REVIEW: Pizza Hut Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie

Pizza Hut Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie

Unlike many of you out there, I am not a chocoholic. Chocoholism is so prevalent that spellcheck recognizes “chocoholic” as an actual word, and it doesn’t even think spellcheck is a word.

That said, there are a few chocolate snacks I can’t resist. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Coffee Crisp candy bars. And, pertinent to this review, brownies and hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate will always have a special place in my heart, since every Christmas morning before I opened presents, my mom would make me a cup, complete with Christmas-shaped marshmallows slowly dissolving on top.

Pizza Hut’s website describes their Hot Chocolate Brownie as “a fresh baked warm Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie topped with toasted marshmallows and drizzled with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.”

With two of my four chocolate weaknesses covered, Pizza Hut had me salivating at the idea of their new Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie, despite the deep-seated idea that a brownie coming from Pizza Hut couldn’t be that great. However, I am nothing if not the consummate professional journalist, so I put on my objective tasting hat and waited for the brownie to be delivered to my door.

I am very happy to report that my brownie arrived exactly as advertised. When I opened the box, it smelled exactly like brownies fresh out of the oven, and it looked absolutely scrumptious. Yes, I realize I sound like I just morphed into a Food Network chef, but I can’t help it. The marshmallows covered almost every square inch and looked toasted to perfection.

Pizza Hut Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie 2

The inside of the brownie was incredibly rich and super gooey, more like a half-baked brownie than a regular brownie. This texture contrasted nicely with the crunchy edges, which are always the best part of the brownie. I could definitely taste that this was a Hershey’s product; the chocolate was quality and had no fake taste whatsoever.

As if this wasn’t good enough, those marshmallows on top just added to the feeling that I was eating a warm hug. They were super gooey and melty, doing that slow-separation thing that commercials love to showcase. They added a fluffy texture to the rich chocolate center, as well as a tiny bit of extra crunch because they were toasted. Plus, that light and sweet marshmallow taste just gave the brownie an extra layer of flavor.

Despite all this fawning, there were a few downsides to the Hot Chocolate Brownie. Due to the innards being so gooey (sorry for using that word so much, but there aren’t any good synonyms for it), cutting it was nearly impossible, as you can see from my best attempts at taking a picture of a “slice”. You’d be better off just eating it straight out of the pan with a fork.

The chocolate drizzle on top looked nice but didn’t add any flavor, probably because the brownie itself had already reached Maximum Chocolate Richness. While this made it delicious, it also made it impossible to eat more than a tiny square (or glob) in one serving.

As I am but one mere mortal, I had to store the rest of it in my fridge, giving it one last, longing gaze as I did so, even with a slight tummy ache. I knew I would never get that recipe again, and I was right – all that gooey magic goes out the window once it’s cooled down. I thought about re-warming it in the oven, but I’m not very good with things like that when it comes to times and temperatures. Much to my extreme sadness, a lot of it wound up going to waste.

Pizza Hut Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie tastes nothing like hot chocolate, but it does taste like a warm, rich chocolate experience on a cold winter night, which is in the same realm as hot chocolate. However, I highly recommend you find someone to share it with, unless you are a serious chocoholic machine.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 square (1/9 brownie) – 290 calories, 100 calories from fat, 11 grams of fat, 3.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 20 milligrams of cholesterol, 100 milligrams of sodium, 45 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 31 grams of sugar, 3 grams of protein.)

Item: Pizza Hut Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie
Purchased Price: $6.99
Size: N/A
Purchased at: Pizza Hut
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Quality Hershey’s chocolate. Getting a warm hug from a brownie. Marshmallows are toasted, gooey and fluffy. Brownie is gooey and half-baked on the inside. Crunchy brownie edges.
Cons: Far too rich for one human to consume while fresh. Saying “gooey” so many times. Chocolate drizzle adds no flavor. Sounding like a Food Network chef. Doesn’t taste exactly like hot chocolate.

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  1. Great review! Can’t wait to try these! I wonder if the restaurant would cut then for us if we ask them? After all, they cut their regular brownies and I’m sure they could do a better job of it than I could! Lol

    1. I would at least give it a shot and ask them! I just used a butter knife and, eventually, my hands. (I recommend a lot of napkins if you go that route.) My guess is your best bet is a pie server?

      1. Yea that would probably work! I’m guessing the reason they don’t cut it ahead of time is so that if they do a bad job of it, which is likely when it’s this gooey lol, then you can’t complain about it. But I’ll say, “Go ahead and cut it! I accept all liability!” Lol

        1. Now I’m imagining you having to sign a series of forms releasing Pizza Hut from all liability in the event of a disastrous brownie cutting. I am amused.

  2. “I could definitely taste that this was a Hershey’s product; the chocolate was quality and had no fake taste whatsoever.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Hersheys referred to as quality, but it’s not like you would expect Jacques Torres. What chocolate tastes fake? Maybe Palmers…that shit it rough.

  3. A large amount of food waste seemingly could have been avoided had the reviewer learned how to turn a microwave or oven on. Be attentive while heating and you don’t need to know times or temperatures. Take it out when it’s ready.

  4. I would love to know if anyone was able to eat this entire dish in one service.
    Man vs. Food.

    1. I’m willing to give it a shot. 😉 Armed with a spoon and/or fork, I’m sure I could give it a decent go.. Never had a Pizza Hut brownie before, so I can’t say how far I’d get but my eyes say YES, let the shoveling begin!

  5. Hershey’s is far from quality. Hershey’s chocolate barely qualifies for the FDA’s slipshod requirements for calling something chocolate. They swapped the cocoa butter in their chocolate for a blend of dubious, but inexpensive oils and then had the gall to raise prices on their candy bars.

