayed out of business. Whatever conglomerate bought the name and “revived” Hostess products totally ruined them. Cupcakes are tiny and dry. Twinkies…I actually bought a box that were GREEN with mold. I took a chance and bought Suzi Q’s yesterday and they are dry, bland, tiny and tasteless with no resemblance in flavor or texture to the originals. They are my last Hostess purchase. Sad about that.

  109. Dear Hostess…
    How tough can it be to look up the original Suzy Q recipe and FOLLOW THE RECIPE. What you now call Suzy Q’s are NOTHING like they used to be. You should be ashamed (and not allowed) to sell them using that name… So disappointed in you. They are disgusting.

  110. I’m so disappointed with the hostess suzi q’s ….they were not dark chocolate…there was barely any filling…they were very dry… they were nasty! plain and simple!.. you need to fix this hostess! You have the recipe…bring back the old! I won’t be buying these again unless they go back to the original! ???

  111. I’m so disappointed with the hostess suzi q’s ….they were not dark chocolate…there was barely any filling…they were very dry… they were nasty! plain and simple!.. you need to fix this hostess! You have the recipe…bring back the old! I won’t be buying these again unless they go back to the original! ???

  112. **UPDATE**
    I have left a couple comment prior, similar to everyone else – the “new” Suzi Q’s are terrible!! However, there is a slim ray of sunshine I’d like to share and suggest… Have you tried the Chocolate Twinkies? While not quite the Suzi Q’s of old, they are MUCH closer than the Suzi Q’s of today!! It is a darker, more moist chocolate cake, with the creamy filling…really not too bad. Seems to me they would do themselves a huge favor by changing out the “new” Suzi Q’s cake for this Chocolate Twinkies cake! Give it a try!

    1. The same can be said for the new Chocodiles recently re-released this year. While not perfect, they are MILES better than what they tried to pass off as a Chocodile in 2014! So I am hoping there’s a re-reboot to Suzy Q 3.0! Lol

    2. OMG those chocolate twinkies are just as nasty as the new Suzy Q’s… oh and by the way the new twinkies suck too, seems all these companies (hostess, drakes, little Debbie and whoever else has ruined these awesome tasting cakes! Creams suck and so do the cakes! I can deal with shrinking the cakes, but to change the original recipes was a huge mistake! These companies can make millions more if they just went back to the original recipe!

  113. I’m sooooo disappointed. I just ate one of the worst dessert cakes ever! The Suzy Q I purchased today at Kroger was just not right. The dense moist dark chocolate of long ago was missing. I will not purchase any again. I’m so pleased I bought a single.

  114. The Suzy Q is just God awful. Why in the world would you listen to the public and bring back one of the favs in the Hostess line. Only to completely change the cake recipe to this tasteless, dry and must be the worst chocolate cake ever?!?! I will not buy them again ever.

  115. Of the purchasable choco cake and creamy filling snacks Suzy Qs were my favorites.

    Some years ago when it seemed I would never see my beloved Suzy Qs again I was a over-dramatically devastated as one could get about a snack essentially made with plenty choco-tasting dust, lard and loads of processed sugar.

    The other day I had to pull myself though some dreaded shopping in the local supermarket. In my peripheral view I saw the big blazened “Suzy Qs” label on some boxes on a low shelf. Now that is what I call a “resurrection.” Hooray! It is a wise good thing I am fastidious about taking and keeping to a shopping list. No impulse purchases for me – unless it is something I missed listing during my days tabulating needs and wants procured from my dreaded supermarket shopping.
    I tossed rules to the wind and purchased two boxes, 8 cakes each; 16 Suzy Qs would be in my kitchen within the hour.
    I couldn’t wait to get them home to devour one. After all, in their previous incarnation one had to be a real pig (my apologies to our porcine friends) to eat more than one of those large delicious snacks.
    I open the box. OK, they are smaller. No biggee; I got 16 of ’em.
    With the impatience of youngster on a 1950s 25 December morning I couldn’t open the protective wrapping fast enough. Initial taste from some of the creamy filling clung to the wrapper. Hmmm. Sorta creamy tastelessness. Then I do my best Orca chomping on a cetacean imitation: big bite. What the …! Where’s that rich chocolatey taste mixing with the cream lusciousness? It certainly isn’t in this snack. ‘They’ ruined it.
    Suzy Qs were never really resurrected. The name was. The look was. The size certainly wasn’t – unless in a multiple cake box you get smaller sizes. But that does not really matter now.
    I continued to eat through these mediocre cakes.
    The cake is hinted chocolatey dryness above and below a bland tasting skimpy portion ‘they’ call a “creamy filling.”
    As a good friend likes to say about the current production of well-known and popular items, “The kids took over. They have little regard for maintaining high quality and continuing tradition.” I usually agree with her. In the case of Suzy Qs I certainly do.
    This incarnation of Hostesses “Suzy Qs” are terrible. The 21st Century Suzy Qs simply suck.
    I will not purchase them anymore and will simply remember the goodness they once were and the badness they are currently.
    Not a resurrection of a much-loved product but a 3-card monte production in name and poor imitation only.
    Bummer. But it’s a snack, folks; not important at all in the grand scheme of things.

  116. Feels weird responding to a post that’s two years old — but apparently Hostess can’t take a hint that their product is garbage. I had the displeasure of tasting a “new” SusieQ today and this is not even a shadow of its former self.

    Farewell SusieQ – we knew thee well!

  117. These new Susie q’s a absolutely disgusting!! What a waste! F the new cakes and f the new company! They suck and you suck

  118. The new Suzy Q is awful. Not remotely close. My favorite as a kid – ate one everyday. Very disappointed

  119. I am 55 years old and used to eat one to two boxes of these Suzy Q’s when I was younger at one sitting. They were the bomb. My friends and myself would drive for miles to find these scrumptious cakes. I know the recipe had changed after my school years and found out one day that they had changed and not in a good way. So when I heard that they were going to bring them back with a new and improved cake I figured I would give them one more try. First impression: Cake thicker and dryer, past cakes were more moist in which it would stick to one side of the wrapper that you would lick off, they need to be more moist. Second: The cream filling is to stiff and grainy lacking flavor, the old filling was so soft and smooth and light. I am not giving up on the Suzy’Q it just needs to be fined tuned.

  120. Hey guys, they listened! I saw them in a new box that said “Even better tasting” or some such thing in early March of 2018 in NH. The picture even looked a lot more like the original, so I bought a box. It IS a lot more like the original! It has dense, moist chocolate cake, and dense white frosting (not wimpy cream) filling. In fact, I think each cake weighs more than the original, and may have a thicker filling than the original. I won’t claim they are better now than the original, but they are at least very comparable. Some may like them more if you want more filling. It almost seems like Hostess made them as bad as possible when they were first re-introduced about 3 years ago to test the public reaction. Anyway, if you buy make sure it says something about better taste/flavor and has a picture that does not look like the crappy version. There might still be some of them floating around at lower volume stores.

  121. I loved Susie q and a glass of cold milk. The fact that they were light tasting. While away going to school, I usually had that combo 3 or 4 times a week.
    I tried the “Improved” version and that is the last time for me. Horrible.

    Bring the original back.

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