  6. Hi all!

    I would definitely self-identify as a chocoholic, and I contend that no human being could eat the entire pan of Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownies in one sitting. I can eat a LOT of chocolate. This has been a problem in life. But, over the last five years, I have slowly but steadily lost 60 lbs. Just 50 more to go! I’m hoping that takes less than five more years. So…I think long and hard before consuming something as yummy, rich, and yes, gooey, as this brownie. I ordered this because I love the regular Hershey’s brownies, and knew how delicious this would be! I live in a big house near a college campus with eight other women, so my intention was to eat one and leave the rest in the kitchen for my housemates–and I actually did just that!

    The pan is supposed to have 9 servings, like the regular brownie pan, which indeed is cut into 9 squares. But honestly, I think those squares are too big–and remember, I can eat a LOT of chocolate! I think they should be cut into 12 squares, and with these special, uncut holiday brownies, I think the same. I carefully cut out a corner square that was about 1/12 of the pan. I used the plastic knife they considerately include with the pan, and a regular fork. I didn’t seem to have as much trouble as Kelley did, but that was probably just lucky.

    This is one of the best chocolate brownies I have ever eaten; it may, in fact, be THE best. Everything Kelley said was right on–the warmness, the feeling of a big hug, the absolute dee-liciousness! I savored each small bite. Then, sadly, I taped a note to the box, and brought it out to the kitchen, where no doubt it will disappear by morning. Truthfully, I could not have eaten another piece right at the moment. I was FULL after this 1/12 piece! Was it worth saving up calories and carbs all day? Absolutely! Would I do that every day? Don’t be silly; of course not. This is a very special, once in a holiday season treat. I only have a few of those set aside for Thanksgiving–New Year’s Eve. But it was definitely worth it to make the Hershey’s hot chocolate brownie one of those special treats.

    I respectfully disagree with Kelley’s assessment of the “cons” of the brownie. The (dubious) assertion that it doesn’t taste “exactly like hot chocolate” doesn’t diminish how good it is, in my opinion. Saying “gooey” several times and sounding like a Food Network chef is on the writer, not on the brownie itself. And being too rich for one person to consume the entire pan that is intended for 9 people (or 12, as I claim it should be) doesn’t seem like much of a negative, again, in my opinion.

    I also at least partially take exception to those who point out that Hershey’s isn’t the best chocolate made on this earth, respectfully. First, if I had the money to purchase the highest quality chocolate, the last thing I’d do is melt it down and put it in a brownie mix. Second, what I think Kelley was trying to say is that she felt relieved that it was an actual chocolate company, and not Pizza Hut, making this item. And I must agree with her; I like Pizza Hut, I occasionally order from Pizza Hut, but they are not chocolatiers. l enjoy Hershey’s chocolate, and think they make good products. OK, they aren’t in the business of high-end chocolate, but they are not, by far, the worst chocolate I have ever tasted. And I think their chocolate is perfect for these brownies. That is just my opinion, and others may have different takes on it.

    At $6.99, I think the price is reasonable too, considering they do all the work and then bring it right to my door. And if you make it to serve 12 instead of 9, the price per brownie is even lower! The calories, carbs, and sugar content are also lower per brownie by dividing it 12 ways.

    I agree with the commenter who thought Kelley should have at least tried to heat it up. I would do it in the microwave, not the oven, personally. In fact, I bought not one, but two, pans of the Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownies from Pizza Hut. The first, as I said, I ate a brownie 1/12 the size of the pan and “donated” the rest to my housemates. The second one I put in the refrigerator without touching it. I have a holiday part to attend tomorrow night, and I have neither the time nor inclination to bake something. I’m going to let the pan get good and cold, so I can more easily cut it into 12 pieces. Then I’ll put them on a plate, cover with plastic wrap, and take them to the party. No, I’m not going to pass them off as my own, haha! I have no problem telling everyone that they’re from Pizza Hut, especially once they bite into them and start oohing and ahing over how delicious they are! BUT…I’m going to stick them in the microwave once I get to my friend’s house. I’ll start with about 30 seconds on about 70% power, and slowly go from there, if need be. I think they’d be very, very good at room temperature, but will be divine warmed up! Hopefully, the cutting of them cold prior to heating up will make it easier to take one without making too much of a “gooey” mess. I have a small pie server that I think will be perfect for the occasion.

    I wish that Pizza Hut could sell these in a smaller size. If not as a single brownie, maybe they could do a pan for four (each one being the size of 1/12 of the regular pan). With having to produce a different sized box (and the box is actually quite nice) and a different sized pan, that may be cost prohibitive. But I’d pay $5 for a box of four, as opposed to $6.99 for a box of 12, just to get fewer brownies that I’m so tempted to eat.

    And Kelley’s right about one more thing–there are no good synonyms for “gooey.” I looked. And the main ones were “sticky” and “viscous,” neither one of which says “gooey,” in my book.

    So, that’s my review of this product. I’m not usually much of a brownie fan, but this is absolutely one of the best chocolate treats I’ve ever eaten. And, as I may have mentioned once or twice, I have eaten a LOT of chocolate in my day! If I hadn’t made the decision and commitment to lose weight and live a few years longer, I WOULD eat the entire pan. Probably one or two a day until they were gone. My suggestion, if you don’t have a big family, and especially if you are single like me, is to eat one piece and then give the gift of deliciousness to a friend, neighbor, holiday party, office break room, etc. Your friends will love you for it, and it’s a nice thing to do that doesn’t break the bank.

    1. Hi Deb thanks for the comments. Reading your response actually saved me from indulging in this delicious brownie. See my name is ___ , and i am a chocoholic. Yes i believe i can eat the whole pan in one sitting. One thing you said that made me think of my 2 month old, ” live a little longer.” This made me think twice. So thank you and congrats to choosing a healthier lifestyle.

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